Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rose Chan's "Secret Song"!!

Any Malaysian adult who doesn't know Rose Chan or at least heard of the name must be deaf, dumb and blind, and floating in a coma!! Yes everyone knows her. The fragrant sex icon of Malayan cabaret of the Golden Era, free from scandals of sodomy, C4, judiciary, close one eye, close two eyes, and looks like me, sounds like me, but not me. Cintan Mee, Maggie Mee, Don't Blame Mee, Bodoh Mee, Sleepy Mee, Sodomee!

Someone in blogosphere just released "top secret" material about the origin of a most famous song, "Rose Rose I Love You"! Being classified material he refused to divulge his name (chicken?) and just call himself some "......ball". Use your imagination. Never mind about this informant. The information is more important; and indeed very interesting.

Apparently, once upon a time, a very popular Yankee Doodle singer by the name of Frankie Laine arrived on the shores of The Pearl Of The Orient, and according to "Mr....ball" my old time internet buddy (knew him a few weeks already!) in his own words...
"Justin Choo….it is all true…and Frankie Laine was in love with Rose Chan.he wrote the song….only for her.Go find the song..and you will be fully convince.There is a line….”may kui … may kui”…meaning beautiful rose in mandarin. Who do you think he is referring to?….an American?At that time….he knew….Americans by far..and large..are quite racialists….thinking we are jungle people…and Frankie may loose popularity.Yes…Justin..Frankie and Rose Chan were madly in Penang for weeks!!If you want to know..I knew Rose Chan personally too. ..and her last great lover. She had another great strip teaser…name Annie. I wonder what happened to her…dark skinned…sexy sexy lady….and you will not believe it…her own daughter stripped too….and is a beauty by her own standard…..real cute and sexy gal.So you think you guys have all the fun…we old folks missed out?……..hahahahahahaha"
(Old "whatever.....ball" didn't know I am as old as him, maybe slightly "younger". Obviously didn't read my profile, and got the cheek of criticizing me of not putting my photo. Here it is PHOTO!)

And some more:
"Rose Chan is the Marylin Monroe of Malaysia.Why is she forgotten?Just because she was a strip teaser?Well…she brought attentions to Malaysia too……"

And more:
"Justin…actually it is… “make way …make way…for my Eastern rose”….but Frankie was a make it sound like “may kui may kui” "

And more:
"Yes……this is the one and only song…made world famous….on “malaya”…dedicated to Rose Chan.Not only that…it is this song…that actually caught the attention of many international people..asking themselves…’where the heck is malaya?” ….and as Frankie Laine was world famous singer that time. …so many ..thousands…came and found out lovely Penang."

Our friend's closing remark:

"So Justin….can anyone know how to correct the journalists and give the true picture of Rose Chan?Now you know the truth….a very important one..and Malaysians love music..don’t we?Rose Chan deserves t be recognized.Frankie Laine was no ordinary singer….and…so many movies uses that song too.…sing the last verse….’FLOWER OF MALAYA….I CANNOT STAY”
Here is the full song for all to know…….Hope all Penangites learn this song and be proud of Rose Chan.This song is also about Penang!!!

Frankie Laine : Rose Rose I Love You

Rose Rose I love You++++++++
1 ” Rose Rose I love you…. with an aching heart.
2.What is your future …now we have to part
3 Standing on the jetty… as the steamer moves away
4 Flower of Malaya…. I can not stay
5 Make make or make way… for me Eastern Rose
6 Men crowd in dozens…everywhere she goes
7 In her rickshaw …on the street.. or in the cabaret
8 Please make way for Rose… you can hear them say
9 All my life…I ..shall remember
10 Oriental music and you in my arms
11 Perfumed flowers in your tresses
12 Lotus scented breezes and swaying palms
13 Rose Rose I love you …with your almond eyes
14 Fragrant and slender neath tropical skies
15 I must cross the seas again… and never see you more
16 Way back to my home.. on a distant shore

17 ” Rose Rose I leave you… my ship is in the bay
18 Kiss me farewell now …there’s nothing to say
19 East is east and west is west …our worlds are far apart
20 I must leave you now …but I leave my heart.

Hope all Penangites learn this song and be proud of Rose Chan.
This song is also about Penang!!!"

Thank you Mr "whatever......ball". I am now enlightenened!!

Another Youtube version: Before I end, let me present to you thru Youtube performed by Gordon Murray, introduced by a doctor blogger through the wonders of the internet (specifically the wonders of youtube). Gordon is a pianist and a performer. A very fantastic pianist.

It is very sad that Rose Chan did not have a happy ending. "Mr ....ball" has this to say:
"Her downfall was…she can never give up show business. She could set up a team and manage it profitably…..but she always wanted to be in the limelight...and she turned to snake strip teasing….became a total failure."

During her final days, Rose Chan was stricken with cancer and had to seek public donations for her medical expenses. I also contributed.

Wikipedia has an article on
Rose Chan.
May Rose Chan be reborn in a happy and peaceful realm.

As a tribute to Rose Chan this is the original Chinese version by Yao Lee:
Méi gui méi gui zuì jiao mei (1940)

(Update: 17 Oct 2009: Rose Chan's ashes were interned in a serene temple columbarium in Penang. There is a related article from the Sunday Star dated 9 April 2006 . You may like to read it HERE: By the way I live in Penang too.)


monsterball said...

Justin Choo...You kept your promise!!
Yip...I got chicken heart...dare not put out my real much so....few pro Mahathir bloggers...made sure...everyone can see my face and full details of my life.
I also had so many loving bloggers...poking fun at me.
That is now history.
Justin...I am consulting my lawyers...can I sue you for copying every word I Dr.Hsu's blog....without my permission.
They asked much I want for compensations.
I replied...I want him to carry by bag for life.
They are thinking...can I win or not. So becareful...if you grandchild needs someone else carry the bag kindergarden. life's Dr.Shu...with a touch of and there.....making sure visitors know you are not pro this or pro that party.....but a Malaysian...with no obligations to any party.
Be brave and put your sincere thoughts into words.
Sometimes...writing about the beautiful various type of durians ...from Penang hill is more interesting that politics.
Yes!! Rose Chan was very sexy and beautiful.....truly the Marylin Monroe of Malaysia.
She did make Penang famous.
When she performed in Malacca.....I was a teenager...and only dare to sneek in...when show started. The manager of the theatre simply loves I see shows or movies free of charge. That is also because...he borRowed alot of money from a bank...where my father was the manager.So he dare not offend the apple of the eye of my father.....hahahahahah
One day..I saw my father at Rose Chan show..and ran like hell!!
I think if he saw me...he will pretend...not noticing me....for my fat mother will wallop him too..seeing Rose Chan strip tease show.
Only one father was afraid...and that mother..and I am the youngest of the family of 5. Do you know what is the advantage and disadvantage of being the youngest of the family?
The being "anak bonsoo"...gets all the loving attentions.
The disadvantages.I usually wear old clothes...from my elder brothers...even my books are all ...second hand.
You father was a real kututuk. That's why he was a millionaire....saving for all .for the enjoy his wealth....while he liked...only reading ....smoking cigars and eating...hahahahahaha
That was the impressions we all got from him.....but I suspectED..he gets alot of free rides and he was very handsome and powerful banker.. and women do love him....for his kind personality.
Enough of him....who wants lost an argument to me..saying...."the devil can also quote Scriptures"...which I always remember...but he love me most. I know it.
Ok Justine..I also kept my promise..and will visit your blog......from time to time. Goodluck!!

DR Hsu said...

HI Justin, you did it... Monsterball must be very happy that you quooted what he said. I thank you foir putting my friend Gordon Murray's video. A Canadian playing his own version of Rose Rose I love you...The music is now so well known it is international.

Justin Choo said...

Monsterball, Dr Hsu,

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

I never felt so happy for a long time already. Funny, just writing something petty and i feel happy when a youngest son of a millionaire and a very respected doctor came visiting. So little ego I have (or is it Big Ego?).

Monsterball, I am also the youngest like you. But I'm a goody goody two shoes not like you, maybe because my lack height always left me self-conscious. And my father is not a millionaire!

How to dig the archives for all your antics? Maybe you should start your blog and share with us all your "achievements" in the blogosphere!!

Hey, you didn't comment on my photo. Just took it by myself this afternoon!! You know, held the camera infront of me and wallah!! Actually there is a more handsome one on vertical shot, but don't know how to turn it vertically. So never mind, this one handsome enough!

monsterball said...

Your photo looks suspiciously false..but never mind. You did put a photo out...and at least I know who I am talking to. are a blog owner...and commentator are visitors from hell...from no where from this world with unbelievable nicks.
So many asked me to start a blog.
I like traveling here and Superman......commenting.
I don't think I can ever have the patience or know to format and start a blog. Many offer to assist me...but I still love to travel here and there...commenting. to go.

Justin Choo said...

Hey Monsterball,

I swear this photo of mine was taken by me this afternoon in the presence of my wife and son. This is my Statutory Declaration!

It looks like me, sounds like me, it is ME!

Can someone who knows me, please confirm for Mr Monsterball. See what the present political sandiwara has turned Monsterball into? Don't know what to believe now! Even a small photo of "a tiny speck of dust" creates suspicion!!

Dr Hsu needs to check you up, Monsterball!

monsterball said...

Doc is not a brain surgeon nor otak tak centre consultant.
My brain ok lah.
Photo still look suspiciously ........not real.....hahhahahaha

Dr hsu said...

Monsterball, Now that Justin has his photo published, how about leting us know your face. At least i can point you out to the others when I see you acrosss the street, the one and famous monsterball.

Really, how about starting your own blog, Monty?

Jusitn, I told Gordon about your blog and I am sure he will be visiting soon. He is a very talented person and very humble and nice. I am sure you will become his friend too, thru the wonders of the internet.

Justin Choo said...

Wah! Thanks Dr Hsu. I am now going global! :-)

Justin Choo said...


You have had registered a blog. Common, don't block access to your profile. Let us see your face. Practise what you preach.

monsterball said... face is welknown ....put out by pro Mahathir crew me up and few loyal blogger friends...with loving posts for me.
I really don't know how to put out my face on blogging.
But if you have the patience...go to "AminIskandar" blog...also known as "BlackfromKorea" to and old post..nd seec my face.
Or go to
"Shah101"..and click to his famous post...Grimlin"...on me.
Best of all...'Balls of Fury" kickdefella blog...but no face of mine.
I wanted to change my nick to my name......but have had it for so long...good or bad...I am stuck to it with my loving heart.
Furtheremore..few copied my fool others.
So monsterball is famous la.

monsterball said...

Justin...What do you mean..I have registered as a blogger?

monsterball said...

Doc...You can meet me face to face...on a date and time suitable.. to both of us.
Since you open a about your day Subang Jaya Shopping Complex..Secret Recipe Coffee House.
All are invited to have coffee/tea with me from Dr.Shu's blog.
So.Doc...organize it and be my guest.
And the date you maybe in K.Lumpur...and we may meet too.
I also look forward to meet "kata tak nak" blogger.. from Penang. He is real joker! And the meeting is not complete without kerp....another K.L. blogger...but this one is special...he blogs from a wheelchair.

monsterball said...

PLEASE PLEASE....Go and see my face!!

Justin Choo said...


Got ya!! You want to appear in my blog? With your permission, I can make Monsterball aka ‘the mild mannered(sic)’ SS Goh appear!!

monsterball said...

Why do you want to advertise me?
I am glad you know I told the truths....all along.
And I am not mild mannered nor a wild one. I am also not having a split personality.I am simply...versatile.
But at Dr.Hsu's blog....he is such a high class gentleman with a humble personality...I have to watch out my language.
If it pleases you to adveryise me with no bribery.except I owe you a cup of coffee and a cigar.go ahead.
My life is no secret...with 3 ex wives....and one nearly became my wife...actually my 3rd..from pulau tikus...had she not two timed me..while courting her.

Dr hsu said...

monsterball, yes. I can arrange for all of us to meet. maybe we wait for justin to come down .

Justin Choo said...

Dr Hsu,
I don't think Monsterball will get to read your comment here (Rose Chan). It's been a few days' old already. I will copy and paste in my "Po Taters" post.

Thanks for the invitation. I don't think I will be in KL this period.

monsterball said...

Doc...Up to you..when is date and time. Place should be at Summit Shopping or Subang Parade...for my convenience. That's all I ask.

monsterball said...

I meant to third lover was from Ayer Hitam...Penang.....not Pulau Tikus.
Somehow..there is a'tikus' in Penang..if I am not mistaken.
Maybe another lover from that place..I cannot remember. Too many bad affairs.....hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

MR Choo,
I am at least as old as you. may I humbly make a correction to your lyrics ? instead of Traces, it should be tresses ( her strands of hair ) " perfumed flowers in your tresses " becomes " perfumed flowers in your hair "
I have the song on my Ipod taped from my CD collection of "songs of the Fifties "
Peter Koh

Justin Choo said...

Thank you Peter Koh.

Error corrected

A true Malaysian said...

I missed out this interesting posting. Anyway, it's history now.

Winston said...

Thanks for this. My grandparents and parents were fans of Rose Chan and I was always curious about her so I always followed her press releases until the day she died. Curiously, my mother always insisted that it was Rose Chan who made popular 'lay hu' or snakehead fish as a beauty food and for healing surgical scars. When I had a number of opertions between 1981 and 1983, my mother always used to joke that I should thank Rose Chan for helping my surgical wounds to heal until I only had a small clover-shaped scar the size of a ten-cent coin.


Justin Choo said...


That's some Rose Chan's secret; but I don't think this originated from her.

Maybe your mother mistook Rose Chan's "snake act" as something therapeutic!


th said...

What memories in the 1950s & 1960s .
Rose Chan was hot hot hot in her heydays .
Managed to see her and her equally beautiful daughter in 1964 at the old Odean Theater in Butterworth with a few classmates after our Cambridge ( form 5 ) final examinations . We took the bus from Bukit Mertajam .
There was one other girl performing with her daughter .
This girl was kinda short and plumb-on-the-thin-side .

Sergey Chyi said...

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