Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturdays are yellow days

A Gentle Reminder...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cancer : This must not happen to you.

(CT Chang inside the compound of the Gerson Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico)

Today I like to introduce an internet friend to you.  His name is CT Chang, and he has cancer.  Chang has defied the doctor's 6-month "death sentence" when the doctor first diagnosed him to have cancer of the kidneys. He is now on his 23rd month after hearing the doctor's opinion.  This is from his blog profile:

"An accountant by training but now in forced retirement due to stage 4 kidney cancer. Given less than 6 months to live in September 2009 and no cure by my doctors, I was determined to change my destiny. I like travelling to off beaten tracks because you experience and see life as part the journey, not at its destination."

Today Chang has sort of written an introduction of what his blog is all about.  I feel deeply that I shall pass his life-saving message to all of you.  Who knows, someone you know may benefit from this message. 

Having said that, my sincere wish is that none of you will need this information. 

Please take good care of your health in the confines of these two cardinal principles :
1. Maintain excellent physical health.
2. Maintain a peaceful and contented mind.

So we need to live a wholesome lifestyle by following these three guidelines: 
1. Eat healthy food in order to supply proper nutrition to the body.
2. Regular exercise, to keep the body fit.
3. Stay relaxed, and be contented, in order to have a peaceful mind.

With this wholesome lifestyle, our mind and body will be in harmony, our immune system will be in excellent condition.  We will enjoy a healthy body and a peaceful mind.

Ok before you go to the link to CT Chang's blog, enjoy this youtube video:

(If no picture please click the screen)

This is the link to CT Chang's blog: CLICK HERE:
Read Chang's latest health update as at 6 Augsut 2011: CLICK HERE: & HERE

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Saudara Lim Kit Siang, My Hero

Uncle Lim, or Saudara Lim Kit Siang needs no further introduction to all fellow Malaysians, friends and foes. 

I have been a fervent supporter of Uncle Lim since I was a young student, still not eligible to vote.  In the 80s, came election day, I would return from KL to Penang, my hometown to vote DAP, knowing very well that my one vote wouldn't make any difference in the fate of DAP and Uncle Lim.  Still my great respect for Uncle Lim did not deter me to do my little insignificant part.  Just to cast my one vote for DAP, election after election without fail, I would vote for DAP.  Each time my heart sank for DAP.

I remembered on one election night after the results were announced at the Penang Esplanade, a dejected Uncle Lim  walked away alone along Bishop Street, just opposite Public Bank.  I was following him, too shy to call him and to shake his hand.  I regretted not having the courage to do so. 

Then on one occasion he wrote about his utter frustration in his blog, saying he felt like giving up.  There was an immediate wave of supportive comments urging him to hang on.  This time, thanks to the internet, I also had the chance to make my feelings heard. 

Uncle Lim Kit Siang, the man I most respected, will be able to realize  his dream of Malaysia for all Malaysians in the not too distant future.  I am sure most of you will agree with me.

As an off-shoot, during the last GE in 2008, one hot afternoon I saw Uncle Lim's son, Lim Guan Eng sweating away, by the roadside infront of Reservoir Garden overseeing the erection of one of the DAP signboards, opposite the Public Bank. Yes, opposite Public Bank again, just like I saw his father 20 years before, although at different locations! It must be a very good omen.  He was also answering to reporters at the same time.  That reminded me of my "secret close encounter" with his father some 20 years back.  I began to see another great "fighter" for freedom.  That further fired up my conviction that the Rocket will rise to its rightful place one day.  As you know his son is now Tuan YAB Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang.  My most loyal persistent one vote has not been in vain after all.

Presenting the life story of the Hero, Malaysian Freedom Fighter, Saudara Lim Kit Siang, in 4-part Youtube. A Dream about to materialize! (Click on screen if no picture)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

[Bersih 2.0] Malaysian Lady of Liberty

I know you have watched all the Bersih rally pictures. But this one youtube you should not miss.

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‘Lady of Liberty’ at Bersih march draws online support

By Clara Chooi
July 11, 2011
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A screenshot of "Malaysian Lady of Liberty" as of 9.45am July 11 2011.
KUALA LUMPUR, July 11 — Quiet has settled over Saturday’s chaos but one image is still making waves on the Internet — the picture of an elderly woman in yellow, drenched in rain and chemical-laced water, walking away from riot police while clutching on to a long-stemmed flower and a near-empty mineral water bottle.
She is Annie Ooi, a 65-year-old retired English teacher who took a bus from Setapak in the early morning of July 9 to join thousands of others in Bersih 2.0’s march for free and fair elections. An unknown man had offered her the flower in the morning and she waved it like a flag throughout the four-hour march.
Netizens have dubbed her “Aunty Bersih”, and even Malaysia’s “Lady of Liberty”, for placing her health and safety at risk to join a march the government had declared illegal.
Pictures of the diminutive Ooi strolling in the war zone that Kuala Lumpur had turned into are all over the Internet, inviting messages of awe and wonderment from netizens across the country.
On Facebook, at least three fan pages were set up in dedication to Ooi immediately after the event. One page called “Malaysian Lady of Liberty” attracted 17,176 “likes” as of 9am this morning.
Ooi was one of the few who dared to turn up in yellow to mark the occasion, despite earlier warnings that those with clothes indicating support for the outlawed Bersih 2.0 coalition would be arrested.
Speaking to The Malaysian Insider through her daughter over Facebook chat last night, Ooi confirmed that she had been tear gassed four times and sprayed with the water cannon once during Saturday’s pandemonium.
She said she was unsure of what time the rally was scheduled to start or where, but was determined to support its cause by participating in it even if she had to do it alone.
“She took the bus to General Hospital because the roads into town were blocked,” her daughter related. “She walked to Chow Kit, Maju Junction, went into the back lane of Little India to pass Masjid Jamek, avoiding cops, heading to National Mosque but was stopped at Dayabumi.”
There, Ooi was interviewed by one uniformed policeman and four others in plainclothes. They asked for her IC and recorded her details, then asked her why she was dressed in yellow. “Why can’t I wear yellow?” she asked in return.
According to a post by a blogger who claimed to have spoken to Ooi before the march began, the feisty retiree had asked other protesters why they did not turn up in yellow as well. “Why do we have to feel so scared in our own home land . . . and by own countrymen,” she had reportedly said.
A newbie at street protests, Ooi also did not know what to do in the event that she got gassed, and had not brought anything to protect herself, her daughter said.
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Annie Ooi Siew Lan “Lady of Liberty” next to Puduraya during the Bersih rally in Kuala Lumpur July 9 2011. — Picture by Jack Ooi
“She wasn’t prepared for any of the attacks,” her daughter said. “She went without protection; no goggles, no masks, no salt, nothing. It was horrible . . . the coughing, and didn’t know how to stop the discomfort and pain. After the second gassing, she was offered salt by someone and it helped a lot.”
Despite this, eyewitnesses claimed on the internet that Ooi had marched on determinedly during the protest and despite the chaos, even yelled at others not to run. When told to ask her mother if she would dare to brave another march for the same cause, her daughter said, quoting Ooi, “Without a doubt”.
“There was a very strong oneness in spirit which she had never felt before in this country,” added the daughter again quoting Ooi. “Especially from the younger generation which have their years ahead of them yet marched on despite the possibility of ruining their lives by getting arrested.”
Ooi was among the thousands of protesters who took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur on Saturday to march in support of Bersih 2.0’s demand for electoral reforms.
More than a thousand people were arrested, and chaos broke out at midday after the police fired tear gas canisters and sprayed water cannons to break up the crowd.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Durian the king of fruits

When we talk about the durians, you have to leave it to the people of Penang. Aha! and I am from Penang, a Penangite, born and bred, and retired, still in Penang! 

For local readers, you may not be interested to read this article.  If I were to offer free durians, then you might consider reading further.  Sorry, no free durians. 

For "foreigners", you are welcome to read my article and get to know more about this stinking thorny arsenal of a fruit, called durian. 


Monday, July 4, 2011

All things yellow

Free-style mountain climbing : Unbelievable!

This is insane.  Or am I the one who is insane not accepting which others can achieve?  This is crazy.

Just watch this video.  She made the mountain goats hanging on the cliff's wall like child's play.   

(Click on screen if no picture appears)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Smile and be happy and healthy

We all need constant reminders to stay positive and be happy. This is the secret to good health. I was quite sceptical that I would spend all the 17 minutes watching this movie. But once started I lost count of the time, and got the full reminder to always smile, and try to make others smile too, altho most times it is very difficult. People thought you were trying to be funny. 

Well, the least I can just smile for myself.

You must watch this video.

(If no picture, just click on it)


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