Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cancer : This must not happen to you.

(CT Chang inside the compound of the Gerson Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico)

Today I like to introduce an internet friend to you.  His name is CT Chang, and he has cancer.  Chang has defied the doctor's 6-month "death sentence" when the doctor first diagnosed him to have cancer of the kidneys. He is now on his 23rd month after hearing the doctor's opinion.  This is from his blog profile:

"An accountant by training but now in forced retirement due to stage 4 kidney cancer. Given less than 6 months to live in September 2009 and no cure by my doctors, I was determined to change my destiny. I like travelling to off beaten tracks because you experience and see life as part the journey, not at its destination."

Today Chang has sort of written an introduction of what his blog is all about.  I feel deeply that I shall pass his life-saving message to all of you.  Who knows, someone you know may benefit from this message. 

Having said that, my sincere wish is that none of you will need this information. 

Please take good care of your health in the confines of these two cardinal principles :
1. Maintain excellent physical health.
2. Maintain a peaceful and contented mind.

So we need to live a wholesome lifestyle by following these three guidelines: 
1. Eat healthy food in order to supply proper nutrition to the body.
2. Regular exercise, to keep the body fit.
3. Stay relaxed, and be contented, in order to have a peaceful mind.

With this wholesome lifestyle, our mind and body will be in harmony, our immune system will be in excellent condition.  We will enjoy a healthy body and a peaceful mind.

Ok before you go to the link to CT Chang's blog, enjoy this youtube video:

(If no picture please click the screen)

This is the link to CT Chang's blog: CLICK HERE:
Read Chang's latest health update as at 6 Augsut 2011: CLICK HERE: & HERE


A true Malaysian said...

His profound knowledge (not 'faith' like those you-know-who) in Buddha's teachings has help him to go this far in his journey to fight cancer.

I salute CT Chang for that and wish him well. He knows :-

what kamma is
what is dukka (suffering)
how to face dukka

Justin, please send my regards to him. He is a wonderful person (like you) that I wish to be friend.

Justin Choo said...


I am a wonderful person? From my life's experience, I am not that wonderful. How I wish I am.

Sometimes one's repulsive past kammic vibration influences people's perception on one's character. As you know some people are naturally well-liked, while others like me are not so.

You should communicate with CT Chang direct, and this will further encourage him to stay alive and help others.

A true Malaysian said...

I don't care how others look at you. You are a wonderful person to me.

Well, I may communicate with him when I am ready. Let me read more about him from his blog.

If really by doing so I could help him in one way or another, why not?

I learned from someone, doing good deed doesn't necessarily involve money. A smile which make people happy is one of the thing we can do often. A smile doesn't cost us a single cent.

I hope I make you happy as well so far, hahaha!!!

Justin Choo said...


I am just an ordinary human being. Of course better to hear praises from you than being insulted by someone.


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