Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Rocket Is Lit

The Rocket is lit !
Ready for lift off !

Monday, April 29, 2013

RAHMAN Prophecy Fulfilled


A-1           F-6           K-11           P-16           U-21
B-2           G-7           L- 12          Q-17           V-22
C-3           H-8           M-13          R-18           X-23
D-4           I-9             N-14          S-19           Y-24
E-5           J-10          O-15          T-20            Z-25


=18+1+8+13+1+14 = 55

So it means that BN can only rule for 55 years, has to end on 5th May (again 55).  

Start again from number 1 which is "A", and "'A" is for ANWAR!!


A for Anwar
N for Nurul Izzah
W for ?
A for ? 
R for Rafizi Ramli ?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vote For Change on May 5

My dedication to all who will be voting for CHANGE on 505!! 
Teresa Teng's "The Moon Represents My Heart"


The Rocket has safely returned from the moon

The ROCKET has safely returned from the successful mission to the Moon, witnessed by the EYE. Welcome back ROCKET.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Malaysians : Vote For Change

Fellow Malaysians.  May 5 is our day of change.  Use our democratic right to vote out the traitors of our country. Give the ROCKET, the MOON, and the EYE a clear mandate to serve us!  If they are not fit to manage our country, we will likewise kick them out the next GE.  Definitely better than to vote for the known and proven devils.

There is nothing to lose but everything to gain for everyone of us, peace-loving Malaysians.  Create a two-party democratic system for our nation.  Then the politicians will never take us for a ride and divide us racially.  We are all Malaysians first.


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