Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

(Picture courtesy of Bodohland)

During this festive season let us not forget those incarcerated in Kamunting, especially Y.M. Raja Petra. Uncle Zorro posted a very succinct write-up by playwright/journalist Kee Thuan Chye on the "candlelight vigil that turned into a march at Dataran Merdeka last night" (Sunday). You can read it HERE.

Tomorrow is Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Here is wishing all our Muslim friends "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri".

Tomorrow will be a fitting day to publish my article "pre-featured" in the previous 4 "Teaser Previews". To go to the Teasers just click Teaser #1, Teaser #2, Teaser #3 and Teaser #4.

Please stay tuned.

Monday, September 29, 2008


I think I've read it before. This circulated to me again through email. This time I must share it with you. If you have read it before, it is still beneficial for the heart to read it again. Whether it is a true story or not, it doesn't matter. But the story is very true!! Here it is.


The story began when I was a child; I was born the only son in a poor family, and without a father. For our daily meals, there was hardly much to eat. My mother often gave me her portion of rice. While she was scooping her rice into my plate, she would say ... 'Eat this rice, son. I'm not hungry'. That was Mother's First Lie

When I was growing up, my super-caring mother did whatever a single mother could do for her only son. More than that, she even went down the narrow stream to catch fish for our meals. She would cook them into a simple soup, which raised my appetite. While I ate the fish-meat, mother would sit beside me and licked the fish-bone.I would share my pieces of fish with her. But she would refuse. And she told me this ... 'Eat this fish, son. I don't really like fish.' That was Mother's Second Lie.

Then, when I was in secondatry school, to raise money to get me my books, mother went to collect old and used-bags and paper cartons, to be sold to hawkers by the roadside. It brought her extra money to cover our needs. Then I remember, most nights, as I woke up and looked at her still folding and sorting those heaps of old cartons, supported by just a small flickering candle, I used to say to her ... 'Ma, go to sleep, it's late. Tomorrow morning you still have to go to work in the factory'. Mother smiled and said ... 'Go to sleep, my dear son. I'm not tired.' That was Mother's Third Lie.

One time after my final term examination in school, my mother asked for no-pay-leave from the factory where she had worked for many long years, and waited for me at the school gate for hours. She wanted to see how I did in my last paper. But most important of all, she had made an iced-tea for me, to help refresh me, the moment I came out. Seeing my ma all sweaty and tired, I at once gave her the tea instead. Mother said ... 'Drink, son. This is for you. I'm not thirsty!'. That was Mother's Fourth Lie.

Seeing our home condition getting worse by the day, there was a distant relative who lived near our house, came over to help us, whether it was a small or a big problem at hand. Our other neighbours used to advise my mother to marry again to someone who could support us. But mother, without fail, always replied in ways like ... 'I don't need love and support'. That was Mother's Fifth Lie.

After I finished school, I got a job. I wanted my mother to retire. But she didn't want to. She did leave her factory job, alright. But still went round collecting those old bags and cartons. I was by then transferred to another town. I sent her money every month. But often, she would save them, and gave them back to me in a lump-sum months later ! She used to say ... 'I have enough money.' That was Mother's Sixth Lie.

I was next asked to work in our headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, and within a short time, I was promoted twice, as my boss felt I contributed well and beyond his expectations. After several years, I bought an apartment in a nice area, and I wanted my mother to live with me. I wanted her to sit back and enjoy her life, now that I could afford to give her so much more. But my ma would again tell me that ... 'The big city is not for me.' That was Mother's Seventh Lie.

I met a nice girl, and we got on very well. Within two years, we married. I asked my mother to come and live with us. I felt it would be best if the two golden women in my life lived under one roof with me. I wanted so much to share everything with my two most-precious angels.Then again, ma would say to me ... "Son, your life now is to be spent with your wife only. Mama should not be beside you anymore. My job in taking care of you is now over. Just walk ahead, my dearest son, and build your life and your home with your wife. Do not include me in your scheme of things'. That was Mother's Eighth Lie.

The wheel of time spinned so fast that soon, my mother was aging, and she suffered from cancer. When I saw her in the hospital, she looked so weak and thin. I looked at her, with tears flowing down my face. My heart was so hurt, seeing the person who brought me into this world in such a bad condition. But mother, with her last ounce of strength, said to me ... 'Don't cry, my dear son. I'm not in pain. And I will want to leave you and everything behind'. That was Mother's Ninth Lie.

After saying her ninth lie, she closed her eyes forever.

Now, in my solitude and moments of deep reflection,
I realise I should never have naively believed in all those lies of hers.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Day To Reflect : Y.M. Raja Petra

I read that today 27 September is the birthday of Y.M. Raja Petra who as everyone knows is being incarcerated. This is a short message of support and gratefulness for what he has done for the nation, for all of us, at the expense of his freedom. A travesty of justice in the name of justice. Freedom sacrificed for the sake of freedom.

To wish Y.M. a "Happy Birthday" today, in my humble opinion, will not do any justice to him, to put it very mildly. There will be many well-meaning friends who will wish Y.M. so, as is the normal greetings on one's birthday. But today is not a normal day for Raja Petra. He is sacrificing his freedom for our freedom.

I wish him well.

I salute you, Y.M. Raja Petra Kamarudin!!

Justice will prevail in due course!

Poster Of Special Dedication by Bodohland

(May his future birthdays never be spent like today; but with his loving family!)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Self-Heating Instant Lunch Box From Japan

Just received this through email:

Japan is world wide known for many of its amazing and wonderful creations; from kimono to transformers to the kinkiest sex toy.
Since the invention of instant noodle back in the year 1958, instant products have taken the world by storm and while everyone is following the footstep of Japan mass producing instant noodle, instant kuey tiao, instant porridge…etc
Japan has already taken a few steps forward by creating this brilliant invention YEARS ago - the self-heating Bento (lunch box).

I tell you, this is such an amazing invention!!!!!! A work of ART!!!
I have always wondered how lunch box heat up by itself, without the use of gas, water, fire or anything, which is why it's called the self heating lunch box, duh~!
I once read that bento like this can trigger an exothermic reaction upon pulling a cord that can produce temperatures up to 98?C to heat up the food inside. But never have I seen one at work!Now I am going to use this Katsu Curry Bento to show you how to cook your lunch without a kitchen or any utility.
It costs like RM15 in convenient store (so I heard) but we bought it from the vending machine from the hotel so it was 900 yen (which is around RM30 or USD 9).
A vending machine. Vending Machine!! I bought my bento from a VENDING MACHINE!!!!!!!I miss Japan . :
Back to the bento.
First, open the box.

Take out the cold harden rice.

Place rice back into the box.

Place the layer of plastic back on top of the rice.

And the cold katsu curry packet over it.

Cover your bento box.

Pull the cord.

Leave it somewhere for it to cook.Warning: it might get pretty hot and steamy so make sure it's somewhere safe and secluded, aka kitchen.But in this case there isn't a kitchen so we put it in the toilet.

It takes 8 minutes to cook and you will know it's done once the cord is fully reared in (you know, like those talking toys, you pull the cord and it will rear back in. 'Hi, I'm Woody the Cowboy.').Once done, take it out with care (it will be hot). Remove the hot packet on top and stir the rice.

Then open the red packet and pour out the ingredient.

And woila! Your very own hot sizzling Katsu Curry in 8 minutes!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Marina Meets Raja Petra

Marina hugs Raja Petra after one of his court appearances earlier this year. — Picture by Choo Choy May (From Malaysian Insider)

This is a "copy and paste" from Anil's post:

Marina Lee meets RPK in Kamunting
A touching account of Marina Lee’s visit with Raja Petra in Kamunting. Once you read this, you will know why we need to get rid of the ISA:

First time To Kamunting Detention Centre
By Marina Lee Abdullah

This morning my family and I went to Kamunting to visit Pet. This being our first time there we left home 6am just to make sure we don’t miss the schedule time allowed: 8.30am to 2pm and the family is allowed weekly visits from Monday to Wednesday, Friday to Sunday. We brought some food, fruits, drinks, one pair of jeans, T-shirt and his glasses.

When we reached the gates of the Kamunting Detention Centre, we had to register at the gates and proceeded into the prison area, a huge area. There we had to go through another gate and had to deposit all our belongings into two lockers. Went through a door and told to go to counter 10. When we approached counter 10 there was this partition with no grills or glass, Pet was already sitting there waiting for us.

My first reaction was to run and give him a real big hug and kiss, at the same time my heart feeling so heavy seeing this hero of mine on the other side. Pet was sitting down and wearing white prison clothes. He has lost weight, looked very pale probably not seeing sunlight for almost 2 weeks now, his beard and hair growing longer.

At that point I had tears in my eyes but was trying really hard holding back my tears. I really did not want him to see me cry that would only make it really hard for him. I reached out to hold and rub his hands and did not let go for a minute. He was glad to see us because the last time we saw him was 8 days ago at Bukit Aman.

I asked him how he was coping and he said hard being under solitary confinement and it is for 3 months and after that only will he be able to interact with the other detainees. He will be moved into a dormitory where he will get to watch TV and read newspapers, New Straits Times and Utusan Malaysia.

He said he had 3 ustaz ( religious teacher) visit him this morning questioning about his religious knowledge and beliefs. The questioning was cut short cause of the family visit and would continue in the afternoon.
I told him to please be strong and don’t let them get to him. I said “Honey they have got your body but not your mind and soul, hang in there love we’ve coming to get you. The Pakatan Rakyat is on track to takeover the government. Just give us a bit more time, ok?”

I told him that this time around there is a difference on the use of ISA and that he had made that difference. There is tremendous outcry on the use of ISA and that Political Parties within the Barisan Nasional, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim the Law Minister had even resigned for the use of the ISA, the thousands of well wishes and support I have received. People all over are praying and standing behind us on this struggle for change that he has started.

I promised Pet that I will do everything I possibly can with the help of the people to get him released and I will stay strong and tough to keep that promise. I will not fail him.

He told me that word was out at the detention centre that RPK was there, and some of them manage to shout out to him across the brick wall telling him that they just saw him and his wife on TV. They were also trying to comfort him.

At one point I told him that I really needed to hug and that missed him so much and was reaching out to do that but he said he was not allowed to because there we two prison officier watching us and they were noting down everything and there were merits points given or taken away. I said “what’s that?” He said that there were certain rules for our visitation and if he break the rules visitation rites could be reduced and so on. I asked him, “you mean to say that giving you a hug is breaking the rules?” He said hugging is considered “kelakuan tak senonoh” improper or unbecoming behavior. I just could not believe it.

He then said that the first visit is the only time we are able to meet face to face and the subsequent visit will be through a screen and will have to talk on the phone. This will be for 9 months and of cause with good behavior from him. They go on merits he said like kindergarden school if you have behaved you get a candy.

He told me that he is being detained on 4 grounds,
1. 2 articles on Islam
2. The article on ‘Let’s Send the Altantuya Murderers to Hell”
3. Articles on the Leaders
4. Comments posted on the Blog, one of the commentor he mentioned was by Anti Anti-Hadith and Pet mentioned that he has his own Blog.

By then we were given the last 5mins call, I then told him, “Luv please trust me, we will get you out!”

Dear readers thank you so much for the well wishes that my family and I have received from all of you and I will stay strong with your help and support to take on this fight for change where my husband has left off until he is FREED.

Lots of love from my family and me. Source: Malaysia Today
There’s another account of the visit
Meanwhile, Anwar has
vowed to abolish the ISA should the Pakatan come to power.
Letter from Marina Lee to Malaysia Today readers
Syed Hamid sends RPK to Kamunting
Abolish ISA campaigners make their presence felt
Marina Lee receives a standing ovation
Perlis Mufti slams use of ISA This entry was posted on Thursday, 25 September 2008 at 9.48am and is filed under Human rights. Visited 238 times, 238 so far today. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Teaser Preview (#4 of 4)

You have seen the three previous teasers. If you haven't, just scroll down or click below:

By now the answer is obvious. If you still don't get it; never mind; maybe you are not local from this region. You may be from Alaska or Timbuktu! Then please wait awhile when the time is ripe, I shall publish the relevent post.

In the meantime just enjoy the view (above beauty included):

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

East vs West (#18 of 18) The Child

The Child

Blue is West: The kid to be independent and make his/her own living.

Red is East: Work, live and all for the kid, the centre of life.

Tasty Art (#6 of 18) Cauliflour Sheep

Fluffy sheep

A Lull Before The Mother Of All Tsunamis !!


The last few days I have been reluctant to publish an interesting post. So I purposely delayed it by coming out with the "4 Teaser Previews" . I don't want this article to be overshadowed by the impending "Mother" of all tsunamis. In fact when it comes, this article of mine will be drowned under the ferocious under-current!! No chance of survival!

The last few days have been very subdued in the political fronts. At least outwardly. Only those in the secret "planning and operating" room knows exactly what is happening and what is going to happen. Anwar is well above all sooth sayers. He "alone" knows the route to the battle field, while the rest of us, foot soldiers just wait in suspense!

As with all terrible disasters, they strike when least expected, and with a terrible vengence. Let us take cover for the time being.

For those still don't understand what I am trying to say, please click HERE:

The latest terrible news as at 11am today from
Anil's blog:


"So Home Affairs Minister Syed Hamid has signed a two-year detention order against Raja Petra, reports Malaysiakini - which mean RPK goes to Kamunting today. The detention order was signed yesterday, ahead of RPK’s habeas corpus application.

I guess they don’t want to find out what Raja Petra has to say in court.

Let’s see what the court has to say during Raja Petra’s habeas corpus application today."


We must salute RPK, and do our little parts in whatever way we can to free RPK fast and to hasten a Regime Change.

A commentator in Anil's blog, "Sam" has a very sensible suggestion which all of us can do immediately:

"But we will continue the struggle to free RPK. Meanwhile, lets flood Kamunting with Hari Raya greeting cards addressed to RPK. Lets tell him to keep the hope and that we have not given up. Here is the address:

Y.M. Raja Petra Kamarudin
Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
34009 Kamunting,Taiping.
Perak, Malaysia

I am mailing my card today. "
I have already sent a card to him. Send any postcard.
In the meantime check Malaysian Insider and Anil's for latest updates.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


(Picture from Wikipedia)

Last night, took my 3-year old granddaughter to a birthday party of a 4-year old. To make the evening more lifely, there was a clown "in attendance". He was quite good in his profession. It is better than just inviting a magician. This clown was "3-in-one"! He was a clown, a balloon twister creating all sorts of shapes and animals, and a magician! Everyone enjoyed the evening, especially all the children. He was true to his trade.

Abby(Left) & her cousin Serena(My grand daughter)

(Grandfather background!!)

The Real Clown.

Let's see what is technically a clown. This is from the Wikipedia:

"Clowns are comic performers, stereotypically characterized by their grotesque appearance: colored wigs, stylistic makeup, outlandish costumes, unusually large footwear, etc., who entertain spectators by acting in a ridiculous fashion. Types of their acts vary greatly."

So those are real clowns earning a living through their jovial profession. Making people laugh without offending or hurting others is really a very happy profession.

Enough of the real clowns. However, quite often we come across those who wish to imitate real professional clowns. And this is no laughing matter. But never mind, better come to more serious stuff.

What is more serious than matters of national interest. National interest is the domain of serious and dedicated politicians. In Malaysia Bolehland, we also have such outstanding politicians:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Teaser Preview (#3 of 4)

Looks like nobody is interested in this "teaser preview". The "Grand Premier" is going to be a blooper. Maybe after presenting the 4th "teaser", I just close shop.

Who cares. This is my blog. And this is my 3rd teaser (above damsel included):

Friday, September 19, 2008

Teaser Preview (#2 of 4)

Inul Daratista after concert in Singapore, 2004

If you read the comments for my first post on the same topic; looks like I was using the wrong wave-length, or were the readers on the wrong track? All the comments were nothing related to the topic! What a let down!

Never mind. Here I go again.

The second teaser is below (including the above beauty):

Truths Sting! Lies Stink!!

Mr Oh Teik Bin is one of my blogger friends. His specialty is in graphics. His mission is disseminating universal moral messages in different beautiful and interesting ways.

Today he got a very special message in comic form, very timely during this period of political uncertainties.

Truths sting! Lies stink!!

Please visit his interesting blog by clicking HERE.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Teaser Preview (#1 of 4)

To all my dear friends,

I have actually completed a very interesting article (self praise is real praise) , ready to be published here. But I am still very reluctant to release it because of the current "uncertain" political developments. You see, it spoils the mood for this article. One must have a very relaxed and happy frame of mind to appreciate and enjoy reading and watching and listening to this article. Can one listen to an article?? Hah hah!! In this Bolehland Malaysia everything is possible lah! Don't believe? Just you wait.

I cannot "tahan lagi" ("just keep silent") and must leak the secret in a teaser in 4 parts. I think if you are a genius, you will guess it right with the first teaser here. If you are just very smart, then the second teaser may bring the right answer. If you only smart, you have to wait for the third one. And if you are just like the average Malaysian politician, then you have to scratch your head after the fourth one. And if you have seen all the four teasers and are still blur blur, then please go and ask the present PM ( as of today 18 Sept 2008)!! For sure you will not get the right answer from him, zzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

So the only option left is to wait for my post, as and when I feel the ambience is just right and perfect.

TEASER # 1 (Plus the beauty above)

KLCI : Below 1000

As at time of writing 9.30 am, KLCI Index is at 984.17 down 18.82, dropped below its psychological low of 1000.

When is the right time to enter? We have panic sell, but do we have panic buy situation? Certainly not during this politically turbulent period, and definitely not today!! So when can we dash head on?

I was a remisier for close to 10 years. Retired a few years ago, for many reasons, chief of all was the fear of clients' contra losses not paid. Better retire than go bankrupt!!

Maybank at 6.70

Genting at 4.74

Sime at 5.90

Resort at 2.52

Well, what are you waiting for??!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yin-Yang Syndrome


Taijitu, the traditional symbol representing the forces of yin (dark) and yang (light).

The universal principle of Yin-yang is very succinctly elucidated in Wikipedia:
"In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang (simplified Chinese: 阴阳; traditional Chinese: 陰陽; pinyin: yīnyáng) are generalized descriptions of the antitheses or mutual correlations in human perceptions of phenomena in the natural world, combining to create a unity of opposites in the theory of the Taiji."


The Buddha expounded the doctrine of "The Eight Worldly Vicissitudes Of Life".

According to the Buddha, we will experience these vicissitudes throughout our lives, no matter what our intentions or actions are:

Gain and loss
Praise and blame
Pleasure and pain
Fame and obscurity

The harmony of the opposites is the stabilizing force of the universe. Day and night, cold and heat, formation and destruction, birth and death!

The harmony of the opposites is the equilibrium of our existence where we can discern the right from the wrong, the good from the evil; in the journey of life to make us wiser if we can overcome greed, hatred and delusion.

In this Bolehland Malaysia we have our version of "Yin-Yang Flip-Flop Double-Talk Gobbledegook".

This version is the elixir to cure desparado politicians on a tail-spin! All they need to do to prolong their tail-spin is to chant the gibberish nonsense. I won't waste time repeating their circus acts. You can read them everywhere in any medium.

Now presenting the "Mother" of all time "Yin-yang Top-spinning" Malaysia Boleh:


(Picture from The Star)

Abdullah:"This is Anwar’s mirage, he sees something but it is nothing, there is nothing there, it is only a dream."

Anwar:"This is not empty talk ... but we have chosen to be patient and use the conciliatory way."

May all insane become sane; and may all sane stay sane!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gold 916: The Tension & Mystery Unfold !!

Kelana Jaya, 15th September 2008:

The Night Before Malaysia Day, the night Malaysia came of age. Malaysians from all walks of life, of different races and creeds, gathered in unity for a common cause: justice and freedom from tyranny! (TV Smith)

Shoulder to shoulder, they sang the National Anthem and cheered themselves wildly (TV Smith)

More pictures by clicking HERE: (TV Smith)
You can view videos by clicking HERE : (Sivin Kit's Garden)

Gold 916 : The Tension & Mystery Unfold !!

Anil's Blog: CLICK HERE:

Malaysian Insider: Click HERE:


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