Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother

To-day is Mother's Day, so says the media. I suppose it all started in the west. But no; after consulting the Mother of all Mothers of Information.....The Wikipedia! Not to waste your time here, you can click here.

In China, in recent years some people began to advocate Mother's Day for memory of Meng Mu, the mother of
Mèng Zǐ. It's still not an official festival except in very few cities.

Closer to home, Malaysia. Do you know who are the happiest people to-day? No you are wrong, not the mothers. I cannot be a mother because I am a father; but I don't think the average mother will be the happiest to-day. The first reason is she will avoid scolding or criticizing her children. But the saddest thing is this paradox, the mother feels great disappointment when the children have "forgotten" her, especially to-day. But if she has the wisdom to reflect; it is no difference if her children can remember her on only one day of the year, but "forgotten" her the rest of the year. Oh yes, who are the happiest? Of course, the business people, especially those in the food and cake business.

Who is the person in the picture? My mother. She is 84. I can remember her age this year because she has come full cycle 7 times in the Chinese zodiac! During our times, there was no such thing as Mother's Day or Father's Day. Everyday was "The Same Thing Day" because everyday was just another day.

The greatest tragedy for a mother is when she is old and useless, the children/grandchildren/husband, chuck her away in the Old Folks home to ...just use your imagination. My second sister and I took back my mother from an old folks home when she suffered this horrible fate. Now she is safely with me although "old and useless". She is now not as you see her in the above picture.

Everyday is Mother's Day to me. What about you?

Happy Mother's Day???

(Postscript: My mother passed away on 9 July 2008, corresponding to the Chinese date, 7th day of the 6th moon, at the age of 83)

(My niece found this video from her archives, showing my mother with my sister.)

Ma Ma Hao (Mother The Best)

(I have a posting about my father too; click HERE:)


Joyce Chu said...

There are many things that most people fail to share with the people they love. We take them forgranted at times and tend to think that they will always be there.

Sometimes we don't say the things we could have, should have and would have and by the time we realize it, it's far too late.

A simple act of telling your father and mother that you love them is sometimes almost impossible, because you just cannot find the right words that sum up or even compare to the immeasurable love that they have for you.

So for this "Father's Day" I would like to say to both of my parents that they do indeed mean the world to me. For the innumerable times I have disappointed them, hurt them and failed to say "I love you" when it mattered most, their love has never faltered.

At times, we say things that hurt each other, but we only do it because we care and we hurt inside to see that the person we love is not doing things right or hurting others around them.

So, dad, this Father's Day I just wanted to remind you that I do love you and mom very much and that you are always the "man of the hour" to me. :)

Your daughter, Joyce.

Li Li said...

Dear Joyce,

I really admire the way you write this very lovely message to your parents.

That is why I always comes back to read it a few times and wonder why your father is always in pain, knowing that he loves you; but yet he did not see the results that he wants to see.

I can feel alot of love between your parents & you. But I wonder why you can pen it down so well and yet from your actions, I felt otherwise.

Everyone loves to be loved. A small child loves hugs and kisses. A woman are always seeking love from a husband. And grandparents loves to spend time with their grandchildren.

But are you showering enough love for your little girl. She is only 3 years old. During these growing years, your little girl needs her mother. Are you there to kiss her good night ? Are you the first one she sees in the morning ? Does she long for you ?

If you are seeking for love, maybe it is already right in front of your eyes and you do not see it !

For "Father's Day", you want to tell your father that you loves him.

But for each other available day, just a gentle reminder, your lovely daughter would like to spend more time with you.......

Warm hugs from Li Li

Justin Choo said...

Li Li,

You are 2 1/2 months too late for this comment. I doubt Joyce will come to read this.

But thanks for your comments just the same.

Li Li said...

Ooops.... Sorry.

Two & half months. Not so bad :-)

Every year, Mother's Day and Father's day events will come around again.

But if the chance for Joyce to read this message is only 1%, it is a single chance.

Hopefully, by mere coincidence, she reads this message & understands that her daughter needs her.

Li Li said...

Dear Justin,

Today is 18th October 2010 and more than one years & 4 months since I last wrote on this page.

I am amazed that there alot of good mothers around and there are increasing numbers of irresponsible mothers as well.

Mother's who abort their innocent unborn child, mother's who neglect to love their own flesh & blood, mothers who do not feed their own children etc.

I am writing in frustrations. For the past 8 months, a group of my friends & I are helping out single mothers with a number of children to feed. We are still providing groceries to these families despite the horrible things that I have seen.

Some cases are the husbands (legally married) are in jail and also lazy bums drunks that could not provide for the family.

As for the mothers who are supposed to take the responsibilities to work and feed the children, I find these mothers lazy and are always expecting hand outs.

It frustrates me, when I find these 30+ yr old mothers who do not love their children at all !

I am no good in writing flowery words. I cannot describe well, my inner feelings of frustrations, anger and total disgust with these type of mothers.

I see broken arms, burn scars, hunger and innocence in the children.

How could there be in this world, mothers who do not love their own children ?

Justin Choo said...

Li Li,

Happy to hear from you again.

Sad to share your frustration in life.

Reality of life is such ; Life is like that.

Lucky to have you and your team to help those in need of help.

Persevere to go on with your life's mission.

Unending will be your mission.

There will always be the bad, the good, the fortunate, the unfortunate; and there will always be compassionate people like you.

Take heart that you have the good health and abundant energy to help others. This is the greatest achievement in your life.

I thank you sincerely for helping those in need of help. Please carry on the good work.

All the unfortunate little children need you and your team to give them a chance to live life to the fullest.

I hope one day I may have the chance to join your team....One day....

Take care, Li Li.

From your sincere friend, Justin Choo


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