Monday, March 31, 2008

Blur Blur!!!

Again, I don't have time to write. It's now 12.15a.m. Blur blur just like the photo above from

I am still in the whirlpool of info overload. Whenever I called up a site, pop-ups appeared with more info/suggestions. How to learn when new info kept popping up like pop-corn!! On the positive side, getting smarter by the hour. Shall share with you (if ever any one reading) in due course. In the mean time "good morning"!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

vertical merry-go round?

IMG_0037, originally uploaded by yoppy.

"Merry-go-round" means you go round and round in circle.

What about Vertical Merry-go-round?? You not only go round and round in circle; but you are taken to different levels of perseverance. This is my feelings right now and it's 12.21 a.m. already.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sunset or sunrise?

Lesson 4 unsuccessful. Nevermind, try again. This time I downloaded and saved in my computer, then I called up post, and then used the "add image" icon to do the work. Click here, click there, and wallah!! here it is!! This is lesson 5. Earlier I had also adjusted the "time zone" to Malaysian time. Very clever, me.
Now the question to this picture is : Sunrise or sunset?? Just like life, you decide.
I'm trying to download this picture from Hope the picture appears. This is lesson 4.

Perfection in perception

2005831121315794, originally uploaded by info's.

I have "wasted" half a day trying to download pictures. The learning curve is a very flat one. How I wish a "Blogger Guru" is sitting beside me. To make matter worse, I have to keep an eye on my 3-yr old granddaughter, and the guilt feeling to my better half for spending too much time on this idiot screen!

Now back to business. Got the wrong turning trying to download this photo, and time wasted again. Maybe got too excited over the perfection of nature. I was thinking of using this photo as my profile to fool the people of the world and get them to read my blog. But reality dawned on me that NO OUTSIDER is going to stumble on this blog. And for those handful (only one hand) who had been invited will already know my true image. So no need to cheat.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

In Full Bloom

In Full Bloom, originally uploaded by caruba.

After half a day's mind-boggling searching and learning I am in full bloom. Fancy clicking here and there, and here I am with this beautiful plumage!! This is my lesson #2. Not bad.

Out in cyberspace wonderland!!

Hi people of cyberspace. I wonder anyone is reading this. It's like striking a lottery if you stumble on this blog! So go buy yourself a lottery or two or three.

After dabbling in the internet the past 3 years, I only realized recently that there was this thingy called "Blog" and a dumb skull like me could also PUBLISH a blog of my own. Wallah!! This is an important event in my life. Never had I a chance to do new things with such confidence. There is nothing to lose if I got stuck and failed (I shouldn't use that word). No one to criticize me, getting impatient with me, or demoralize me if I get stuck. This is wonderful.

After a few days gropping around with the URL name (say, I can even quote "URL" , I think it has something to do with "urinology"!) and browsing through the "Help" desk, a most challenging thought came to my mind: Why not just write a progress report of this new adventure of mine and post it with every step of progress? This way I can get started while learning the ropes. Killing two birds with one stone!! Very clever of me.

So, let's see whether this maiden post can be posted successfully.


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