Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Anak" By Freddie Aguilar

Truth transcends race, nationalitliy, belief, time and even space.  Truth does not need a specific language to express itself.  Love is similar.  But not the physical, passionate and romantic love which will not last very long when the physical beauty and attraction start to fade.  True love is the love from deep inside the heart.  The love for one's parents is an example; but still this love for parents may not even last long especially when they get old, weak, and physically dependant. I have seen this through my eyes. 

However, there is one type of love that really knows no bounds and no conditions.  A Mother's love.   Perhaps a father's love as well. You see, I am a father.

The song "Anak" written and sung by Freddie Aguilar captures the nuance and feeling of this parental love for their children. "Anak" was originally sung in Tagalog by the Filipino singer Freddie Aguilar; and has been an evergreen rendition of what true parental love is.  If you are a mother you know what I mean.  And if you are a father like me, maybe you will also know what I mean.

Whenever I had a chance to listen to those talented Filipino performers/singers in hotels I would always request them to sing "Anak".

Today, having read somewhere about a son's nostalgic feeling for this song, may I present "Anak" in the different languages.  No matter  which language you speak, true love for one's children is the same, although outwardly the children may not realize how true and unconditional a parent's love is.

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