Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time for a review, and a new direction.

As I mentioned to one of my readers, "Mr Atm" that I shall be posting a review of my blog; here it is.

I started this blog on a Thursday on March 27, 2008.  So it's almost 3 years. I have come a long way.  Now I notice that my readership has stagnated, giving me a very loud and clear message that people are not at all interested to read my blog.  Fair enough.  No one to blame except me for my lack of ability to attract readers.  From  the "sitemeter" reading, my daily readership is less than 100. From the "Google Analytics" reports only 20% comes from direct traffic which I assume will be my local readers.  From these 20 local readers I would put it that only 10% is my regular readers.  That means I have only 2 regular readers!  And most probably the two I can identify..Mr Atm and Mr Bow! Hahahahaha!!!!!!  That is a miserable failure.  Close shop! 

The other 80% surprisingly are shared equally by Google Searches and by Referring Sites.  That means 80% of my visitors are just passing-by visitors, most probably one-time visitors, never returning again to this blog.  There are a few quite popular articles that I wrote.  One of which is "How to make garbage enzyme".  If you do a Google search, most probably it will appear as the second item on the first page!  Through these one-time visitors, I could earn a few US$ a month from Adsense.  

The obvious question is : "Should I continue to write about local issues?"  Answer : No, I should not write on local issues because only 2 will be reading!  I did mention a long time ago that even no one visit my blog, I would still be writing because it was better than talking to myself.  That was mentioned a long time ago.  Now things have changed.  I can spend my quality time writing in Hubpages on subjects that appeal to certain segment of readers throughout the world, mainly USA.  Through Hubpages I am able to increase my Adsense income.  That is the site I will be spending my time from now. 

As for this site, I shall maintain it, but with a slight change in substance and contents, emphasising on health matters and general wellness topics, especially alternative health improvement techniques and prescriptions. Most of the articles that I would be writing would most probably come from the Hubpages.  So a link to Hubpages will be provided. Of course, I don't expect a surge in readership.  Most probably not.  But I think over time, I will have more visitors  from Search Engines and Referring Sites.  From these visitors, I hope my Adsense income would increase for this blog. 

For those reading now, I thank you very much for being my regular readers.  Maybe only two are reading!  Hahahaha!!!!!!!!  Please continue to visit this blog.  I shall periodically write on local topics when I feel like it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This is my first blog for 2011.  I have spent quite a considerable time researching on this topic of self-healing.  That is why it took me so long to release my first blog for the year. 

This special self-healing posture is the brainchild of one Taiwanese by the name of Xiao Hongchi. The name of this self-healing posture is called "La-jin" or stretching the ligaments.  It is so simple that you can learn it in one minute just by looking at the above picture.  No need for me to describe in words.

Believe me, it works.  I believe, if it works for me, it should also work for you. I have only done this posture twice, and I can feel the positive results.   For quite some time I have been feeling lethargic, and each time I got up after bending down, I would experience black-out feeling.  Today I don't have this problem anymore!  And I don't feel tired as well.  Usually at all times I felt sleepy.  Last night I had a late night, I slept past 1.30am and got up 7.30am this morning.  Now no problem! 

I feel like a Superman now.  Before I was "Autaman".  In our dialect "auta" means "bluff" or generally to mean "useless"! 

The best part of this is, it is 100% natural, meaning, without having to take any herb.  That is why it is called "Self-healing".  And it is absolutely FREE.  So I am not selling you any thing.  I believe that all good things must be shared FREE. The only problem is that some of you would still not take it for FREE, but rather to pay through the nose for some fancy stuff that commercial companies swear by their grandmothers' graves that their products are the best, and can send you to the Seventh heaven with 711 virgins waiting to serve you day and night!

So now the ball is at your feet, kick it by clicking HERE:

Hope you benefit just like I did. 


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