Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Love For Chinese Pop Songs (Addition)

Yesterday I put up a posting on this subject.  While searching through the youtube site, I came across this wonderful video featuring a duet doing two Hokkien songs.  

Hokkien songs are mostly about love, family and the vicissitudes of life.  They are usually sung with deep emotion and delicate vocal, facial and body expressions. 

This video focused on the different Chinese traditional instruments in their finest display throughout the songs; a very rare video presentation of such beauty.     

I am sorry I don't know Mandarin Chinese.  The singers are 洪榮宏 and 龍千玉

and the songs are 一生只愛你一個 and 男人情女人心 

The first song sounds like this in Hokkien, "It seng, chi ai, li chit lei" meaning "Love only you in my whole life"
The second song sounds like "Cha por lang eh cheng, char bor lang eh sim" meaning "Man's feeling, woman's heart."   

Well, if you are not familiar with Hokkien, forget about pronouncing the above.  You will definitely get all the intonations wrong, rendering them incomprehensible!

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