Thursday, July 10, 2008

Treasure Box For My Mother!!

It's now 4.15 pm. Just got back from my father's shophouse, to "transfer" my mother to her "Treasure Box".

"It's a Treasure Box!" my 3 year-old grand daughter yelled excitedly with American accent acquired from marathon watching Playhouse Disney Channel!

"Yes! It's a Treasure Box!!" confirm this grand father, "and Chor Chor (Great Grandma ) is going inside, Hooray!!"

All the scary cats didn't seem to know what to do. They were being led blindly by the undertakers, except this "unfilial son of a grandfather ", if you don't get it, it's me.

Yesterday (9 July 2008) at 5pm. my mother was happy to leave her fragile body. She was 83 years old. My second sister and I were happy too! You see it very much depends on the manner you view life. It has been close to 2 years after we took back our mother after she was unceremoniously dumped in an old folks home. Aiyah don't want to repeat the sob story. If you are not bored already by now you can click here for the post I wrote about my mother.

My second sister and I were too happy to have the privilege to take care of my mother for her final 2 years. It was a pleasure. Thank you mother. But frankly, at times the unthinkable thoughts did surface. So must not be like the politicians, "I never lied!"

My mother died in my house. So as a matter of respect, my second sister and I went to consult the "really old man". "Really old man " means my father. I have to add "really" because I am old as well. But compared with my father, I am of course young!! The "really old man" said , "No no no, we must have a meeting and decide where to place the mother." The long meeting lasted 2 seconds (must be a world record!) when the "older old man" said with a sense of authority, " Put mother here in the shophouse." Aiyoh, have to explain two terms here: "older old man" refers to the eldest brother. Since I am "old man" and my father is the "really old man", then this eldest brother has got to be the "older old man". Get it?? What about "a sense of authority"? Well the "older old man" never seems to have a clear direction in life, but yesterday's decision was a gem. I think he must be improving in his karaoke lately, which I often saw him entering the "singing house" just down the road where I live.

Immediately after my mother passed away, I put up a "bulletin" in my two blogs that I was taking a 7-day emergency "leave". Wah! felt so important lah! Must announce to the world that something important has crept up! I was just kidding myself to feel important, you see? As all of you know, my blogs are actually "ghost town" blogs, well, until the Great Monsterball came a visiting. Thank you Monsterball, The Great!! Actually, because Monsterball is celebrating his birthday this Saturday, my purpose of the "Bulletin" was to say sorry to him for unable to send him a birthday cake thru this blog. Nevermind now. Monsterball, your cake is on the way, come this Saturday!

My mother died in my house, and now the "older old man" wants her in the shophouse! I was actually delighted! That means I don't have to mess up my house, and best of all, I can continue blogging!! That's why I am enjoying writing this now! Ha! ha! ha! ha! Aiyoh, Justin Choo so terrible!! Mother died and he is telling the world he is enjoying himself! Despite him being a Dhamma teacher! Dhamma teacher means one who teaches Buddhism. On a more serious note: I have done the most important and relevent duty as a son for his mother; taking good care of her when she was alive. She gasped during her last moment under my arms. Have chanted for her daily, well almost. (Must be honest again like the politicians.) Sometimes too engrossed in blogging and internet, I forgot!!

Knowing her time was approaching when the doctor told me she was unconscious, I did a session of more serious chanting for her, and then invited two Sri Lankan monks to perform the final blessings at about 1 pm. By 5pm my mother was happy to go. And I was happy too. No more suffering!

My second sister being a retired tutor nurse and past Principal of a Nursing School, had no fear of dead body, and knew exactly what to do. We washed our mother and put her in her clean clothes. Everthing was just simple, clean and tidy. So the "older old man" came about past 10pm for the body. I told the undertakers to spare me 5 minutes. I closed the door of the room, knelt down beside my mother and did some chanting, went over to her head and kissed her forehead. I then told the undertakers that I would put my mother on the awaiting stretcher. With my sister and the help of the undertakers we transferred her to the stretcher, while the "older old man" just looked on helplessly.

Just now at the shophouse, before transferring my mother to her "Treasure Box" I again asked the undertakers to give me a few minutes. I bent over and put my palms over my mother's cheeks, recite a short Buddhist blessing and again kissed my mother's forehead to say thank you and good bye, mother. Then with the help of the undertakers, we put mother to rest. Happily after that, I said good bye to all of them, and here I am, happily typing away for the last 2 hours!

Since I don't have to be present at the shophouse, I quickly deleted the "bulletin' in my two blogs. Of course no one had read it yet, being a "ghost town"!

Now I would like to share a hilarious story told to us by my Dhamma teacher, the late Chief Reverend Dr. Dhammananda of the Brickfields Buddhist Maha Vihara. Once, some relatives of this man who had passed away, approached the Chief Reverend to seek his advice on "body snatching". They told Chief that some Christians claimed that that man was a converted Christian; and to make matters worse, the Muslims also went to claim the body saying that this man had converted to Islam!

You know what the Chief said? "We Buddhists never fight over dead bodies!!"

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sama Sambuddhassa

Homage To The Buddha, The Fully Enlightened One

As a Buddhist the departing phrase is this:

Aniccavata Sankhara

Uppadavaya Dhammino

Uppajjitva Nirujjhanti

Tesamvupa Samo Sukho

(All component things are indeed transient

They are of the nature of arising and decaying

Having come into being, they cease to be

The cessation of this process is bliss!)

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

May I dedicate again my favourite song "Ma Ma Hao" to my mother. May she be reborn in a happy and peaceful abode; and may she one day attain the final release...Nibbana!


novice101 said...


My condolences to you and your sister on your mom's demise. May she have a good rebirth and be born into a higher realm.

You are right it's definitely better to give her the proper care when she was alive than to show sorrow now that she has gone.

monsterball said...

Great down to earth life's happenings piece!
And many thanks for your kind words...mixed into this precious post of yours....about your mother.
Keep thinking and talking subjects...visitors can relate to.
Dr.Hsu is very good at that....and he has proven to be such a refine gentleman...that I monsterball...famous for my four letter words...with different strokes......simply tamed by him.
But what attracts me most of his total sincerity...with his face...and details...all spelt out. This is important...if you wish to be a blog owner..talking politics. It shows you have nothing to hide...and visitors will respect you. go to few political blog owners that are faceless..and read all the rubbish there.
If I talk about my will take she died 32 years ago..and I still miss her very much. But I have her photo at my praying alter....speaking to her frequently.
I do look forward to meet my dad and mom..when my time is up..on earth. Never be accept life cycles....that is uncertain...death is certain.
Keep it are doing great!
Even Rose Chan...relation...Grace Chan came to your blog!!
I wonder is she the adopted daughter?
Have you heard of Mr. Wong See Fook?

Li Li said...

Hi Justin,

Condolences to you and your family.

Thank you for sharing the lovely postings on your mother. It is very touching.

Unfortunately, alot of young married couples today tend to forget about their parents when they are chasing their dreams in the corporate world. Just too busy to look at more important things in life at home.

I am so glad that your mother have spent the last blissful two years in your home. Full of love and tender care.

God Bless your whole family and take care.....

Li Li & Family

monsterball said...

And yes...the late Chief Reverend Dr. Dhamannanda.
What a joker he was!!
I spent 5 years..every night...from 10pm....till at least 12am...asking him questions..and in three months...he said I learned more than those who spent 5 years... learning Buddhism.
Yes...He was a great and very intelligent teacher.
His trip to Australia for a bypass operation...hundreds were at the old airport.He was 62...with many side illness...and many cried...thinking he was not going to make it.
Out of no where..few monks were looking for me...shouting my Chief wanted to see me.
His word to me were..."don't worry...I will make it"..and I believed him.
At that time..handphone was rare..and I left one...for them to phone Australia...twice day.I will not tell you much I paid for phone call bills...for few months.
Yes...he did make it.
Whenever he felt no so good...I will say..."Chief...lets go shopping for new spectacles. Immediately..his eyes sparkled a young boy...and out we go shopping. He really know how to want the best and most expensive brands.!!! We even went to coffee house...just the two of us...which he reluctantly accepted..trying English tea and sandwiches.
One day..I said.'Chief..I am ready to debate with you on TRUTHS...and don't give me the smart answer..."it's natural"..when you cannot give me good reply"
I taught more than 45 years...and longer that Lord Buddha. Since everyone addressed you as 'Your Holiness" show me one are holy.
His immediately reply to me...he is not holy ......but a religious teacher.
I then said....from today onwards...I will address you "Chief Reverend"...and not "Your Holiness"
He smiled and...we continue to meet each other for more than 10 years....until I cannot stand internal politics in the temple.
I recalled ...I brought 25 of his book..."What Buddhists Believe" and left them at 25 temples in China.
I receive few emails...begging for more books.
From that time...I bought more than hundred of the said 20% give away.
Do you know..books are very heavy to carry....going overseas?
Our present Chief...Ratana is the real nephew of the late Chief...and he was young and hot temper. I was the one...cooled him down...and he keep saying..I am his real uncle..until He is a very good organiser and promoter of Buddhism.
But the real legal Malaysian Threvadian Chief..should be... Rev.Vijita...but Vijita have no qualifications..personality or be a good Chief at all. Both of me uncle...and I addressed their names or just.."Reverends".
When Chief died..both are still at logger heads...with groups political parties...backing one another. It was a sick sick sight to see....right infront of Dr. Dhammananda's funeral services.
In a way...the late Chief is to be blamed. He did not make it clear...and I used to asked do so..and his reply....was..."let it will solve by itself".
I never like the lady...Choo Hong Choo...his so call...secretary...real itchify lady. I left Chief....because of her..and when she left...after few more years...I need to spend more time on my none of my children want to take over seriously.
Present Chief Ratana is still close to me....while I seldom get to meet Vijita.
I have cut show you how close I am to the Buddhist K.L..but gave all up.
Ratana asked me to give him advises..I said.. we met..and there is nothing to advise him. He knows what to do.

monsterball said...

Right now.....the closet monk to Bhikku Sanghasena....from Ladakh.
He is trully...Buddha's good messenger.
As many are carrying his balls...when he come to Malaysia. He is very welknown and loved by all great Buddhist leaders...all over the world. I keep an arms length...seeing so many balls carriers...and was surprised..he came to my house .with two 4x4 vehicles...and more than 10 came knocking at my house..late at night.
I thought police was out tom arrest me for something!!
Rev. Sanghasena spent one hour with me...saying he missed me.
He used to stay in my house...more than five times ....when he started to promote his missionary for the poor and helpless. I was the first in Malaysia......bringing him ..all so many temples...assisted by few real loving Buddhists.
His multi million missionary home in Ladakh is unbelivable.

monsterball said...

Since a bridge is one of Penang's hot topic....may I suggest you think of a post for bridges.
Here are some hints...longest..tallest...shortest...a "bridge too far"...for WW2??...and heads must be put on bridges...true or false?
Finally....Malaysia's bridges...politics involve...right now? One canceled at Johore Baru..another in Penang...end to end of one part of Malaysia.

Li Li said...

Hi Monsterball,

This is like reading a blog within a blog.

Very interesting way to enjoy all true stories.

Li Li

monsterball said...

LiLi...Hope Justin is happy!
And yes....LiLi....truths of everyday's life experiences are more interesting than fictions.
Hope few who are Penang Buddhists...will comment on politics..found at our temple.
One may is common...all religions have politics.
Why should it be Buddhism...when we are supposed to learn.. all truths?
Others are now talking faith and GOD and His commands.
It shows....a religions is more... a profitable commercial product..than free the monkey mind.
Hope more Buddhists speak up against religious politics.
But one needs to be rich be a the monks and nuns... always ask for huge donations...for this or that.

Gracie said...


Heya there! Actually we all dont even 'die'. It's just the changing of the physical body, like changing a new light bulb when the old one is burnt. Hence, we're eternal.

To me ar, life is as speedy as changing clothes. And being creative, I've put on the Emperor's New Clothes, took pictures and then posted them in my blog....:).


Gracie said...


Aiyo, sigh... Sometimes I really wish to have good health like yours. I hardly have the energy 精神 to blog or write。

Despite of my age, I feel very exhausted like my entire body shatters into bits whenever I return home (from shopping, prayer hall, friend's places, etc.). Not to mention the emotional ups and downs.

Can share some health tips? How do you maintain such good stamina?

Grace Chan

Justin Choo said...


I have no words (or adjetives)to describe you. You should be the Prime Minister Of Malaysia! At the rate you are going, this blog is going to be like what Lili said,"a blog within a blog"! Actually Lily is wrong. In no time all the blogs that Monsterball visit will "kow-tow" to him. Monsterball is like the insatiable computer virus. He is the huge drag-net of the internet! He will sapu all and sundry into his sphere of control. Right now I just got to put on auto cruise and Grand-Master Monsterball to take control of this tiny speck of a blog. I feel very honoured to have him on board. Sifu Monsterball, please take over!!

And remember, tomorrow is 12 July!! Even Chief Rev was cornered by you. I shudder how Dr Hsu is going to "handle you" tomorrow!! Hope the good natured doctor bring alone a syringe of anaesthetic solution, just in case!!

Thank you Monsterball, for transforming this kacang putih blog into Big M french fries!!

Justin Choo said...


Thank you for being the first to send your condolences.

What happen to one of your posts about your daughter's graduation? I have left a comment there.

Justin Choo said...


I am really surprised that you read my blog. Most likely the Rose Chan posting brought you here, and then "arrested and detained indefinitely" by Monsterball!

Only one question: Are those BEAUTIFUL NUDE pictures really you??!!

If answer is YES, then you are in perfectly very good health!! These is no reason to feel exhausted. Maybe you might get a chill if you continue to wear the Emperor's clothings. Emperor's clothings are supposed to be for emperors only.

Be careful, to my knowledge, those few who visited here are old men, including this tiny speck of dust!
Except Monsterball!!

Aiyoh! Gracie, my other blog is purely on Buddhist questions and answers. Please spare that blog of mine. So far Sifu Monsterball has stayed clear of that pristine blog. But I am still at his mercy. He may come in for the kill at anytime!! Let's pray that the late Chief Rev protects that other blog.

Justin Choo said...


I am really surprised that you read my blog. Most likely the Rose Chan posting brought you here, and then "arrested and detained indefinitely" by Monsterball!

Only one question: Are those BEAUTIFUL NUDE pictures really you??!!

If answer is YES, then you are in perfectly very good health!! These is no reason to feel exhausted. Maybe you might get a chill if you continue to wear the Emperor's clothings. Emperor's clothings are supposed to be for emperors only.

Be careful, to my knowledge, those few who visited here are old men, including this tiny speck of dust!
Except Monsterball!!

Aiyoh! Gracie, my other blog is purely on Buddhist questions and answers. Please spare that blog of mine. So far Sifu Monsterball has stayed clear of that pristine blog. But I am still at his mercy. He may come in for the kill anytime!! Let's pray that the late Chief Rev protects that other blog.

Justin Choo said...

Aunty Lili,

I don't know what to say about the beautiful Gracie whose pictures had brought back the man in me!! But old aledy lah. Monsterball, please help!!

This posting is about the treasure box of my mother, a solemn repose of a filial son. Well, I suppose she will be happy so long as I am happy!!

For those who don't know Auntie Lily, she is one with a very big heart for "naughty" girls.

By the way Grace was gracious enough to put up a post for Yvonne Foong, our active USJ forumer. Well done Gracie (for EVERYTHING or was it for NOTHING)!

Gracie said...

Dear Justin,

Yes, of course, those are my real pictures, Grace Chan is my real name and 38 is my real age...:). The pictures were taken back in 2003.

Actually, I'm not as healthy, both physically and psychologically. In 2006 I suffered from Eating Disorder. And I've a long history of Depression Illness. Please refer my newly posted blogs, in which you'll see my gruesome skeletal frame.

Hence, Buddha words were the wisest when he said we all would grow old, fall sick and die. Hence, what's so great about great looks? It's all temporary.

I'm still on psychotropic medication at present (Zoloft, Seroquel, Xanax), although I'm getting slightly better. The gradual recovery started when I began to 修行 or learning the Dharma and live according to Buddhism 5 months ago.

Actually, I started 修行 when 2 friends of mine, one likewise a former nightclub hostess and another a former masseur introduced Venerable Fa Xuen (of Pure Land tradition) to me. I'm now a regular in his prayer hall and I watched his DVDs everyday.

Oh dear, I'm sorry if my blog have cause any embarassment in your other blog which is for Buddhism Q&A. If I post any comments the next time, I shall make the link to my blog inaccessible.

And heya, you know Yvonne Foong ar? What a small world! She is a psychology student, hence, we have a lot to talk about.

Namo Amitabha,

monsterball said...

You are doing fine.
And this will always be your blog.
Keep it up!!

Justin Choo said...


This lady in the temple is no relative of mine, and her surname if I am not mistaken is Chew, and not Choo. I did try to be a busy body asking someone active in the KL Buddhist fraternity about what had happened to this lady, but received a polite "I don't know" answer, which is equivalent to the politician's "no comment".

Being human and nosey, I am still wondering......???

monsterball said...

Justin...I think the correct name is Chong Hong Choo.
When the late Chief was at his highest success...she stuck to him a leech.
Chief said he needed her...for his writings...and printing of books.
She designed his books covers...did the proof reading..all by herself.
This lady is one itchify screw loose too!!
I used to see her bras...purposely showed off her big breasts..and be with Chief every night....when I was there too.
I advised Chief to change Secretary to a man..supported by all monks in the Vihara....guaranteeing him...what Chong could do...the man can do equally well. He refused!
To cut the story short...Chong was there to take advantage and make good money..out of book printings..and who knows...donations..after his sermon..what amount she took. Chief used to get so much expensive gifts and herbs....most disappeared.
Then come Rev.Mahinda from Australia...a Malacca educated rich man son....also assisted by a lady ...not a nun yet.
That's the sickening era of our temple.
Chief warned me..if I continue protesting...I may get hurt. I told big deal. The prodigal son came back to his home...and get killed? Little by little...I kept an arms length from him...because Chief became vain and a braggart.
But he always have a soft loving spot for me. That I know...and I always will love and respect him.
Few Chief monks of other very famous...invited me to join their temple. I I learned so much from the late Chief. Buddhist Vihara at Brickfields will always be my ground to seek truths and protections.
Chief came to my house...and place the Buddha statue personally with his blessings. I pray only to Kuan Yin Ma....but he placed a Buddha statue besides her...and is there ever since.
I cam from a Missionary school...and later..I met Ahmed Deedat.... great Muslim scholar..who can quote the whole bible...better than any Christians. He came from South Africa...became his chauffeur for 3 days...while he was in K.Lumpur We wrote to each other....for years...till the day he died. I learned Islam from him...and have many of his books and debates.

monsterball said...

I and few monks used to talk and suspected that lady was holding Chief at ransom...or a secret...Chief cannot get rid of her at all..
I tell one in Malaysia promoted Buddhism to the English educated Chinese and Indians more than Chief.
I used to buy his books and did self studies.
One day...a monk from Bhodigaya came...and I brought to Vihara for loading...late at night. Was then ..Ratana...he should be housed at a Tibet he is a Ladakan.
I scolded and made loud noises...out came Chief..inviting me and the have tea with him. We took a liking to equally other instantly.
Ratana was a green horn and rough diamond. I polished him....for what he is today.

monsterball said...

What lousy English!
1.loading should be lodging.
2. "took a liking to each other..instantly" ...was what I meant to say.

Justin Choo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Justin Choo said...


Many times, while reading your comments, I felt as if the page had accidently flipped to RPK's Malaysiatoday!!

I don't know, may be its some guiding force that attracts certain people to one another.

Yes, Rev Mahinda, when he was learning Buddhism, he would drive all the way from Malacca to Brickfields Temple to listen to Chief's talk on Friday nights, and then return to Malacca to speak Dhamma of what he had learned from the Chief that night!! I was always at the background watching the "show" of how "devotees" worship famous and popular monks. Although at the background, my vantage point was on high ground. Monsterball, such is human nature, just like politics, we all like to feel important, and once we tasted the sweet fruits of power and authority we became GODS.

The lady who followed Mahinda always wore white. Once when they visited Auckland, NZ, with Chief (the lady Hong Choo also tagged along with her young son. Yes, her surname is Chong.) Mahinda and his lady assistant were body searched at the airport, just because of their "weird" attire.

On the topic of fragile human behaviour, the classic case is this disgraced Ajahn Yantra. When he came to Brickfields Temple, the aisle of the hall was covered with white cloth. I happened to be there wanting to take some evening shots of the temple, and I also took some photos with my 200mm lens of that man sitting like a "saint". At that time I was new to the community, not knowing who that monk was. On enquiry about why such vip treatment, I was told he was Ajahn Yantra, the famous one. I think it my very bad nature to always feel cynical about everything. I was feeling very uncomfortable then.

Months past, someone commented that when pictures of this Ajahn were taken, they could see halo on the head!! Oh my goodness!! I knew there would be another show coming!

Monsterball, this is really very sickening. The same problem always surface, supporters worshipping their leaders, and their leaders lapping up every bit of their attention and worshipping, and further encouraging them to increase in momentum. Then the in-fighting will follow, and the cycle goes one round to be repeated in another chapter.

Li Li said...

Hi Justin,

I believe there are special reasons why things happen in our life. Indeed, through Buddhism we learn that life is full of sufferings and we must Endure & go through the sufferings so that we can be a better person in the future.

I also learn from monsterball that there are real life true politics everywhere even in religion - which is disgusting. Religion should be pure from ugly politics, favourtism and lust. And also $$$ ( missing donations etc).

That is why, I am actually not an active member in any NGO or EXCO of my church. I will be angry all the time due to the above reasons.

I spend only 10% of my time and personal pocket money to try to 'rescue teenage pregnant girls'. My intentions are very simple. If I can reach out to the pregnant girls and prevent a baby from being aborted, at least I live true to my feelings that "Thou Shall Not Kill".

The pregnant girls are not 'naughty girls'.

It is really a very wrong for society to group them as naughty girls. All girls + women would like to find True Love. It is sad that they have to find out the hard way, that some boys/men just want to have fun and do not want to take responsibility of a baby/family. The excuse of 'Not Ready' for a family is not true. Most of the time, the girls are ' blinded by fake love'. The boys do not have an intention to marry them or spend the rest of their old age with them.

These two years have been very challenging for me. I have to be very alert and aware of what I am saying for each of the girls.

Lastly, don't call me Auntie Li Li in your blog-lah. I am not that old you know. I need to sound very mature when dealing with teenagers and I ask them to call me Auntie Li Li because most of them are below 20 years old kids.

Li Li said...

Hi Grace,

I have found the link to your blog and got several shocks last night !

Your super skinny photo in your blog are shocking ! Your artistic photo are shocking ! And your depression stories on Pauline Chan and Leslie Cheung are heart breaking shocking ! Your real life stories of high class hostess and the greedy parents who took the hard earn money are shocking ! And finally, you & i are the same age ! Born on the same Rooster year and almost the same month. What a coincidence !

Depression is a super heavy topic to deal with. Even at this moment, I am not able to share anything on this heavy topic. Most of the time, i just skip it and avoid it at all cost !

With the limited info that I have, let's share our feelings. Two weeks ago, my cousin told me that her office mate lost her husband in April 2008. Suddenly, her friend became a widow of two small children, 2 years old & 4 years old. The husband jump from a HDP flat due to depression.

About three years ago, one of my uni course mate hang herself in her house. She is the same age as us. Most likely, due to post natal depression. She also has small children.

And other countless suicide cases that I personally know of and more or less, I know roughly know the main reason why they committed suicide.

Since I am a Chinese and also born into a Taoist family, we all know that the souls of these people are very painful and they will not have peace even after death.

My observation is, all of us go through depression at certain stage of our life. It is the friends, family member and strangers who cares that could make things better.

For those useless friends and family members who makes our life miserable, we should find ways to escape from them.

Alot of time, religion will ease the pain of depression. I notice that you have started the journey in Buddhism for the past 5 months. I know you will find some peace going through the Buddishm religion.

In my humble opinion, there is nothing wrong if we view our body in an artistic way. This is freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Your blog is not offensive at all. It is just shocking to see the beautiful Grace turn into a walking skeleton - that is shocking !

Again, I do not why things happen in our life. The sufferings that we have to go through. Maybe your blog, will attract the attention of many people who are depressed. They are looking for a way out to escape from taking the ultimate leap.

Many people ( eg me ), would like to know that you will finally have a happy ending.

Your best photo to me is the one that you hold your little babies. You look so young with your spectacles.

I hope you find your rainbow after the heavy rain.
I hope you find true friends that accept the unique way you are.
I hope you find happiness in simple things that you do.
I hope you touch the life of others through your blog & sharing.
I hope you will fatten up and be the beautiful you.

{{Cyber Hugs from}} Li Li.

Justin Choo said...


Actually, "Auntie" is used here as an endearment. And the word "naughty" is in inverted commas.


Now I know how you came to my blog. I checked my "Allexpert" file and it was you who asked a question.

monsterball said...

What a nice piece written by LiLi to Gracie...written with love and from the a new found friend.
I really hope ...both of them will meet face to face...and strengthen each other.
Now let me part some of my knowledge and general all ladies...not to fall into such terrible bad experiences and bad luck.
When you are young and pretty..don't be vain and mix with the wrong to fool men..for free treats. I have seen so many young groups of pretty teens doing that...and go home...have good laughs and nice vibrations. day...a nice handsome man will sweep one from the feet..simply her dream man...marry him.....and all of a sudden..she became a prostitute...or whatever he wants her to be..until...certain age...he let her go. And usually that age is around 27 her a chance to continue her from harms...and for her own.. old age.
That above is written by me.. blunt and simple...and these are not latest news. These are common knowledge to the whole world.
Then one group may come from bad family..even had the father or grandfather..raped her...dare not tell..lived with those dark secrets...and all these depend on her mother. If she cannot advise her..that it is bad...but some mothers.even with not one day schooling.can advise her child with so much wisedoms. Then she maybe saved..due to her great love for the mother.
Like I said....most common reason....for one........feeling so depressed and lost..started from being vain and greediness.
Study the case of Miss Carpenter...that wonderful...wonderful..lead singer of the "Carpenter" She had all the success and wealth...but was ill advised to be thin and look hook a be her husband. She died..out off taking that slimming drug.
Some sacrifice their see her family have food and a proper house and brothers and sisters go to proper school and coledges. These pretty teenagers...may laugh it off..seeing so many are happy...due to her sacrifices....but deep inside..they are very sad and lonely people.
Since we are talking about bad health....bad luck for some ladies...lets leave the vast majority of normal...fortunate ones...with proper parental guidances aside..YET...few may simply become bad apples...due to mixing with wrong friends.
The biggest problem...starts....when too many young girls....seeing too many make believe movies...showing how to succeed with men..going out parties.
In all truths...everything depend on yourself...and the more you are hungry for knowledge...the more level headed will become. conclude...if we are totally sincere to ourselves...we will know...we are what we are..due to our own actions and reactions....and what are those good or bad actions and reactions. Once you know...then you may free yourself....healing yourself.
If you cannot do that...yes...religion is the all religions...are to free monkey minds.
So Gracie will do herself no spend more time soul searching and visit her religious adviser frequently......provide that adviser should be a female or a real holy man. she knows ..what I mean.
This also depends on her good luck find one. So far...LiLi responded...I have responded.

Justin Choo said...


I think it's good for you to divert from politics to talk about "personal" experiences. Thank you for sharing your profound knowledge.

I have informed Gracie of Lili's comments. Hope she reads it.

I have not mentioned about my life with my adopted daughter. Lili knows a little bit about it. You see, I have one adopted daughter and one adopted son. Both are of different races. So in a way I know what it is to have a very naughty daughter. Both my children are grown ups now, well at least physically!

Dr Hsu said...

Justi, I didnt know about your bereavement until just now when I read this article.

I am sory and my condolence to you. Being a Buddhist, this means that your mum has just gone to another place, Nirvana.

What you said is very correct. The most important thing is to take care of them when they are alive, especially talking to them, make them feel wanted!

Justin Choo said...

Dr Hsu,

Thank you for your concern.

Win said...


It's interesting about a 'BUDDHIST' commenting about people without proofs. My only advice to you is that please do speak about others only if you have evidence and facts.The hell gate is always open as well as heaven.

May you be wiser in the future.


Win said...


I greatly respect your swift action in removing the comments on Mdm. Chong.

I know all that's happened until the demise of the late Chief.

Many devotees left Brickfields temple after his demise. May be you would like to find out the truth.

May you be blessed with wisdom from the triple gem.




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