Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time for a review, and a new direction.

As I mentioned to one of my readers, "Mr Atm" that I shall be posting a review of my blog; here it is.

I started this blog on a Thursday on March 27, 2008.  So it's almost 3 years. I have come a long way.  Now I notice that my readership has stagnated, giving me a very loud and clear message that people are not at all interested to read my blog.  Fair enough.  No one to blame except me for my lack of ability to attract readers.  From  the "sitemeter" reading, my daily readership is less than 100. From the "Google Analytics" reports only 20% comes from direct traffic which I assume will be my local readers.  From these 20 local readers I would put it that only 10% is my regular readers.  That means I have only 2 regular readers!  And most probably the two I can identify..Mr Atm and Mr Bow! Hahahahaha!!!!!!  That is a miserable failure.  Close shop! 

The other 80% surprisingly are shared equally by Google Searches and by Referring Sites.  That means 80% of my visitors are just passing-by visitors, most probably one-time visitors, never returning again to this blog.  There are a few quite popular articles that I wrote.  One of which is "How to make garbage enzyme".  If you do a Google search, most probably it will appear as the second item on the first page!  Through these one-time visitors, I could earn a few US$ a month from Adsense.  

The obvious question is : "Should I continue to write about local issues?"  Answer : No, I should not write on local issues because only 2 will be reading!  I did mention a long time ago that even no one visit my blog, I would still be writing because it was better than talking to myself.  That was mentioned a long time ago.  Now things have changed.  I can spend my quality time writing in Hubpages on subjects that appeal to certain segment of readers throughout the world, mainly USA.  Through Hubpages I am able to increase my Adsense income.  That is the site I will be spending my time from now. 

As for this site, I shall maintain it, but with a slight change in substance and contents, emphasising on health matters and general wellness topics, especially alternative health improvement techniques and prescriptions. Most of the articles that I would be writing would most probably come from the Hubpages.  So a link to Hubpages will be provided. Of course, I don't expect a surge in readership.  Most probably not.  But I think over time, I will have more visitors  from Search Engines and Referring Sites.  From these visitors, I hope my Adsense income would increase for this blog. 

For those reading now, I thank you very much for being my regular readers.  Maybe only two are reading!  Hahahaha!!!!!!!!  Please continue to visit this blog.  I shall periodically write on local topics when I feel like it.


bow said...

Justin, not many direct reader to your blog is not an indication of 'failure'. If you are interested in blogging. even with no one reading your blog, it is still fine to continue doing what you like, many just don't leave comment when nothing in mind.

Justin Choo said...


Yes, as I said, I shall still continue to blog but on a different content.

No point writing about local politics when not many locals are reading. This is being realistic and not wasting my time.

Thanks for visiting. Please continue.

Li Li said...

Hi Justin,

Sometimes, you might have interesting and helpful information that you sharing with us.

It is natural for things to slow down at times especially when we have no mood or nothing interesting. Politics have became stale and boring.

Keep writing. Blogs is suppose to reflect your unique personality. :-)

Justin Choo said...


Thanks for the encouragement.

As I said, I shall continue to write.

Anonymous said...

Dear Justin

I have you on my favorites as I like the way you look at issues. As Li Li said the local politics is stale and boring with too many frogs and trojan horses prancing around

Continue to write what interest you. Sometimes we just dont lift our fingers to give a comment, so I am doing this for the 2nd time

Justin Choo said...

Thanks "anonymous" for your reassurance. I am trying to complete 3 related articles for Hubpages. Then I shall come back here to put the link.

"Black & White" is not dead yet. Just a change in content.

monsterball said...

You can add an old friend back.
Don't give up.
Enjoy yourself.
I love that video "To understand China in real perspective" at
your old format.
From time to time....I clicked to that post on Rose Chan and still enjoy the few laughs we had.
I see LiLi and Bow are your real diehard supporters.
"BOW" a nick with few twists.....hahahahahaha
I hope he remembers me.
Talk more later.

Justin Choo said...

All my readers have left and gone. Never mind. Now the next chapter in life.

monsterball said...

Take it that if you have all your readers stay back...you have no time to shit and play with your grands.
I don't think all really left.
Some like Bow and LiLi are still here.
Including me...you have three!!! hahahahahaha
And you know....I am a talkative man.
However 13th GE is near and I concentrate of vipers and snakes blogs plus freedom fighters like LKS and NAIMAH more.
You keep enjoying yourself as a blogger.
If you do visit K.Lumpur....I will be happy to meet you again.

monsterball said...

My new chapter in life is fighting to balance my Ying & Yang plus backaches.
I have bloated up with 20lbs extra and cut down eating ...by half..
10lbs gone...and 10 more to go.
Got to go!

Justin Choo said...

Hi Monsterball,
You are welcome to put a little life back to this blog, so long as you remain civil and a gentleman. Please remember all of us are mere mortals and would appreciate kind words.

monsterball said...

Then I will stay away again as to me...to be civilized is not behaving like Mahathir or talking like a politician.
I hate to be corrected and so do you too.
I suggest you click to "NIAMAH" blog and have some fun...and Patrick Teoh is no ordinary blogger.
I know you like to keep your blog..."holy" and and unholy man like me may not fit it at all.
I will check in from time to time to see if I can stay civilized and comment.
Do not forget...how you used to comment at Dr.Hsu's blog.


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