Friday, May 31, 2013

Most complicated and fascinating music box

All of us have come across those little simple music boxes where most probably we received as birthday presents.  They only play the simple tune for maybe a minute, after hand-winding.  

Now take a look at this video. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

What Is A Parliament

 Photo: 133.

Do you know, "Parliament" is a collective noun for a parliament of owls, a parliament of crows, a parliament of ravens, and a parliament of rooks? Never a parliament of honorable politicians!!!

Monday, May 6, 2013


Please "black" all your profile photos as a mark of mourning and protest!!!

We WILL fight on!!!!

 This is a "copy & paste":
My dear friends from around the world. The reason you are seeing a black square as my profile pic (in facebook) is because we are in mourning .....over the death of free and fair elections. And my cover picture depicts my opinion of the whole electoral process. Democracy is dead, some say, because an election fraught with fraud and cheating is no election at all. So many cases of possible cheating brought to the attention of the Election Commission just went unattended to or ignored. Cheating was blatant and only citizens' actions prevented them from being much more rampant.

Malaysians are devastated by the dubious results and can no longer hold the federal government in any form of respect. They do not earn our respect nor do they deserve it.

My profile will remain black ....until whenever.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prevent spoilt vote

This early morning woke up 6am and new inspiration appeared on how to prevent smearing the indelible ink on the voting paper?
Cut out the finger slot of a disposable kitchen glove, and fit it on the finger, fasten with a rubber band. Do it while waiting for your turn, or before you leave home. This will ensure you don't lose it, and also to make it easier to slot back after the ink is fixed on your finger. When your turn comes, remove the finger slot, then put back after the ink is fixed.
Wallah, problem solved!

Take a look at the picture above. If you think practical please pass the info to all your contact.  You can click "share" on my facebook and send to all your contacts. If you think not a good idea, please let me know why.


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