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Garbage Enzyme: More information.

(Healthy drink:Dr Oon preparing to blend the fruits and vegetables.)
(Note: This is not Garbage Enzyme, but Fruit Enzymes)
(Picture from The Star)

Profile of Dr (H) Joean Oon, MDMA, DNM, BHMS:
Dr Joean Oon worked at Naturopathic Family Care Centre since 2002.She has six years of experience with cancer patients, leading them to recover through natural therapy. She has served thousands of patients (cancer and other chronic diseases).
In 2006, she began to study enzyme and other naturopathy therapy from Dr. Rosukon of Thailand. She is now an active speaker on Earth Saving Through Garbage Enzyme. Her marathon seminars have reached out to many countries, including Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, India and Indonesia.

(Picture of Dr Rosukon)
(From the Chinese site)

This topic is very important to all of us. It is literally a matter of life and death. We can really play our part in reducing global warming and its devastating effects on the world. I have searched the internet for more detailed information and would like to share with all you good people. I assume that you have read my first post on this subject. If not the please click HERE.

Garbage Enzyme is developed by Dr. Rosukon of Thailand, who is the teacher of Dr. Joean Oon. Together, they passionately encourage people to make garbage enzyme at home by using fresh kitchen waste (fruit and vegetable dregs), brown sugar (or jaggery or molasses) and water mixed together in an airtight container and left to ferment for up to 3 months before use.

This is the profile of Dr. Rosukon from FAO:
[Rosukon Poompanvong – outstanding achievement in organic farming
A pioneering farmer in Thailand’s organic movement, Rosukon Poompanvong – now in her late 40s – is a woman with an uncommon spirit of generosity. Working with farmers throughout Thailand and in Europe, she has succeeded in growing and marketing top-quality agricultural produce without using artificial fertilizers. The results of her work over the past quarter century have proven to be financially profitable and, even more important, at no expense to the environment.

As a university student of agriculture in the late 1970s, working with chemically treated crops was unbecoming to Dr Rosukon because of a blood disease she has lived with since birth. To avoid the headaches, she searched for an alternative. She developed a technology to tap the full potential of soil organisms by using fermented organic waste for crop fertilization and pest protection, also effective as a feed supplement for pigs and chickens. In 1997 she set up a Health Farm in Rayong province as a centre for training in organic farming methods that also receives people seeking natural treatment against illnesses such as cancer, HIV, diabetes and blindness.

Dr Rosukon, who has a Ph.D. in alternative medicine, helped create in 1984 the Organic Agriculture Association of Thailand and seven years later, on her own with donations she had saved from practising acupuncture, she started a mobile training service to teach farmers around the country how to produce healthy foods with her enzyme method. Her mission is to help people heal themselves. Villagers from near and far come to the Health Farm to study her methods of planting, treating crops and recycling all organic waste. She also continues her mobile training, visiting three villages a week. If Thailand intends to become the kitchen of the world, Dr Rosukon is determined to make it “a good kitchen, not a toxic kitchen.”]

There is a write-up on the doctor in Chinese HERE:

Credits goes to Dr. Rosukon and Dr.(H) Joean Oon for sharing this valuable knowledge.
Discover the endless benefits of this Earth-saving enzyme you can make in your kitchen. It is rewarding to heal the Earth.
  • Save money:
    • Turn kitchen waste to DIY natural house-hold cleaners.
  • Multiple usage:
    • Natural household cleaner; air purifier; deodoriser; insecticide; detergent; body care; car care: organic fertiliser, etc
  • Reduce pollution:
    • Methane gas released from disposed garbage can trap 21 times more heat than CO2, worsen the global warming condition.
  • Purify air:
    • Remove odour. Dissolve toxic air released from smoking, car exhaust, chemical residues from household products, etc.
  • Purity underground water:
    • Enzyme that flow underground will eventually purify the river and the sea.
  • Natural pesticides:
    • Reduce mosquitoes. flies, rats or cockroaches etc.
  • Anti-bacterial and virus:
    • Natural antiseptic for your home.
  • Prevent drainpipe blockage:
    • Release residues accumulated in the pipe of basins or toilet bowls.

Garbage enzyme can be used diluted with water at a specific dilution ratio.
Dilute to 1000 times with water for use as natural insecticides, herbicides, pesticides and organic fertilisers. Also can be used to stimulate plant hormone to improve quality of fruits and vegetables and to increase crop yield. Spray on land for 3 months continuously to improve soil quality.

Save on household cleaner and bodycare:
For shampoo, dish wash, laundry liquid etc: use enzyme to multiply and to reduce chemical residues.
Ratio = 1 part enzyme : 1 part detergent/cleaner : 10 parts water
Washing vegetables: Add 30ml (2 tbsp) enzyme to 1 litre water. Soak for 45 minutes.
Floor cleaning: Add 30ml (2 tbsp) enzyme to moping water. To clean and sterilise.
Car care: Add 30ml (2 tbsp) enzyme to water tank to reduce car temperature.
( Please Note: I've gone through a few sites on the subject, and found some differences in the usage directions. On further enquiry, I was told that they all depend on the purpose of usage, whatever that means. Never mind, we'll just use our personal judgement to suit our individual preferences.)

Above information mostly from the sites below:
DIY Garbage Enzyme......
The Nation............

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(Updated 19-5-2009)
Just found a You Tube presentation of Dr Oon


Garbage enzyme is  not Fruit enzyme:

Please note that garbage enzyme is not the same as fruit enzyme.  Garbage enzyme is not for human consumption, whereas fruit enzyme is.  To know more about fruit enzyme, click to read my article on "Benefits of fruit enzyme".

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monsterball said...

My Doc told me I have slight high blood......must stop this or that...go on diet. He gave me pils for 2 months.
My love one...suddenly change food one...that do not taste like food...but like bloody medicine!!
Yes..all boils down to low calories and ENZYMES!!
I have enough!
I went back to my old ways...bemoderate...and leave it as it is.
The blood test was 2 weeks ago...because I felt weak and sleepy.
Now so weak at all!!
God help those who help themselves...and less knowledge about health for better.
You know why?? My maid left and I need to do the gardening...2 hours per day...everyday...which I stopped for 5 years.
"Somebody" up punishing stay live longer...what for..It only benefit my cigar seller..........hahahahahaha
Commonsense and be a moderate simple man...that's my key to happy eating life.
Most not fear death...nor court it.
Be others sincerely...and my spinning wheel will spin out clothes for others...besides for myself.
What a wonderful life!!

Justin Choo said...

I agree we should do things moderately. But with a bit of helpful info will lead us to better living lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Interesting topic...
I'm an university student currently working on bioremediation project. Since Dr. Rosukon is working with this for many years, may I know which scientific journal has used to she published her research all these years? I would very much like to use them as reference and guidance in my research project.
Thank You

Justin Choo said...

Student Wong,

I am sorry I don't have more info on Dr. Rosukon.

You will find more info if you Google "Dr. Rosukon".

Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

lol, I can see that a lot of ppl is looking for the research article as references on university projects. but seems like no scientific article to proof the enzyme is that powerful.

justin, for your information, if u just google on dr rosokon, u still will get a lot of blogs and articles about it. there are not scientific article regarding garbage enzyme to proof it has those function.

btw, thanks for your blog information. everyone is sharing the same thing that u had.

EmilyCCY said...

hi,i'm 15 yrs old
i'm doing a project researches about this garbage enzyme
may i know...
i) why we must use brown sugar instead of white sugar?
ii)why we cannot use durian skins to make garbage enzyme?
hope u all could help me
thank you

Justin Choo said...


i)why we must use brown sugar instead of white sugar?

Brown sugar contains an ingredient called molasses, which helps in fermentation.

ii) why we cannot use durian skins to make garbage enzyme?

I didn't know that, this is news to me. But why use durian skin when you can use other skins which are more manageable. As a guess, if what you said is true, then maybe because the durian skin produces a slimey substance called lye.

Anonymous said...

test the gas release during the production of this garbage enzymes with limewater, and you will see why i can't trust garbage enzymes.

Anonymous said...

"test the gas release during the production of this garbage enzymes with limewater, and you will see why i can't trust garbage enzymes."

Hmm.. Doesn't that just mean CO2 is present? And probably since it's fermentation, I'm guessing methane is released too (Which are in fact gases which contribute to global warming). :( I sure hope a detailed scientific journal or research results or what not might surface soon.

zach said...

i am interesting in Garbage Enzyme , many information show the Garbage Enzyme is so useful especially in protect the earth.Do any papers or data support it??

Unknown said...

Hello... Am a student of chemical engineering in India an recently have been fanaticised by the work done by Dr. Rosukon. this year am looking to do a project on Grabage Enzyme its effects and applications...
Please if there anyone knows the mail ID of Dr. Rosukon it will be my privilage to work under her guidance. I'd like to do research on Garbage enzyme too.
please please guys if anybody knows anything to contact her I'd be glad to know it.

My email ID is -
contact no is: +91-81 779 73183

Unknown said...


please visit my website for all your garbage disposal related stuffs.

God bless you!


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