Monday, June 30, 2008

Malaysia launches new product

This is the "new" product that Hum Know Corporation (A division of Bee Anne International) launched. You can read more in TV SMITH's Dua Sen.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nobody's Child (New Release Under MCA Label)

New release of "Nobody's Child" under the MCA Label. Officially launched yesterday by none other than the President of MCA!!

I was slowly passing an orphan's home one day.

And stopped there for a moment just to watch the children play.

Alone a boy was standing and when I asked him why

he turned with eyes that could not see and he began to cry.

People come for children and take them for their own.

But they all seem to pass me by and I am left alone.

I know they'd like to take me but when they see I'm blind

they always take some other child and I am left behind.

(No) mother's arms to hold me or soothe me when I cry.

Sometimes it gets so lonely I wish that I could die.

I'd walk the streets of heaven where all the blind can see.

And just like all the other kids there'd be a home for me.

R E F R A I N :

I'm nobody's child

I'm nobody's child

Just like a flower I'm growing wild.

No mommy's kisses and no daddy's smile

nobody wants me

I'm nobody's child.

Anwar and Sodomy!! (A Replay?)

To-day you would be served an avalanche of news and comments on Anwar and the police report alleging sodomy. I will not add to this "information" overload.

What I like to comment is this so-called sodomy law which I know nuts about. I think this law was enacted by the British to serve their puritanical Victorian "virtues" which were a dismal display of Western hypocrisy. In my personal opinion, what I do in my sex life in my private capacity is no business of others.

In this case, one may say that the other party is an unwilling partner, if the allegation is true.

I think there is much behind the scene, and also the real motive of this police report.

Let's leave it to the "experts" to generate the analyses which will come pouring in. Meanwhile we can start with this article in The Malaysian Insider.

This is the accuser, Saiful Bukhari (picture in red neckie). My colleagues and I knew that he was planted by the other side. So we kept him under surveillance since the day he turned up in our office just before the March 2008 elections. It was a matter of time and we would have exposed him as someone with links to the office of the Deputy Prime Minister. He knew that the noose was tightening around his neck.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bill Gates for the benefit of the world

Bill Gates "retires" to do more for the benefit of the world. I posted a message in my other blog. If you are interested to read, please click here.

Good news for Penang

Major newspapers reported that the Penang State Government was disappointed with the federal government's decision to shelve the RM2 billion Penang Monorail and RM1.5 billion Penang Outer Ring Road (PORR) in the 9th Malaysia Plan. Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng called it "irresponsible and detrimental to the state economy".

I think this is very good news for Penangites. The Pakatan State govt can now have a clean slate to prove itself by coming up with a first class blueprint on public transport. I was never impressed with the two projects. The main concern was the awarding of the contracts. The second was the quality; and the third was the maintenance aspect. Anil through his blog has initiated trams, but I think trolley buses are a better choice. With trolley buses, you don't have to lay new and expensive tracks which also will pose danger to the many motor-bikes. The trolley buses can use the existing roads. Wallah! Save money, save petrol, save time and save journey!!

Some others got fed-up and wish for a "third force" to be in the local political scene. A third alternative at this point in time may spell disaster, and BN (UMNO) may again gain grounds with the split votes. This will be a great tragedy for the nation. As I said before in the worst scenario, it’s better to have 2 devils than one. Such is the present political battle ground.

Some sources were disappointed with the DAP in Penang, and alleged that there were 3-4 camps in KOMTAR now. Each with its own personal agenda to fulfill? It was the same cliche, "Apparently they have forgotten about the people who put them there!”.

My opinion is that under our present political culture (which is not much to shout about), I am not surprised the above is happening. Which political party or which government is 100% squeaky clean? Since we are “beggars” now, there is not much for us to choose. Jeff Ooi is a figure of contention in one of the forums which ran to 13 pages going no where and the admin decided to close the thread. The forumers were so disappointed and angry that a new thread was started call "Why Jeff Ooi's thread was closed?"

As for Penang, until we can have the good fortune of effective leaders like Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu, it will just be pipe dream for wanting a CAT (Competency, Accountability and Transparency) Government. I came across through blogosphere that there may be such a person who is reflected in his esteemed Blog.

Right now I will just be contented to have a mongrel that can bark loud when strangers approach!

What say you?

East Vs West (#3 of 18) Way Of Life

Blue is West
Red is East

Way of life

Blue: individualism, think of himself or herself.
Red: enjoy gathering with family and friends, solving their problems, and know each other's business (keh poh = busybody).

Friday, June 27, 2008

The curse of addiction

Addiction is not solely related to drugs alone. There are also "harmless" addictions like spending all our time on our hobbies. My sister is addicted to bird watching. And I am addicted to blogging. Too much of the same thing can pose problems to oneself and also to others. So we must have a certain degree of self-discipline. I still keep to my exercise, chi kong and yoga.

The ugly side of addiction is the negative and harmful ones. According to the Star, Chuang Toh Huat died at 7.30am on Tuesday. His family believed he ran up a debt of RM90,000 after failed bets during the Euro 2008 championship.

If you do not want to get burnt, please do not go near the fire!

Braver now

Funny, before the 12GE, comments like mine would be treated with contempt, and even be deleted for fear of Big Brother. Even I myself imposed a self-restraint order. What about now?

People sneered at me when I wrote that even the greatest dynasties in China could crumble, let alone a little group of loosely formed coalition party BN in a small country. Look at KMT in Taiwan; Marcos in Philippines, Sukarno in Indonesia, INC in India, and so many others.
History seldom fails to repeat itself.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

To wear or not to wear

This is about The Star report on Muslims wearing the serban (turban) instead of crash helmets. Apparently the Kelantan traffic police is confused over the interpretation of the related traffic regulation. I always thought that rules and regulations are clearly stated.

Well, what about using a little bit of wisdom and common sense? Safety for our lives should come first. Don't you think so?


Lim Boo Chang has officially joined Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), together with 350 of his supporters, The Star reported.

Will we be hearing anything from Lim Chien Aun.

Both the above, created an uproar when they crossed over to the MCA years ago.

Incidentally, their fathers were buddies during the heydays of Gerakan. Chien Aun's father is Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu and the other's father is Lim Ee Heong who's nick is "Bo Mia Si" (Penang Hokkien meaning No Name or Mr Anonymous). The latter was a very charismatic orator in Hokkien and could move the grass-roots to high heaven during Gerakan rallies. Tun Dr Lim took full advantage of this, and won hands down!

Penang Hill Cable Car Halted.

View of Georgetown from back of
Bellevue Hotel

"Not again!" my grand daughter's favourite phrase picked up from Playhouse Disney Channel. The Penang Hill furnicular train, the Star reported, will be incapacitated for several months. Aiyoh! Pity the traders at Penang Hill. The newly renovated David Brown Restaurant will be hardest hit, and also the quaint and nostalgic Bellevue Hotel. Yes, Bellevue Hotel. It is nostalgic indeed. Bellevue Hotel was the original name, but in the 70's it was called simply the Penang Hill Hotel and I was the young manager overseeing the 12-room cum restaurant facilities. I used to occupy the front room of the "new" front annexe.

Once a week I would have a day off. Never heard of the cable cars having problem then. As Manager I got to enjoy the first class cabin. Yes, during those days you have the first and the second classes. One of the old coaches is now at the Penang Muzium. So I am also a muzium piece!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

RM1 mil for an Olympic gold medal

NSTonline reported that Datuk Seri Najib is offering RM1 million to anyone who can win the Olympic Gold Medal!

Is this the way Malaysia "trains" its athletes? Go buy a lottery, Datuk Seri Najib. You might strike one, although you don't need the money! What a load of stupid nonsense!! Looks like China is wasting its time training its athletes full time from a very young age. Just feed them and offer them RM1 million and wallah Gold Medal! Datuk Seri Najib, this is THE OLYMPICS not Pesta Sukan SRK Alamak!!

"Oh My Goodness!" my grand daughter used to yell when watching Playhouse Disney Channel!!

Eric Chia Dies Of Heart Attack

Tan Sri Eric Chia was once the "blue-eyed" boy of Tun Mahathir. I still have the Star cutting of the article on him way back in the 80's. He was supposed to be the quintessence of an effective, efficient and caring boss. He was the Number One of Perwaja Steel in Terengganu (or was it Kelantan?). It was reported that as a young man he left Singapore and headed north after a tiff with his father. When he first helmed Perwaja he used to visit his workers in their container cubicles and rub shoulders with them. Fast forward a bit, news of praises abound in the newspapers about how he built houses for his employees and how he turned the red figures of perwaja accounts into millions of blue profits.
Just like the aftermath of a tropical storm, the sudden calm was astounding. Suddenly Eric Chia was turned into a "co$$up$ and inc?mp?t?nt sco?ndr?l" . Figures in Perwaja suddenly turned red exceeding RM3 billion! And all hell broke loose. The rest is history. Such is the uncertainties in life.
Tan Sri Eric Chia died of a heart attack at his Park Avenue Hotel yesterday. He was 74.
May he rest in peace.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crisis in Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe

Many of you good people may have received emails from Avaaz concerning environmental and humanism issues. " is an independent, not-for-profit global campaigning organization that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people inform global decision-making. (Avaaz means "voice" in many languages.) Avaaz receives no money from governments or corporations, and is staffed by a global team based in London, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Paris, Washington DC, and Geneva."

I have just received another message from them. This time is about the evil regime of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. Instead of explaining, I copy and paste below:

Dear friends,
On Thursday, 27th June, Zimbabwe will hold a cruel sham of a vote for President. The opposition Movement for Democratic Change has just withdrawn from the run-off -- not in a concession of victory, but rather in recognition that Mugabe's campaign of violence and terror has erased any hope for a democratic election.But against the odds, hope survives. Amidst growing international pressure, Mugabe's ZANU-PF party and the opposition have entered private talks. A unity government may be possible yet.The United Nations Security Council unanimously held on Monday that free and fair elections are now impossible in Zimbabwe. The UN Secretary-General spoke out. But it is African leaders, most of all Thabo Mbeki, who hold the key. Even Mugabe cannot cling to power without their cooperation. Today, we're launching an emergency campaign, petitioning these leaders to call an immediate summit, isolate Mugabe, and broker a legitimate government for Zimbabwe. Our call will be published in big newspaper advertisements in South Africa, Tanzania, Angola, and Mozambique this week -- click here to see the ads and endorse their message:

Zimbabwe's neighbours supply its electricity and goods, and control the borders. Many Southern African leaders are already calling for the postponement of the election -- but there's a real danger that they will end up accepting this charade. This would be a grave miscalculation: if Mugabe succeeds in his de facto coup, Zimbabwe's implosion will accelerate, and chaos could spread throughout the region.So our campaign will publicly name those African leaders who hold Mugabe's last remaining lifeline. If these leaders step up strongly now, they can convince enough of Mugabe's officials that change is coming one way or another -- and set the stage for Morgan Tsvangirai to lead a unity government to pull Zimbabwe back together.Robert Mugabe saved Zimbabwe from colonialism. Now it's time for African leaders to save Zimbabwe from him.Help us raise 250,000 voices this week, including a great roar from every country in Africa, to be delivered in an immediate multi-country ad campaign. Click to see the ads, sign, and then forward this to friends:

With hope and determination,Ben, Alice, Paul, Graziela, Mark, Ricken, Iain, Veronique, Pascal, and Milena -- the team

PS: For more information and sources for the facts above, see: Thabo Mbeki and the emergency talks for a settlement: Nations Security Council declares free and fair elections "impossible": going ahead despite MDC pull-out: Mugabe: "Only God will remove me!" Regional leaders criticizing Mugabe:Tanzania's Kikwete - Rwanda's Kagame - Kenya's Odinga - Uganada's Museveni -

Two Sabah MPs recalled home after 'threats'

Apparently those two MPs were "threatened by certain quarters" and for their safety they were recalled home, according to the STAR. SAPP also had been advised by “friendly parties not to underestimate the risky consequences and likely threats to SAPP and its leaders.” Apparently, the two MPs have been receiving threats over SMSes and phone calls.

When asked to comment, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz said, “In Malaysia we don’t go to that extent. It’s ridiculous. They must be joking. Who is going to threaten them? Barisan doesn’t do that.”

Did you know that at least one politicians had committed murder for political reasons, found guilty with a death sentence, but was later pardoned? Who is joking? Are we going to be like Zimbabwe and its politicians?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Cops to probe RPK’s claims

Only now The Star reported the "stale" news of RPK's Statutory Declaration! Is this news to you? If yes, then you have suffered from narcolepsy, just like our VVIP of Bodohland! Please check with your doctor.

Aiyoh what pathetic news; " one of them a prominent woman ". Do you still need the STAR for first hand information?? If yes, then you must be an antique. I know you are not because you are reading this blog. As you know, go to any blog, and the chances of reading about RPK is almost certain!

Let's wait and see what "they" can invent further to hookwink us.

East vs West (#2 of 18) Talk Talk

Blue is West
Red is East


Blue: Talk to the point
Red: Talk around in circles, especially if different opinions

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mahathir: Ex-judges bribed to throw dirt at me

The Star today reported that Tun Dr Mahathir claimed that former judges removed during the 1988 judicial crisis were “bribed” into making allegations against him. As far as I have read so far, Tun Abas did not wish to comment much. What about those who had already passed away?

Mahathir purportedly alledged that those ex-judges were bribed to throw dirt at him. Is the old man trying to be at par with Samy Vellu, "the dust"? Suddenly the word "dust" has become so popular after I used it when I started blogging. Can I claim it to be my intellectual property and sue those who use the word "dust" or "dirt"? Assuming both words are quite synonymous. I will become a millionaire then!

Nuclear bomb unleashed in Altantuya murder case

Raja Petra the bravest of all Malaysians has unleashed a nuclear warhead in the form of a Statutory Declaration the contents of which are now well distributed in blogosphere. It is a very very serious allegation, and only RPK is brave enough to stick his neck out. I really salute him.

What he declared is nothing new, except it has now become a legal Statutory Declaration, which means that RPK must have the evidence to prove his allegations. Otherwise he would have committed an offence. We all knew a long time ago of this "rumour" spreading the blogosphere but who dares to sound the alarm?

It is an offense to make a false SD. By making this declaration, RPK has to prove that he has the evidence or he will be liable to be prosecuted. He will be in very deep trouble if he can't prove his allegations. And RPK is a very smart and brave man. I am 101% sure he knows what he is up against and knows what he is doing. Furthermore, the SD stated that "it is a crime not to reveal evidence that may help the police in its investigation of the crime."

For me, "a tiny speck of dust," will just sit and watch; and hope that peace and justice will prevail. I shall keep watch with The Malaysiakini.
(This Altantuya case from the very beginning has the smell of rotten fish. In the first place, how could a case involving a mere senior political analyst be treated as a “high profile” case? I smelt a rat immediately.)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Samy wants to be like me!

MIC President Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu wants to be like me. A dust! You can see I am "a tiny speck of dust trying to settle down" as stated in "about me" on the top right corner of this page.
The Star has this report hidden in page N25. You can view NST online here. Funny, a once high and mighty, god-like icon of the saviour of the Indian community now realized that he is just "a small man, a common man, a dust". How true, oh how wise, just like me!!

SAPP endorsed decision of no-confidence.

The Star online reported that Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) supreme council has endorsed the decision to support a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in Parliament on Monday. This is a smack on the face of BN, particularly UMNO and specifically the PM himself. Only a day earlier, BN decided not to take any action on SAPP as yet. The PM was perported to have said that "SAPP have not done anything wrong at the moment." Strange comment. Now that the obvious is confirmed, we shall wait and see what other strange comments will be concocted.

Friday, June 20, 2008

East vs West (#1 of 18) Transport

Just received an email with very interesting illustrations comparing two opposing cultures of the East and the West. This is the first of a series of eighteen.
Blue is the West.
Red is the East.


Blue: Before drove cars. Now cycling for environmental protection.
Red: Before poor, rode bicycles. Now wealthy, drive cars .

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Component parties stand by PM

Bernama reported that Barisan Nasional component leaders vowed to stand steadfastly with Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in light of the announcement by Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) that a vote of no confidence will be tabled against the Prime Minister in Parliament next week.

As usual, the "one-sentence or two" press releases by the main component parties are stale bread for the public consumption. Of course we are now numb to all these niceties. What else can they say? So no point quoting them here. You can read HERE.

The realities behind the scene is not just SAPP mutiny. The real fear of the BN, in this case UMNO is passengers abandoning ship. The "one for all and all for one" motto can take a reverse meaning. When one jumps, will the rest follow suit? Whatever the outcome, all of us are to be affected for better or for worse. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Anwar : The Energizing Pogostick ! The Monkey King!

"The Malaysian Insider" described Anwar as "the Energizer Bunny", the battery that lasts while the others just go flat and collapse. I think he is more than that; he is The Energizing Pogostick! The more he jumps, the higher he gets. And those not careful if the pogostick lands on their heads, they are going to be very seriously hurt, if not succumbed to the extreme concussion.

The pogostick is a very simple gadget and does not consume energy; thereby will not go flat. Not only that, it goes higher and higher when you keep jumping on it. According to Wikipedia, "the pogo stick can be steered, by shifting one's weight; thus becoming an interesting form of locomotion. Later, improvements on this concept have been made, including the Vurtego, Flybar, and BowGo,[1] which allow operators to jump much higher than with a regular pogo stick. These Pogo sticks have made the new sport of Stunt Pogo possible. Backflips are also possible now with these newer sticks."

In addition, Anwar is now like the Chinese legendary "Monkey King". And you know the power of the Monkey King? His dexterity, agility, and the ability to transform himself into various forms in different shapes and sizes. Legend has it that he can change into 72 different forms! And he carries a one-ton pole (pogostick?) as his weapon. (Incidentally, his pole came from one of the Dragon King's palace pillars which was shrunked by the Monkey King to become his weapon.) Need I say more? Not necessary.

One last comment. There is this Monkey King episode where he went down the ocean to wreck havoc on the Ocean Dragon King's palace! Looks like another tsunami is coming. Hope this time it brings good tidings with all the treasures of the Dragon King washed ashore for all to pick!!

Watch the stock market closely. Are you brave enough to swim in Dragon King's ocean?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

100 per cent pay rise for bosses OK !

It's ok to give a pay rise of 100% to top executives! Azman Mokhtar, the Khazanah boss, said it was ok to give 100% salary increase to the Ceo/President and the CFO of TNB, the ulility company. We can forget about the reasons or rationale behind this wise opinion. After all TNB will increase its tariff rates by 30 per cent starting July.

Remember my "10-90 SINdrome" theory? Let's do a very simple calculation. The Star newspaper today on page B1 of StarBiz showed Director of Bumi-Commerce Holdings being paid a total remuneration in 2007 of RM9.35 million!!! Forget about other perks not added in. Let's say, an average employee is paid RM36,000 per year. RM9.35 million will be sufficient to pay 260 workers!!

What say you??

Retarded person jailed; to be caned!

Hey, what's going on? It was reported that a 36-year old mild retard with confirmed fetish tendency of molesting females and smelling their armpits has been sentenced to 14 years of preventive detention and will also be caned 18 times! Yes, no printing error, cane 18 times. He had been jailed previously and was given 6 strokes as well.

I know nuts about judicial affairs. But don't you think if the offender is a "mild retard" that would mean he is a retarded person; a person with some mental/physical disorientation. Wouldn't this be a mitigating plea for mercy and leniency?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Suicidal Tendency

According to the National Health and Morbidity Survey done in 2006, 6% of Malaysians have suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives. I think if we were to take the wordings seriously, "at some point in their lives", then 6% is not really that worrying. Just from my personal experience, I would feel that most of us "at some point in our lives" would have such thought passing by. So is it really alarming, or is it plain ignorance of the realities of life?

Very honest, did you ever have such forbidding thoughts "at some point in your life"? No? Not even once; a passing thought? You are such a lucky person. Congratulations! Life must have been very kind to you. On the other hand if you did have, it would just have been a passing thought, with no further consequences. Isn't it?

I wonder how much it costed the Ministry of Health to conduct the survey? Hmmmm!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oh My Papa

To-day is Father's Day. So the ritual begins. Who's going to take Dad to breakfast, lunch and dinner? Many weeks ago after Mother's Day, I met a friend and his family together with his parents at a restaurant. He told me it was in lieu of Mother's Day for his two other siblings had "booked" his mother for dinners for the last two days. Lucky parents. I suppose he will have the same arrangement for Father's Day.

Since this is my first post for Father's Day I have to relate my little story, just like what I did for Mother's Day. From next year onwards, I just need to write "Happy Mother's Day" and "Happy Father's Day". Why don't we follow the South Koreans who celebrate "Parents' Day" on May 8. Save time, save petrol, save money! After all you don't take just one of your parents to celebrate, do you?

Apparently the famous psychologist Sigmond Freud said, "I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection." Maybe I can copy him to say, "I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a mother's love."

Whether or not we love our parents right now, it does not change the fact that our fathers protected us and our mothers loved us. Of course, there is always exception to the rule. And how do we express our grattitude? Strangely, I wonder whether you notice? The Westerners compared with Asians, are not so family oriented; but they show their love for the family in a much more expressive manner with hugs and kisses. On the other hand, Asians who have stronger traditional family values do not display their affection physically. Well, I suppose it is our ingrained social behaviour to be more restrained.

For those with happy families, traditional celebrations are occasions to be cherished. These are the opportune time to meet up with other relatives as well. Father's Day is a bit special. Siblings have a good excuse to get together. Now the problems come if siblings are not that friendly to one another. Sound familiar?? To add to the "problem", what if paternal (or maternal) relationship is not that rosy? Mother's Day or Father's Day is really a heart-breaking day to be reminded that you can't express your love and gratitude to your parents. So I will just dedicate this song to my Father who has protected me all his life. The little bits and pieces (my little story) which I am supposed to tell you can actually be gathered here and there, if you read my Mother's Day posting.



Today, Saturday, 31 March 2012, my father passed away peacefully of natural old age, without any physical suffering.  The Chinese lunar date is 10th day of the third moon.  He was born on 16 April 1921, that made him 91.

He had lived a very challenging  life.  Being born into a very poor family with a hopeless father, he was given away for adoption, where he was ill-treated  throughout his childhood years.  He used to tell us stories of how he had to walk as a very young boy to the wet market very early each morning before the sun rose to scavenge for discarded vegetables to feed the ducks and chickens.  Sometimes he would be smacked by the vendors on his bald head for being a nuisance.

In the end he made good through hard work, and was able to relax after middle-age.  Throughout his life he was always very generous to relatives and friends.  Whenever they had any problem with their families they could find sanctury in his humble home. That was why my father was rewarded with a long and healthy life.

May my father have a good rebirth and attain final release in due course from this sorrowful world.

As Buddhists, we contemplate on this recitation on the final lapse of one's journey.

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sama Sambuddhassa

(Homage To The Buddha, The Fully Enlightened One)

Aniccavata Sankhara

Uppadavaya Dhammino

Uppajjitva Nirujjhanti

Tesamvupa Samo Sukho

(All component things are indeed transient

They are of the nature of arising and decaying

Having come into being, they cease to be

The cessation of this process is bliss!)

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Radiation from mobile phones

This just came in the emial. I wouldn't know how true this is. The only way is to conduct the experiment. But it'll cost you a bomb to connect the phone for 65 minutes! Come to think of it, could it by a ploy from one of the phone companies?? Please read below:

A very important message to everyone, please read it carefully.

1 Egg , & 2 Mobiles. 65 minutes of connection between mobiles.

We assembled something as per image :

Initiated the call between the two mobiles and allowed 65 minutes approximately.

During the first 15 minutes nothing happened; 25 minutes later the egg started getting hot; 45 minutes later the egg got hotter; and 65 minutes later the egg was cooked.

Conclusion: The immediate radiation of the mobiles has the potential to modify the proteins of the egg. Imagine what it can do with the proteins of your brains when you do long calls?

( POSTSCRIPT : It's a hoax! )

Friday, June 13, 2008

Come Saturday!

This Saturday will see long queues at the Post Offices. You want your RM625? Go and queue-up this Saturday, and better go very early.

You know, I have been thinking lately, whether some people (and families) may encounter spill-over problems. Let's say, if I am a gambler or drinker or you know what, with this windfall come Saturday, would I be so disciplined as to not indulge further in my favourite past-time?

Think about it!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Monster of Austria

The Austrian Hospital

Remember the Austrian sicko who imprisoned his daughter and fathered her children? Some goodnews from the hospital where 19-year old Kerstin Fritzl has been under going treatment. She would recover fully, doctors said. Kerstin is the eldest of seven children fathered by the monster Josef Fritzl through his own daughter Elisabeth.

Just imagine in this day and age, such unbelievable crime could happen in a developed country. And for 24 long years this heinous crime went undetected! Unbelievable!

It was reported that the family comprising the mother, Elisabeth and the other 6 surviving children were happy living in a house on hospital premises, still under hospital observation.

Hope they can live normal lives from now on.

Hope that justice be done to the monster.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Anwar's assault impending

Annuar Ibrahim is hinting that he will strike while the iron is hot. And it is now very hot! Adding petrol to the fire...Literally! There will be a two-prong attack. Their timing is the big question. When is Anwar going into the Parliament? When is Pakatan going to take over the Government? These are the two obvious questions.

Anwar had said recently that when (not if) Pakatan Rakyat forms the new government fuel prices would definitely cut; and he would resign, if he did not keep his words. Anyone against his idea? I think only the VIPs and VVIPs of Umnoputras and BN component leaders are against this idea.

The question is not "will he?" but "when?". Before September 16?

I think Anwar is going to strike very soon with his target for the MP first. I think most probably he will go for Permatang Pauh for the following reasons:

1. He wants to come back with a LOUD BANG! What better way to do it; of course Permatang Pauh.

2. This will show that he goes back to his own people.

3. No other present PKR incumbent MP needs to vacate.

4. Wifey can take a deserving rest.

You see? It's a win-win-win-win scenario!!

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Change In Perspective

Did you notice the Header Message at the top of this blog? Take a look again. It's now short and concise, and points to a new direction:


This blog was originally meant for a "learner blog" meaning to learn how to blog. You can review the earlier postings to this effect. It was meant to be a slow-pace blog where nobody would be interested to read. Just quotations here and there, and some simple reminiscing pieces. My intention was to set up another two blogs; one about Buddhism and the other on contemporary issues. The Buddhist Blog : "Life Is Like That" is up. It's about practical comments on interesting questions in the Buddhist perspective.

Instead of putting up a third blog, I am now using this blog "Black & White" to write about contemporary issues and also to share messages of interest.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

South Korea Helping The Poor

The South Korean Government is helping its poor citizens. It is paying out US$10.2 billion (RM33.2b) to help its people. South Korea is the world's fifth-largest oil consuming nation. To add to its difficulties, it does not have oil of its own. If South Korea can fork out that kind of money, I cannot believe why Malaysia cannot follow suit.

Bad news is that crude oil touched a record high of US$139.12 per barrel last Friday in New York. What are we going to do when the magic figure US$ 200 becomes a reality? It is indeed very frightening.

By the way if there are so many losers, who are the gainers? And what are they going to do about it, to save the millions who are starving at this very moment?

As Mahatma Gandhi rightly reminded us: "There is enough for everyone's needs; but not enough for one's greed." (Or something to this effect.)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Plastics the culprit

China has banned the use of plastic bags, including their manufacturing with effect from 1 June, after 20 years since their introduction. This is to protect the environment.

Can Malaysia do that? A big question. I am always in favour of government initiation whenever we need to cut down on pollution. We may say we all can do our part personally. Yes, if everyone does his/her part. But can we?? No way. I can do my part but it's a foregone conclusion. Unless it's going to be like the recent general elections where everyone does his/her bit (well, at least the majority).

I have given up trying to support recycling; simply because I can't find a convenient drop-off point. I used to unload my stuff at the recycling bins in front of the council building at the Esplanade. But now that I'm retired, I no longer go there. Talking about the bins. As you know there are always 3 bins for three separate types of trash. Anyone would assume that when they were collected , surely they would be placed into 3 separate compartments. To my horror, I saw those people in the small lorry, picked up the bins and simply emptied the loads into the lorry!!

No separation!! This is recycling, Malaysia Bolih Method. I won't be surprised if they were taken to the dump site and discarded as rubbish!!

It is just peasant mentality; 4th class mentality. And who is to blame?

You know at Tesco, they place the green bags for sale @ 90sen? I wonder how they are going to tell whether I've paid for them the next time I check out using the green bags. This is one of the reasons that I am hesitant to buy them.

Have a nice day!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Venezuela : Petrol Price : 19 sen

The other night, the news reported that the cheapest petrol was in Venzuela at 19 sen per litre!

I searched through the Wikipedia and found some interesting facts about the country. The name actually means Little Venice, because during those time in 1499 the first Spanish explorers saw little houses built over -water which reminded them of Venice. (Come to think of it we can name Malaysia, Venezuela as well and enjoy 19 sen petrol! You see, we also have houses built over water!)

By the way Venezuela also has beautiful girls:

Susan Carrizo Miss Venezuela Mundo 2005

I wonder what about the Arab countries? Is petrol free over there?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hey! Petrol price is rising like hell!

Hey! What do you think you're doing? A Sunday afternoon picnic? Here we're trying to make ends meet. And what's this big idea? What a contradiction! What a "sport"! It's outrageous!
Disgraceful, grossly offensive, atrocious, heinous, scandulous, ............Aaaaaaaah

Friday, June 6, 2008

Be a used car dealer

From my simple calculation, if I own 10 cars (under 2000cc) I will get RM6250 when I renew the road tax licences. If I can do this monthly, who cares about rising petrol prices. Besides, I still have my usual used car sales income!
I think I will open a used car business. Just a small empty courtyard in the middle of nowhere would be cheap rental. Get the trade-ins then immediately transfer to my name, and wallah!! RM6250 monthly. This is assuming 10 transfers a month. If my turnover is fast, think of it; the sky's the limit!
Thank you Bad Awi !!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Petrol price sky-rocketing!!

Petrol prices will sky-rocket in days to come. Are you prepared for the worst scenario?
The economic logic and reasons may be justifiable. But I shudder to think of the dire consequences because knowing the culture of the present Government, I expect great upheavel for the awful mess it is going to generate. The Government is simply downright incompetent and unprepared for such drastic actions, to manage, monitor and enforce an equitable system.
Or are we to take the comment seriously that the government could not afford to subsidize anymore? This means no economic development and alterrnative subsidies; just NO subsidy! Hey my friends, where are we heading??
Looks like we have to take care of ourselves. For retirees like me, I have to look for alternative "green" agents of transportation, like the following:

Roller blades

I think this is too risky for me.


Definitely, not this.

Roller skates

This is more conventional. Maybe I may try this.

Penny Farthings
This looks too old fashion.

I think the above is the best bet.


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