Friday, May 27, 2011

The Chant of Metta : Imee Ooi

(If video does not appear, just click on the screen)
I made a comment in another blog recommending the "Chant of Metta" beautifully rendered by the talented Imee Ooi.  After all these years I am surprised that I did not post it in my blog.  This is a Buddhist  Hymn.  The music is very soothing and the lyrics are from the Buddhist text.  The message is actually very universal.

However, if you have any reservation about this Youtube video, please skip this post.

Those interested to purchase the cds, please


Anonymous said...

The "other" unmentioned blog is actually a great blog kept by a surviving terminal cancer fighter who have outlived all doctors predictions by the efforts of his own treatment and diet. Go here:

Justin Choo said...


You can read my mind?

anna said...

Hello B & B,

Since I have discovered the Chant of Metta (a year ago or more) I play it everyday, often more than once and for me it is the most sensible and most wonderful of all wishes that a human being can wish for
For me Imee Ooi create a profound atmosphere chanting mystic poems, songs and mantras.
So does a chinese artiste recite superbly in old mandarin chinese, and in beautiful english this mega multi dimensional loving kindness wish.
Always good to point to a Gem of a Teaching!

Maybe, do you, or anyone else who reads this know if it is a buddhist -sutra-?
Thanks and greetings!

Justin Choo said...

Hi Anna,

Chant of metta is a beautiful composition. So good that subsequent releases by Imee Ooi could not match this very first compsition of hers.

It has its universal appeal; ideal for all occasions. Infact I have given instruction that it be played during my wake and funeral.

A true Malaysian said...

Simply beautiful....may all living beings be blessed with no suffering.

Justin, I will remember what you commented.

Justin Choo said...

Thank you ATM

anna said...

Yes Justin ... playing the Chant of Metta at one's wake and funeral is a great idea, and I think during the process of dying too. Some people know what they prefer to hear (specific mantra repetition, sadhana, etc.) when going through the actual process of dying; most people don't know for sure. People who know well and love the Chant of Metta (in english, chinese and other languages) and choose to listen to it, or softly chant/pray it during the process of dying generate much beneficial energy for their transmigration and rebirth.
Playing this sacred chant at wake and funeral sure is of great benefit for all present, also because it is an unforgettably kind Maha-Wish.

A true Malaysian said...

I learned from somewhere that Buddhism, in very pure form, is about:-

a) to know what is suffering, and
b) how to overcome or rid of suffering

In this modern living of ours, many people are looking for enjoyment, but ended up with suffering instead.

This Chant of Metta is simply meaningful, and Imee Ooi made it beautiful.

I have download a copy for my keeping so that I can listen to it even without internet access, and of course, can use it as what Justin intended to do.

Justin Choo said...


Please buy the original Cd either online or from Sukhi Hotu in one of the shopping complexes.

For 2 reasons:
1. You got the full version with good audio.
2. Please support our Imee Ooi for her talents.

I got mine from the Penang Sukhi Hotu Store at Gotlieb Road opposite the Penang Chinese Girls High School. It's not cheap though at RM27.

A true Malaysian said...

Really, Justin, I don't mind buying. Buying original CDs is the least I can do for Dhamma. Price doesn't matter.

Is there any Sukhi Hotu Store in KL?

A true Malaysian said...

I found it. Google is great.

Justin Choo said...

Good on you ATM.


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