Sunday, October 31, 2010

What the hell is going on : Another fatal bus crash!!

( Fatal accident: The damaged bus after it was put upright, following the deadly accident along Jalan Genting Sempah Friday night. — AZMAN GHANI / The Star)

Karak bus crash: Blacklisted driver had no licence for past 13 years, reports The Star Online. To add salt to injury, he had held only a learner licence in 1997, and after that he was blacklisted.

Another seven innocent lives lost just like that!  Can we ever trust those responsible for checking and enforcing traffic safety?  No.  Never will they change unless we change the present regime and hope that the new one may do a better job.  Why this sort of mediocrity and irresponsibilty do not happen in Singapore? 

I have resolved that I shall never take a bus for long distance travel.  You simply cannot trust anyone involved in the long haul bus service.    

It will just be a repeat if I were to write more.  You may read my earlier postings on the previous bus accidents HERE, and HERE.

(Postscript: You can also read comments in this USJ FORUM)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Excellent and immediate action : Bomba Bukit Mertajam

I would be the last person to call for help from the civil servants.  But when you saw a snake slithering into your back store-room a few hours ago, what could you do?  It is now 11.03 pm, Sunday.  And now I am able to relax.  My sincere appreciation to Bomba Bukit Mertajam, especially to the two very professional and responsible officers who came to my rescue.

When my wife turned pale and told me she saw a snake slithering into my back store-room, I nearly fainted.  I am usually a "handy-manny" a DIY person and am able to fix a thousand and one things.  But snake!! No way.  I had not much of a choice.  Looked up a sticker which I pasted since moving into this house.  It gave a list of emergency numbers.  I called the Bomba Bukit Mertajam.  What a relief when they told my wife that they would come immediately.  And they kept their words.  About 45 minutes later, two officers arrived. 

They were really very responsible.  You can just imagine what a storeroom  is like.  Although small, but cluttered with all the "rubbish".  They could have easily told me that they did not see anything and went back.  That was my greatest fear.  But no, they painstakingly removed the junk, and searched  for the culprit.  Just imagine a cubicle with no window.  They were just sweating away but kept on with their job.  They finally found it....A Cobra!!

Job well done.  My greatest appreciation for their excellent service.  This is the second time in my life that I recieve excellent service from a Government department.  What about that  first time?  It will be another story.

To the two Bomba officers who came immediately to my rescue, my wife and I thank you with all our hearts for the job well done.  You may have saved our lives!

The quotation below is taken from the Bomba website:

When you mix training and dedication, you’re called a professional;

When you mix compassion and caring, you’re called a friend;

When you mix bravery and selflessness, you’re called a Hero;

When you mix all three, you’re called a Firefighter.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to use a mouse

Do you know the meaning of Luddite (pronounced : lar-dait)?

noun: One who opposes or avoids the use of new technology.

Malacca a developed state???

What about Selangor and Penang???

What is a developed state???

Why not declare Malaysia as a developed state and all of you have a holiday?  (Not for me because I am retired and everyday is a holiday!!)  That will cover every state.  But then again, how can they include Kelantan, Kedah, Penang and Selangor?    No way!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Malaysia Bo Liau


 (Tan Zhongshan)

(Picture from Staronline)

The Star reports:

A 23-year-old Malaysian has emerged as the top student in his final-year law examinations at Cambridge University.

Tan Zhongshan (pic) obtained a first-class honours in the Bachelor of Arts (Law) in June this year at Queens’ College, which is part of the university, one of England’s oldest and most prestigious.

“I will also join the Singapore Legal Service in January,” said Tan, who was awarded an Asean scholarship by Singapore’s Ministry of Education after completing his A-Levels at the Temasek Junior College there.
Well, well.  What does this say about brain drain.  The latest report states  that close to 800,000 brilliant brains from Malaysia are out there working and contributing to the advancement and well-being of other countries.  At the Singapore Mount  Elizabeth Hospital, more than half the doctors are from Malaysia.
I am crying my heart out.  Beating my chest like a Gorilla not for any victory but for the utter frustration.  But the power that is, is not worried about this dilemma.  They view it as if nothing has happened to the country.  Talk about wooing back the brains.  They are not taking any positive step to prevent brain drain.  Still wanting to woo back what is lost?   Only talk cockeral, bloody hypocrites. 
Malaysia is bleeding, Malaysia Bo Liau.  The last two words in Hokkien may mean "no more" or "no standard" depending on your intonation.  Either way it's a losing game.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lim Guan Eng explains Budget 2011

Lim Guan Eng explains in simple Bahasa what we are losing out.

(If picture does not appear, just click the play button.)
Make sure we get a fair budget by changing the regime come next GE! 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Betty Chinn : Compassion without question.

Betty Kwan Chinn of Eureka, California receives the 2010 Citizens Medal, the nation's second-highest civilian honor, from U.S. President Barack Obama in the East Room of the White House August 4, 2010 in Washington, DC. Chinn, an immigrant from China aids those without shelter also providing meals twice a day.

Betty Chinn, was also one of the Winners of the 2008 Minerva Awards

Every morning for the past 23 years, Betty Chinn has loaded up her truck and headed out to feed the least fortunate residents of Eureka, California. But Betty delivers more than just food and hot coffee. She also serves up kindness.

Born in China, Betty was separated from her family at age 7 during Mao Zedong's brutal Cultural Revolution. Tormented by hunger and lack of social contact, Betty went mute. After four terrifying years, Betty escaped from China by walking 1,600 miles to Hong Kong. Though she had just $20 in her hand, Betty later made her way to America and found her voice again.

Betty has never forgotten what it felt like to have nothing and no one, and she continues to help her neighbors, one person at a time. "They are all my friends; they are all my family," she says.

(If no youtube picture appears, just click the play button)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stop these horrendous bus accidents!!!

I have written about the horror of bus accidents.  Here I am not going to write anything new, for the root cause of all these still remains the same.  Unless we get rid of this root cause, many will still have to die from this senseless attitude.  Now we have added 12 more innocent lives in the Simpang Ampat accident.  I am really sick of this "cancer disease".  

The latest was the arrest of two express bus drivers high on drugs.  And they were caught while driving buses filled with passengers!!  "Johor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said the drivers were detained during a state-wide operation conducted by the narcotics department here Wednesday."   We must thank the authorities this time for their prompt action.  If not for this action,  who knows what will happen!!  The Police and the Transport Department must maintain this vigiliance  and ensure there is 100 enforcement at all times.  They should remember, even their loved ones may be in danger with these monsters driving around.  

I don't have to repeat here what I wrote about these horrendous accidents.  You can just CLICK HERE to go to the article. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Chee Soon Juan writes to Lee Kuan Yew


Malaysia Today did not block me from copying its posting.  Below is the full "copy & paste" of the open-letter by Chee Soon Juan to Lee Kuan Yew. 

It is also my fervent hope that Mr Lee may in his hour of grief show his human compassion for Yong Vui Kong.

Dear Mr Lee,

As you grieve over the loss of Mdm Kwa Geok Choo, many Singaporeans grieve with you. Everytime someone dear to us passes away, the pain is deep. Losing a loved one is the cruelest act that life can inflict on humans.

Even as you mourn the loss of Mdm Kwa, I am certain that you think of the happier moments that the both of you shared and that you, of all the people in this world, were the one to have had the pleasure of spending a lifetime with her. That, at least, is to be celebrated.

But while you had Mdm Kwa on whom you cultivated your affection, there were others who were deprived of that very same joy. They were not separated from their loved ones by that surly grasp of death, but by political power with which you wielded, and wielded so ruthlessly and unjustly.

You had Mr Chia Thye Poh locked up for most of his adult life. He was incarcerated when he was only 25 and regained his freedom only when he turned 57. Even Nelson Mandela spent less years under detention. The best years of Mr Chia's life was so inhumanely taken away. He had a girlfriend who could not wait for him and who left him when he was still in prison.

Dr Lim Hock Siew married Dr Beatrice Chia. When I met them recently, I saw the love - unspoken but abiding - that they had for each other despite the fact that you had kept them apart for 20 years.

Then there is Mr Said Zahari whom you also imprisoned for years, 17 years to be exact. He spoke lovingly of his late wife, Salamah, whom he adored. She faithfully and lovingly tended home while waiting for her soulmate to return and to hold her and to talk with her. She struggled with their four children, running a foodstall to eke out a living while Said languished in prison. Their children often had no money to go to school.

To this day, he asks for God's forgiveness for breaking the oath he made with Salamah to be together when they married each other. When she died in 2004, his heart must have broken into a thousand pieces, just like yours is breaking into a thousand pieces.

While you loved your wife, they loved theirs too.

There are scores of others who cannot be reunited with their families because you have made it so. Ms Tang Fong Har, who was detained in 1987 and who subsequently fled to Hong Kong, has been wanting to return to Singapore to see her ailing mother. But she cannot because there is still the threat of her being re-arrested if she returns.

Others like Mr Tang Liang Hong are also separated from their families because they cannot return to Singapore without facing incarceration.

I, too, have family. My wife wishes for me to return to Taiwan with her to be with her family. I cannot fulfill that obligation because you have made it so. I did go to Taiwan last year, but only to attend my father-in-law's funeral. He had asked about me before he died but by the time I got to his bedside after I managed to get the Official Assignee's approval to leave the country, he had lost consciousness. I never got to say goodbye.

It pains me to think that the only time I can be with my wife and children in Taiwan is when someone in the family dies.

You have taken away much of what I have but despite all that you have done to me and mine, I bear you no ill-will. As I said to you during our trial in 2008, you are an intelligent man, I only hope that you will become a wise one. I meant it then and I mean it now. Love and the relationships we have with family and friends are what matter most. Riches and power mean little when those dearest to us leave us.

I extend to you my deepest sympathies on the demise of Mdm Kwa. I want to express my condolence in the sincerest manner I know how. But while I commiserate with you on your loss, I would be remiss if I did not take this opportuinity to tell you, if you don't already know, how much pain you have inflicted on your political opponents and whose families you have torn apart, the same kind of pain that you presently feel.

In the remaining time while you still walk this earth with us, turn from your ways. Free yourself from the prison of wealth and power that keeps you from cherishing that most precious of life's qualities - humanity. It is still not too late.


Chee Soon Juan

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cebu Pacific Airlines Dancing Flight Attendants

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; this is your Captain speaking.  May I present the Cebu Pacific Airlines Dancing Flight Attendants!

(If you can't see the youtube picture, just click the play button)

MANILA, Oct 7 – The Philippine airline whose flight attendants danced a safety demonstration to Lady Gaga said on Thursday they were “surprised” after a video of the routine became an online sensation.

Cebu Pacific Airlines, a budget airline long known for entertaining passengers with amusements such as mid-air trivia games, said they had wanted to make the safety demonstrations “fun and exciting” to get passengers to pay attention.

Instead of the usual bored flight attendants robotically buckling seatbelts, passengers on a recent domestic flight watched as women wearing bright orange shirts and stylish pants ran down the aisles of the plane, smiling broadly.
Dancing to a mash-up of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” and Katy Perry’s “California Girls,” they strutted flirtatiously as they showed off lifejackets and bounced up and down, arms moving in rhythm, to indicate the emergency exits.

As they bopped, a sober voice-over told passengers what to do in case of an emergency landing. Passengers applauded at the end.

Posted on the internet, the video racked up more than six million hits in five days.

“This actually surprised us,” a company spokesman said. “It’s overwhelming – we’ve seen a lot of positive response.”

But not everyone is smiling.

The Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines said that requiring flight attendants to dance in front of passengers was “demeaning and undignified... (they) are not entertainers.”

Women’s rights group Gabriela said in a statement that “portraying women in a sexy manner to make business brisk is not only a cheap promotional gimmick but also makes corporations such as Cebu Pacific a purveyor of sexism and machismo that reverses the hard-won recognition that Filipino women have achieved.”

The company spokesman declined to comment on the criticism.

“I think the reason why this is a success is that the crew enjoys doing it,” he said, noting that a conventional safety demonstration is also given before the plane leaves the ground.

In line with its original plans, the airline will offer the service on select flights this month and next. The spokesman could not say whether it will be expanded. – Reuters


Now take a look at this one:

(If you can't see the youtube picture, just click the play button)

Hey, only now I know what to do in case of emergency! This is REALLY effective attention-grabbing safety demonstration. Thumbs up!  What would they think of next.  I will let my imagination run wild.  Maybe mouth-to-mouth resuscitation demonstration!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The KaTaK has changed into an Ostrich!

Quotable quotes from LKY (certainly not Lee Kuan Yew):

The party is going to the dogs.

I have been watching him, monitoring him for three years and I think three years is too long.

I have enough of this nonsense.

See no evil, speak no evil, bury his head in the sand.

He does not want to be seen as taking sides...What nonsense is that?

This is typical him...always does not want to be seen as a bad guy.

Unquotable quote from the Ostrich himself:

All these due to "mere misunderstanding".

And this is my quote : 

I think he should turn into a deadwood; at least it can be used as a decorative item!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

To Ku Li or not to Ku Li?

Ku Li has shown in his speeches that he is not very comfortable with present UMNO directions.  If Ku Li is just an ordinary UMNO members, he would have been in hot soup long time ago.  But Ku Li is no ordinary UMNO member.  So he is not going to be in hot soup. 

Now UMNO is thinking of coming up with a delicious bowl of soup by calling on Ku Li to head the election campaign in Galas.  By the way, Galas is within the parliamentary constituency of Gua Musang, the citadel of Ku Li.

So to Ku Li or not to Ku Li?  This is an interesting question.  Let's wait and see; when events unfold.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bhai-logy Lesson

This is just humour and for laugh.  I hope all our Bhai friends will laugh too.  If any Bhai takes offend, I shall delete this post. You need to know a bit of Hokkien to appreciate.  Apparently this piece must have originated from Singapore.  The last four lines are added by me.

Bhai-logy Lesson

Q: Why are there so many Sikh money changers in Singapore? A: Because they like to deal in Singh dollars.

Q: Why do Sikhs make good shopkeepers A: Because when you enter their shop to buy something, you are the buyer; which makes them the buyee.

Q: What do u call a Bhai who wants to make a U-turn? A: Ke belakang-pu Singh Q: What do you call a Bhai who drinks only beer? A: Jasbir Singh

Q: What is the study of young bhais? A: Microbhailogy.

Q: What was Mrs. Singh called when she posed for Playboy? A: Bohcheng Kaur

Q: What was Mrs. Singh called when she joined a Cantonese criminal gang? A: Tai Kaur

Q: Where to find a Bhai doctor? A: At Tantock Singh Hospital, S'pore.

Q: What do you call a Bhai who comes to visit you every three days? A: Sarjit Singh

Q: What do you call a Bhai who's lost? A: Miss Singh

Q: What do you call a Bhai who lives between Singapore and Kuantan? A: Mer Singh

Q: What do you call a Bhai who's coming only tomorrow A: Mahjit Singh

Q: What do you call a Bhai who likes Chinese herbs? A: Gin Singh!

Q: What do you call a Bhai on a tightrope? A: Balance Singh

Q: What is the official mode of transport for Bhais? A: Bhaicycles

Q: What heart surgery procedure did Mr. Singh undergo? A: A bhaipass.

Q: What do you call a Sikh who is covetous? A: Gian Singh

Just Passing Through A Sikh was on his way to Khalsa Club when he decided to take a short-cut through somebody's garden. The Owner comes out angrily shouting : Hey, do you know you are trespassing? Sikh answered : No, I'm Jaspar Singh
Q: What do you call sexy Bhais? A:Ki Singh and Lam Singh
Q: A Bhai who is in the navy? A: Karpal Singh
Q: A Bhai who is a dancer? A: Dan Singh
After reading this you will become Kepalapu Singh.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Physio was an intelligent boy. After doing a physiotherapy course abroad

for 3 years, he returned home and set up a clinic in his hometown.

He asked a designer to make a new name plate to be hung on the wall

outside the clinic. The next morning, when he went to his clinic, he

was pleased to find that the name plate was already put up. But he was

greatly annoyed by the wordings on the plate : TUKANG URUT. He went to

the designer and took him to task.

"How can you insult my profession? 'Tukang Urut' means masseur in

Malay. I am a physiotherapist and not a masseur!

Make sure you change the name right now! And see that the word is spelt

correctly!" Physio said angrily.

The designer apologized and promised to make the changes immediately.

Without further delay, he proceeded to change the name but found that

the word "physiotherapist' was too long. So he broke it up into three

words to make it easier to read.

The next morning, Physio hit the roof when he saw the new name. On the

name plate were written : PHYSIO THE RAPIST


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