Thursday, April 23, 2009

Counting Our Blessings

This post is inspired by my blogger friend the ever affable Doctor Hsu in his post today.

You can click to read this thought-provoking post HERE.

The above You Tube presentation was done by another blogger friend, Oh Teik Bin, whose blog can be viewed HERE.

Please view this presentation along with the soothing background music. It only takes 5 minutes of your life.

Take your time to reflect; and take care.

What more can I write???


dr hsu said...

Those of us who live a normal life is indeed blessed.

We are indeed lucky to be able to move around, to have our senses intact, to have food and shelter.

For those of us who can, we should help others in need, that is the least we can do to give back for our blessed life.

If only everyone can be enlightended and there is no more sufferings and no more life and death, how good will that be??

A true Malaysian said...

Justin and Dr. Hsu,

We are indeed blessed. What more can we ask for?

My family was so horrified after watching the video.

My late father used to tell me, always remind ourselves to eat half full and let others eat the other half. My father was indeed very true.....


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