Friday, July 31, 2009

Now we know why UMNO nearly won Manek Urai.

Umno is to contest the Permatang Pasir by-election following the death of PAS three-term representative Datuk Mohd Hamdan Abdul Rahman this morning, party president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said today.

Now we know why UMNO nearly won the Manek Urai by-election!! You know why?
To give them a false confidence so as to lose pants-down in Permatang Pasir!!

Looking for the treasure at the end of the rainbow.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The beauty and the future king

The beauty and the beast...oops....boobs.....the future king!

No wonder he is still not king!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gin The Dancing Dog


Gin The Dancing Dog

Saturday, July 25, 2009

We have already known the real devils.

We have already known the real devils.

So we are not interested to know whether other devils exist.

Dear readers, please don't be distracted by
this deception.

Right now we just want these known devils to burn in hell fire.

The rest can wait.

Friday, July 24, 2009

"Terms and conditions apply"

The Late Mr Teoh Beng Hock

Everyday when you switch on the radio, you can't escape the commercials. "Free" this and "free" that. The more you buy, the more you save. The more you buy, the more you get. Free 2-night stay at Timbaktu A1 luxury hotel, with free everything thrown in. Get a free Mercedes, a free bungalow bigger than that of Khier Toyor's!! At the end of the message? "Terms and conditions apply."

And if you open the newspapers, or best still read the ever-appearing fliers (ever appearing out of thin air) in your letter box. Same message, but this time since they are in print they only need to put a microscopic * at the end of the message. You are supposed to refer to the * at the very bottom left hand corner of the page which you never read, and if you try reading, you'll never decipher it, especially when you are past 50 with failing guess it right..."terms and conditions apply" in microscopic-sized lettering.

Only stupid people with pea-sized brains will "buy" that.

But there appears to be seemingly "intelligent" and "educated" politicians falling prey to this stupid display of "deception". The audience is sick of them. Just like watching the same magic act again and again by the magician who has run out of new tricks.

Let's do a royal deception and set up a Royal Commission of Enquiry, but with "terms and conditions apply".

What a joke!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Remember to do what you must do!!

Let this photo be a grim reminder that :




Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sudden Death???

What "sudden death"? Can anyone suddenly died? Of course it is possible. Heart attack, victims of terrorist bombing, suicide, or could it be torture and murder!!??

My heartfelt condolence to the family of Mr Teoh Beng Hock.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Learn from your neighbour.

Each time the government comes up with "new" policy, it creates more problems and more criticisms. From various surveys on the people's sentiments on the "new" policy of teaching maths and science, you can see the majority is against it.

If you have a neighbour who has done well in almost everything, would you just like to learn from them and follow their actions? I would. For two very good reasons. One; you already know that the neighbour's actions work. Second; the chance of success is much greater.

Short and precise, just learn from Singapore and follow its policies. Would the present government do that? Your guess is as good as mine, for very obvious reasons.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The simple joy of life.

Today I shall write about the simple joy of life.

How many really can enjoy these simple joys of life?

Each morning I savour these simple joys of life in my home.

The joy of planting a little longan sapling

and watching the little buds and new shoots

sprouting out
each morning.

The joy of watching the little nutmeg plant

inching itself upward ever so slowly.

It's still fragile like a baby. The joy is not

in eating the fruits of the rambutan tree,

at least not for now; but the joy of anticipation

for greater things to come.

(Post script dated 13 March 2010: Unfortunately, this plant died. I have replaced it with a chikoo plant.)

The joy of keeping the "lawn" spick-and-span.

Hard labour of wifey and mine.

Nothing of the sort of golfing green,

but the humble mixture of common grass

already growing along with the lallang

when we moved in.

Now no more lallang.

The joy of hard work and perseverance.
(Post script dated 13 March 2010 : I am slowly replacing the common grass with carpet grass.)

This is my favourite. It is flowering now.

The fragrant yellow Chempaka of the

Thai variety. Will plant another of the

common variety later.

The joy of plucking the fragrant flowers

and offer them to the Buddha Image as a mark

of respect and reverence.

On the ground are two varieties of hybrid

Hibiscus, scarlet red and sunshine yellow.

In between is the potted ice-cream

pinkish-white Bougainvillea.

The joy of colourful sights. Wait till they are

more matured!!

The "Diamond" patch!

Just cleared of weeds, now with little Japanese rose stalks

planted on the ground.

At the centre will rise the majestic palm in time to come.

Little pots here and there, awaiting their fair share.

These are my little joys of life.

With quiet solitude and tingling wind chimes

to soothe a worried mind.

I wonder whether it's real joy of life,

or is it a spent life in a home for aged mind??

You see, it's simply a matter of perception;

It's all in your mind.


To end this tour, let's take a dream-journey to old decadent Shanghai
in the 1930's Zhou Xuan era:

Presented by CCTV through courtesy of Youtube:
Zhou Xuan's 1937 Classic (My favourite) :
"The Wandering Songstress."

Don't keep on boiling the water, once boiled.

Translated version as follows:-


A pharmacist report from Singapore that warning people NEVER keep
boiling your drinking water!!

Report Summary: TOP harmful chemical named (Toxic Nitrate) was
produced in water when keep boiling it!! This harmful substance had
been proved will increase the chances of intestines cancer and stomach

IF currently you like to use 'WATER DISPENSER with WARM / HOT WATER
Functions' or 'Electric AUTO keep warm Thermos' for your convenience,

STOP IT NOW otherwise you would suicide yourself slowly as well as
your loved one!!

NOWADAY, there are so many drinking water company that OFFER FREE
WATER DISPENSER when you order drinking water from them! THINK WISELY
before you order!

YOU might get FREE water dispenser but in fact would be paid out your

AND COLLEAGES to remind them keep away from water dispenser!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Time to take stock!

Are we in or out?

The PAS president, Hadi announced that he was against the removal of Bumi quota. And DAP man left the Kedah Government, as

Recent unilateral statements and actions by PAS have left a big question mark as to whether PAS is a serious contender for cross-racial politics. Perhaps if Anwar is very serious to form the next government, he needs to do more than at present.

Can PKR and DAP do it together then, without PAS?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bees buzzing in my ears!

How would you like to put on the earphone and listen to bees buzzing continuously for 24 hours? That would make you crazy, head numb, and groggy!

That was what happened to me the last 2 days! For no apparent reason my left ear suffered uneven pressure while I was taking my shower, and that started the bees buzzing. My whole left head and face were numb. I thought could it be a partial stroke? Slightly worried that forced me to consult the doctor. As usual the good doctor said nothing to worry and gave me some medication. My RM20 gone. But that was cheap considering a "life and death" situation being neutralized by needed assurance by a doctor. On hearing that, half my "sickness" gone. I wasn't going to die yet, still fresh from posting Michael Jackson's death at 50, and I am now 59; already 9 years bonus given to me.

I hope I am now fully recovered, and no recurrance. You know you got to experience this bees buzzing to appreciate your ability to hear properly. Now the feeling is like every sound is so sweet!


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