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How To Make Garbage Enzyme

Recently there has been very active promotion of making and using garbage enzyme, especially in Penang.

It is very easy to make and equally easy to apply the uses. I was given a bottle and will be making use of it, first to fertilize my plants.

No problem for me to obtain the fruit and vege cuttings as I make my own fresh juices each day.

The greatest bonus in using this garbage enzyme is that each of us will play our parts in protecting the ecological environment, reduce global warming, and live in a healthier environment.

Don't under-estimate your individual power to make the change. Believe in The Power Of 'U'. You can make it happen!! Together we can do it!

I shall start today and if everyone does so, then it will be millions doing the same wholesome act. The whole world will be a better place if only YOU also do your part.

All photographs & images shown on this site are by courtesy of Dr (H) Joean Oon. Dr Oon's work was featured in The Star recently.

The site mentioned can be found at the bottom of this post. I shall also link this post in my "Healthy Lifestyle" links on the right sidebar of this blog.

Our mission is to spread the importance of using enzymes to protect our environment and slow down global warming and its harmful effects. The purpose of this website is to educate the people of the world on how to produce and use enzymes in their homes and farms. We hope that more and more people will come to appreciate the usefulness of enzymes and each of us would do our part in using enzymes to reduce global warming for a healthier living environment.

Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the Earth's near-surface air and oceans since the mid-twentieth century, and it is projected to continue.

Increasing global temperature will cause the sea levels to rise, and is expected to increase the intensity of extreme weather events. Other effects of global warming include changes in agricultural yields, trade routes, glacier retreat, many species extinctions and increases in the ranges of diseases.

The increasing frequency of heat waves in the temperate zones, typhoons, hurricanes and floods are signs of the changing weather and climate patterns and all these come about largely due to global warming -a combination of the greenhouse effect and other natural phenomena like solar variation and volcano eruptions. Unless drastic measures are taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, global warming will continue to worsen.

However, global warming can be reduced by using garbage enzyme. So do your bit and help reduce global warming for a cooler and healthier living environment for all of us! Help save Our Earth!

Use Enzyme to Reduce Global Warming

What is Garbage Enzyme?

Dr Rosukon's Garbage Enzyme is a complex organic substance of protein chains and mineral salts and juvenile hormones.

Functions of Garbage Enzyme
- resolve / decompose

- transform / change
- compose / make up / combine
- catalysis

As a result of catalysis, ozone is produced which can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and this in turn reduce

s global warming.

This enzyme can be produced easily with the organic waste from our kitchens.

During enzyme production, O3 + NO3 + CO3 are generated and these could help purify and whiten the clouds in the sky. Those clouds that trap lots of heavy metals appear dark. Those dark clouds cause more heat to be trapped on earth due to the greenhouse effect. O3 (ozone) from the garbage enzym

es could reduce the heavy metals in the clouds and this would reduce global warming.

More NO3 (nitrite) in the air is useful as nutrients for the plants and soil.

Use Enzymes to Reduce Global Warming

If every household makes and uses garbage enzyme, it would help tremendously in the reduction of global warming.

How to Make Garbage Enzyme

Black (brown) sugar is one of the ingredients needed for making garbage enzyme.

This kitchen waste is another ingredient used for the production of garbage enzyme.

These bottles contain kitchen waste with black (brown) sugar and water. Fermentation will take place in the bottles for 3 months. Then after filtration and removal of the residue, garbage enzyme is obtained. The residue can be used again for a new batch of production by adding fresh garbage. The residue can also be dried, then blended and buried in the ground as a fertilizer.

[Take Note: This is from another SITE which also provides latest enzyme presentation dates and venues]

  1. Do not use glass or metal containers that cannot expand.
  2. Garbage for making enzyme does not include paper, plastic, metal or glass materials.
    Avoid oily cooked food, fish or meat residue. Orange peel, lemon peel or pandan leaves will produce better scent. (Pineapple skin is another good source.)
  3. The ideal colour of garbage enzyme is dark brown. Add in same amount of brown sugar to re-ferment if the enzyme turns black.
  4. It may have white, black or brown layer on top of the enzyme, ignore it. If you encounter worms in the container, leave it for a while and close the cover tightly.
  5. If you have not gather enough kitchen waste, you may fill up the container gradually. The 3 months fermentation period start from the last day you add in kitchen waste.
My additional notes (updated 14 Dec 2009):

1. Leave some space for fermentation.

2. If your container is completely air-tight, make sure you release the conatiner cap at least once a day for the first few weeks to let out built-up gas; gently shake the bottle to mix the garbage; then tighten cap again. (More gas will be emitted during the first few days. Once there is not much gas emitted, you don't have to do this everyday. This also depends on the size and shape of the container and room temperature.)

3. I found that by using stronger plastic containers will alleviate the built-up gas problem. For my household need, I found that using 5-litre or bigger containers is most practical. Those large 5-litre dish-washing detergent containers are ideal. I also found that their caps are usually not 100% air-tight, so no problem with gas build-up.

4. Avoid using those soft drink plastic bottles with small caps. They are the ones that may even "explode" if left unopened!


Uses of Garbage Enzyme

Garbage enzyme has many uses for the environment, agriculture and even in homes.

In homes, garbage enzyme is used:
- as a household cleaning liquid
- to remove foul odours, molds and grime in the kitchen and toilet
- as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent
- to drive away insects
- to clean carpets and remove ticks
- for laundry washing and ironing
- for mopping floors
- for cleaning cars


Dilution Ratio

Enzyme for fertilizer1:100 / 500 / 1000
Enzyme for insecticide1:1000
Enzyme for pesticide1:100
For anti odour / air freshener Dilute 200x
As plant hormones to get more flowers and fruitsDilute 500x

When the enzyme is diluted with water, it becomes more effective.

For shampoos, dish-washing liquids, detergents: add 1 teaspoon of enzymes for 500cc, 1 tablespoon of enzymes for 1 litre to enhance the nutrients and reduce the side effects of the chemicals in the detergents.

(My personal note: After a while you would have a feel on how much exzyme to add. I personally don't follow the guide. But if you have good memory and are good in figures, then by all means follow the guide)

For a full description please refer the web site HERE.

I have posted a follow-up article providing more information;
please click

[For my other healthy lifestyle articles, please check on "Healthy Lifestyle" links on the right sidebar of this blog]

(This post updated below : 21 April 2009)

[This is something extra from a writer"YSG" appearing in The Star newspapers on 21 April 2009 on page T15. The writer's credentials are not disclosed. For full article please refer to the Star. Here I just want to point out a few comments:

Garbage enzyme is nothing more than vinegar produced from organic wastes. The key ingredient is the sugar that is metabolised by bacteria into alcohol which subsequently is reduced to acetic acid (vinegar).

The breaking down of sugar into alcohol releases carbon dioxide. This is why one has to open the container daily to release the gas and to ensure a supply of oxygen to promote aerobic fermentation.

It is not surprising that garbage enzyme works "wonders" in cleaning stuff as it is essentially vinegar. The weak acid is effective in dissolving oil. Acetic acid is also a good descaling agent that removes limescale. However it is not advisable to use vinegar on metal surfaces as corrosion may occur in long term use.

This is why it is recommended to use garbage enzyme in diluted form. Long term handling of the enzyme with care should also be advocated due to its corrosive effect on human tissues.

The insect-repelling effect of the enzyme is from the pungent smell of the vinegar that is disliked by insects. The seemingly greening of plant leaves is probably due to the drying of acetic acid that forms a crystallised surface on the plant. Vinegar in diluted form has been used as fertilizer for ages.]


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A true Malaysian said...


I heard of this before. Thanks for posting it in your blog here.

All should do it immediately.

monsterball said...

I have a strange love Science and Maths in school....but failed the subjects...watching Rose Chan strip tease shows..too much...hahahaahahaha
Me want fertizers...for plants..just buy easy to use.

monsterball said...

fertilizers....correct correct correct??
They are some human fertile...non stop producing.
I read in a 80 year old man dead...with 12 children....all married..producing more than 30 grandchildren and he has even 12 more great grandchildren.
So from 2...they became...12+12+30+12=66!!
I also witness a Malay neighbour..wife non stop pregnant...for more than 15 years.

monsterball said...

If you see me coming...better step aside.
Alot of men didn't..alot of men died.
St.Peter..don't ..I can't go.
I owe my the company store.

monsterball said...

Looks like USA will have first Afro American President..after 200 years....and don't tell me...idiots from UMNO will say...we still have 150 years to have other Malaysians as Prime Minister...besides a Malay.
Oh my GUAARD!!

Warren D. Griffin said...

Who wants not lead a healthier life? Obviously everyone. Most important part of our healthier living is healthy food. I think naturals are always better than other. So, I like to be stick with any type of natural food not only milk. I believe the most important part of our healthier living is healthier food.
Our Healthier Living

Agustin said...

This is insane!
this is mainly an anaerobic decomposition process which produces mostly METHANE a 25 times more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2.

Ozone is only useful in the stratosphere, at ground level it's just another toxic gas we should avoid producing.

I'm not making this Up, look up ozone and methane in your local Library if you don't trust Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

i need to buy this garbage enzyme.
anyone can sell or have contacts that sell this chemical pls contact me at



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