Monday, November 28, 2011

How we view life

We usually see America or USA to be precise, as a nation of plenty.  This CBS 60 Minutes video, shows the stark side of USA.  Don't worry, you don't have to spend 30 minutes watching this.  This video is only 14 minutes.  It showed the interviews on several families who were "down and out" with no place to call home, living in vans and trucks.  Families with their children.   Listen to their stories. 

I hope some pampered kids in town would watch this and listen to the last sentence by the young girl at 13.10 minute of the video.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Auntie Bersih : On Youtube

Below is taken from this blog

Our hero has a voice and she is doing it for our future. Have you registered to vote? That's the least you can do for yourself and your loved ones.

Annie Ooi Siew Lan and Rosni Malan have pleaded with the king not to dissolve Parliament until electoral reforms have taken place.

Rosni’s husband, Baharuddin Ahmad, died from heart complications during the rally. Ooi, nicknamed “Aunty Bersih” was seen being sprayed with chemical-laced water cannons and tear gas during the rally.

They are asking the king, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, to use his discretion to not consent to Parliament’s dissolution anytime soon.

Speaking on their behalf, their lawyer M Visvanathan said: “What we’re trying to achieve is to put enough pressure on the powers-that-be, especially the Yang Dipertuan-Agong, to invoke his discretion. He does have the discretion, it should be exercised in this case.”

“It is not a demand…(We ask) that the Agong use his discretion not to dissolve Parliament.”

Friday, November 18, 2011

RM100 PR Job?

This was what one blogger wrote about his encounter with the RM100 "giveaway".  Hey it's our money, not your money that you are giving.  YOU F@#$%&#  BN politicians!!!

"Yesterday, some teacher from my daughter's school called and said to come to the school to collect the financial aid of RM100 that will be given to all students from Primary 1 to Form 5 as announced by the Government during the recent budget. I took my daughter to her secondary school but only to be told to go to another primary school nearby. First we had to line up to register to receive the aid. After that, we were told to move to the hall to attend an Aid Awarding ceremony. One VIP from certain parliamentary area was invited to give out the aid. There were speeches after speeches and I could not help but to think that this gathering has underlying tone and related to the upcoming 13th General Election. Never mind the ceremonies. We still have to wait for the VIP to present an envelop which I thought would contain the money. No, it's an empty envelop. With that empty envelop, we are then told to line up yet again at another counter to receive the actual money. Wow, what bureaucracy! I appreciate the financial aid no matter how big or small the amount maybe but the hassle we have to go through to get the money is something that is left to be desired. Fed-up, I left after half and hour. I will collect the money later. "

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Are you embarrassed?

This came through email:

I was doing a highly specific Yoga exercise
to relieve Perkatak
related stress.
Do you discriminate against people who practice Yoga?
Just thinking deeply about
the next sponsor
for her handbags.
Why did you interrupt me?
I had almost figured out
a solution
to our biggest problem
鈥︹€y monorail
I wasn't sleeping !
I was meditating on the EPG
and envisioning a new
paradigm for CHOGM鈥�
.....minus the irritating irritaTUN!
Ah, the unique and unpredictable
circadian rhythms
of the sleepy heads!
This is just a 15 minute
like they raved about
in the BTN boot camp.
I love sleep. My life has a tendency to fall apart
when I'm awake, you know?
"I'm not asleep... but
that doesn't mean I'm awake."
People who say
they sleep like a baby
usually don't have one.
Pardon me,
while I take my power nap.
My wives just completed their
COW (club of obedient wives) modules last night.
A power nap is
when you sleep on someone
who's weaker than you.
"Sleep is the most
moronic fraternity
in the world,
with the heaviest dues
and the crudest rituals.
"Some people talk in their sleep.
Speakers talk while other people sleep.
I'm actually doing a
Stress Level Elimination Exercise Plan (SLEEP).

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Refreshing New Image of China's Talents

(Yang Lan)

The refeshing new image of China's sophisticated and talented young generation.  Yang Lan, China's most popular TV hostess.  A banana like me cannot read Chinese, but the internet has it all.  Yang Lan,  a businesswoman and co-owner with her husband of Sun Television Cybernetworks in Shanghai, speaks impeccable English. And look at her flawless facial complexion!  What a lady!
Yang Lan, a journalist and entrepreneur who's been called "the Oprah of China," offers insight into the next generation of young Chinese citizens -- urban, connected (via microblogs) and alert to injustice. 

Yang Lan’s rise to stardom in China has drawn comparisons to Oprah Winfrey’s success in the US. It’s easy to see why: Yang is a self-made entrepreneur and the most powerful woman in the Chinese media. As chair of Sun Media Investment Holdings, a business empire she built with her husband, Yang is a pioneer of open communication.
Yang started her journalism career by establishing the first current-events TV program in China. She created and hosted many other groundbreaking shows, starting with the chatfest Yang Lan One on One. The popular Her Village, which now includes an online magazine and website, brings together China’s largest community of professional women (more than 200 million people a month).
Yang, who served as an ambassador for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, wields her influence for philanthropic endeavors, too. She founded the Sun Culture Foundation in 2005 to raise awareness about poverty and to promote cross-cultural communication.
"Yang stands out as a role model for women who want to achieve across the industry spectrum in an increasingly global society."
The Paley Center for Media, “She Made It” Initiative, 2007

When someone sent me this video, I thought I might spend a few minutes watching it, given it's length of 18 minutes.  But once I saw her face and heard her voice and perfect English diction, I forgot about the time, although it was past midnight. 

Don't believe me?
I couldn't embed the Ted Video here. So here is the link : CLICKHERE
I cry for you Malaysia!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to cure tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is a very painful problem.  It hinders your physical ability, especially lifting things.  There are commercial gadgets which you can buy to help alleviate the pain. 

Actually you don't need to pay anything to cure your tennis elbow.  I found this out when I had tennis elbow many months ago.  I did a few sets of wrist stretching and twisting exercises for many weeks.  And one day the pain just disappeared.

If you wish to learn more on how I did it, please CLICK HERE:

How to sleep without lying down

Sleep is a wonderful free tonic.  It doesn't cost a diamond or the price of a designer handbag.

Just close your eyes, and the world will go by..... bye bye!


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