Saturday, May 31, 2008

Old Man Touched 1 Million!

I simply must post this now. Cannot resist. It's the sour grapes again; my favourite!
The Old Man has struck 1 million and still piling up!!
From my simple reckoning with my calculator, of course, if I can attract 1000 per month, it will take me 83.33 years! I shall hit my 1 million when I reach the ripe old age of 141 years!! When this comes, I will definitely give all of you a big treat! So hang on with me. It's a matter of time. I may be slower than the Old Man, but I'm no loser!! Wait and see; only 83 years to go!
Happy Counting!

Three-wheel Car

Three-wheel cars are extinct in Malaysia. I wonder whether any youngster has ever seen an actual three-wheel car? Long long time ago, when I was a little boy, my third uncle used to drive one. I still remember the fascination sitting inside the strange car. I just wonder why they want to produce a three-wheel car. It just doesn't make any sense, except to save on one tyre! I don't think you can speed or turn corners at high speed. You still can find such old dames in England as per above picture.
Some one emailed me the latest three-wheeler. See below. They must have wrongly fixed the body the other way round. Or can it be, they fix the wheels wrongly? Either way it's still three wheels! I wonder whether it will topple if I give it a slight push on the backside!?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Time Machine

This is a genuine time machine! It not only will take you back in time or forward to the future, but also tells you the date and day! With all the negative things happening nowadays, I think it is better to move backwards! How about 1950?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oil Is Thicker Than Blood!

Do you know? In 1970 oil per barrel was US$1.80! After20 years $40. In 2004, $50 and to-day? US$135!! The Prophets of Doom forewarn that it may touch US$200 this year, and then the sky's the limit!!

In the 60's a bowl of curry mee in Penang was 10sen, yes 10 sen! No joking! Hokkien mee 15 sen, and char koay teow and koay teow th'ng (soup) 20sen! The only difference at that time was the spelling: cents and not sen. (funny, right now even bankers and politicians still make the horrible mistake of spelling "cents". I can name the bank ...Hong Leong Bank and I have the proof in Black & White despite my writing to them of their very embarassing "oversight"! Do you know, I was a banker before?)

To-day in Penang you can't predict the prices of hawker food. It's like striking 1st prize lottery if you get it right! It may range from RM2 (if you are damn lucky) to RM4 (if you are condemned!)

Hey! Change your lifestyle - lah !

Someone gave advice that we should invest in gold as a hedge against spiraling prices. Is this a sound advice?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Minyak Ular Dari Jepun!

Dr Mahathir Mohamad emerges from a SUV ready to address his supporters at the Subang airport this evening. — picture by Choo Choy May (Malaysian Insider : )
"Mari mari cepat. Baru di impot dari Jepun, Minyak Ular Baru. Murah, murah! Beli satu dapat lima FREE!"

Cluster Bombs

These are not kidney beans or some latest Japanese electronic toys. They are cluster bombs!! And cluster bombs kill. They also kill innocent children.
I got this message from Avaaz @
[Cluster munitions kill children and other civilians long after wars are over--and this week, we have a chance to ban them. 109 countries are in the final stages of negotiation on a cluster bomb ban -- but some are trying to water down the treaty with loopholes, exceptions, and delays.Our information is that the delegations obstructing a strong treaty in the last few days include the UK, France, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Canada, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Japan, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland, so messages to these leaders will be particularly valuable. A worldwide outcry for a strong treaty is needed now. The treaty will be signed Thursday--so add your voice by using the tool below to send a message to government leaders:Who makes cluster bombs? Who is affected? Click here to see a world map! Also, click here to see a video message from a cluster bomb victim. ]


Aiyoooh!! @#$%^&*!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Designer Olympics Swimwear

This is what I call change in lifestyle. This is the latest designer Olympics swimwear to be worn in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China, come 08.08.08. It's now under trial run to test the stream-lining and water-proof reliability. I think it will be in time for the real test come 080808. Another thing, it will come in various colours. But there is only one size and one design, as it is expandable and unisex!
Have an innovative Day!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Burma Cyclone Aid Report

Good news in Myanmar from Avaaz .


No! It's not RoboCop. I heard wrongly. It's sugar king Tan Sri Robert Kuok. He tops the list of Malaysian richest persons with US$10 billion!

I don't know whether any Professor had coined the term "10-90 Syndrome". If not, then I may claim it to be my intellectual property. Actually, I would change it to "10-90 SINdrome". It's just like the pyramid. The top contains 10% of the sum total, while the bottom takes up the full 90%. The bottom 90% supports the top 10%! Top management takes up 10% of the workforce, but 90% of the wages. 90% of workers is paid 10% of the overall wages. 10% of the population enjoys life while 90% slogging away with sweat and tears.

Sour grapes, I suppose? On a positive note, we should also strive to be with the 10%!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Change Your Lifestyle!!

"Change your lifestyle!" shouts PM Abdullah Badawi. Change your extravagant lifestyle to reduce the adverse effect of rising prices. Oh so wise! I think I must heed his wise counsel to change my extra-vagrant lifestyle! Ya, I'm going to buy myself a diamond-studded Rolex and upgrade my Proton Saga to a Ferrari! I shall now dine in fine-dining style instead of squatting by the roadside slurping Hokkien Mee. No more kopi-o but only the finest wine.

You want to join me? Change lifestyle ...Huh!!??

Friday, May 23, 2008

Buy Car Get Gun!!

To-day's Star on page W42. In a place call Butler, Missouri, U.S., apparently when you buy a car, you can have a gun for free! This is because they believe in "God, guts, guns" so said the promoter. I think I will go set up a car yard there and give them one -up. I will give away canons!! Any potential business partners?

Adding some bitter juices

I wonder whether you are sharp enough to notice an addition to my "header description" above.
Yes, I have added some "exotic bitter juices" as an "enabling clause" (lawyers' jargon) to allow me to post "other news and thoughts" without any apology. Very smart of me. Problem solved. I am free to write anything I like now. But rest assured, the main theme will still be "read, relax and reminisce".

Light A Candle

I thank you for visiting my blog. To-day let us light a candle as a mark of respect for the thousands who had perished in the two disasters. Nature has no boundary. It also has no mercy. It is just a phenomenon. Anything can strike us at any time. Be careful and take heed not to harm others so that you may also not be harmed.
To-day I shall contemplate on what I wrote yesterday. Please read it again.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crime Against Humanity

One of my cheeky readers quite rightly pointed out that this blog is supposed for him/her to "read, relax and reminisce", but how come all negative news? Point taken. But I told him/her that he/she can still "read". How clever of me!

Sometimes when conditions are so overwhelming that they stare at you point blank, you just can't "read, relax and reminisce". You will be shot down in no time, if you don't take a stand and be counted. And for the fence-sitters and selfish and insensitive visitors of this blog, you have lost your direction. This is not the place for you.

At this very moment, hundreds of thousands have lost their lives in two separate disasters. Another hundreds of thousands most probably would not be accounted for. And millions are suffering right now as a result of these disasters. Can you still have a clear conscience to sit and relax and reminisce? You must be deaf, dumb and blind, and out of your mind to boot.

By latest count, 130,000 deaths in Myanmar alone, mainly around the Irrawaddy Delta area. There is an anticipated second wave of catastrophy approaching. It's been 5 weeks since the onset of the disaster, and the brutal monsters in the Military Junta still refuse to allow international humanitarian aids to flow in without restriction. These monsters have been in control of the country for over 45 years!! They have robbed and raped the whole nation into what it is to-day. And the last straw is their blatant refusal for others to help their own suffering people who are at the brink of starvation and death.


ASEAN of course is still ASLEEP. What about Big Brother Yankee Doodle?? Well at least to-day the U.S. has issued a concerned warning to these monsters. I think it's time Big Brother DO something tangible, what about "Pre-emptive Aid Attack"!

Save Myanmar, and Quick!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Petai A Day Keeps Everyone Away

I just received this:


Petai contains three natural sugars -sucrose, fructose and glucose. Combined with fiber, petai gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. Research has proved that just two servings of petai provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout. No wonder petai is the number one fruit with the world's leading athletes. (Really? My own comment)

But energy isn't the only way petai can help us keep fit. It can also help overcome or prevent a substantial number of illnesses and conditions, making it a must to add to our daily diet.

Wah! It claims to be effective for the following:


PMS(premenstrual syndrome):


Blood Pressure:

Brain Power :




Morning Sickness :




Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) : (My comment: What's this? )





Mosquito bites : Before reaching for the insect bite cream, try rubbing the affected area with the inside of the petai skin. Many people find it amazingly successful at reducing swelling and irritation.

Temperature control: (Hey! What's this? Don't need air-con?)

So maybe its time to change that well-known phrase so that we say, 'A Petai a day keeps the doctor away'.

Caution from Justin Choo: "A Petai a day keeps everyone away, at the end of the day!"

Have a Healthy Day!

[For my other healthy lifestyle articles, please check on "Healthy Lifestyle" links on the right sidebar of this blog]

Monday, May 19, 2008

China Mourns

China proclaims 3-day mourning for the Sichuan victims. A Nation prays together stays together.

What about Myanmar?? A nation desperately needs a complete changeover. Any takers? Big Brother Yankee Doodle, where are you??

Happy Vesak

The Birth

The Enlightenment

The Final Liberation (Mahaparinibbana)

To-day is Vesak Day. (You may have noticed the word "Vesak" is spelt either way with "V" or "W". Actually the pronunciation is in-between V and W.)

May I wish all Buddhists a happy Vesak Day. The thrice blessed day when the Buddha was born, gained enlightenment, and passed into Nibbana.

On this day, it is also appropriate that we reflect on the Buddha's reminder of the second phenominal characteristic of existence, and that is " existence is shrouded with unsatisfactoriness." At any time, anything can happen to us, both good and bad. May we reflect on what is happening right now in Myanmar and Sichuan in China. The wrath of nature has no mercy. So please take care.

Have a Happy and Peaceful Day!

(Read Life Of The Buddha HERE)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Are You Bothered?

This video was presented by my Dhamma friend, Bro Oh Teik Bin. To-morrow is Vesak Day. Come let us reflect on how fortunate we are, when we see so much suffering around us. Let us not mess up our lives. Let us live in peace and contentment without harming others.

Have a Reflective Day!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Now have some light moments

Now some light moments!

Myanmar Cyclone

I have received photos depicting horrible and extremely graphic sights of the destruction by the Myanmar cyclone. I don't think I want to show them here. The above photo is sad enough.
This is terrible enough. Do we need anymore man-created tragedies?

Sichuan Eartquake

From: view2future, 2 days ago

SlideShare Link

This is terrible enough. Do we need anymore man-created tragedies?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Where To Go Fishing?

Everything is possible. Have patience and great faith. Maybe when it rains cats and dogs, fish will also descend from heaven!! I am very serious.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dance of the thousand arms

(This post is replaced by "Thousand-hand Quanyin Dance.")

Most of you, if not all, would have watched this dance presentation by the pretty deaf/mute Chinese dancers umpteen times. I wonder whether you notice that the original version is accompanied by a rather slow and somber musical score. But this one I find it very refreshing and vibrant. It is accompanied by the Chant of the Great Mantra.

Presenting the very talented, one of its kind in the whole world......enjoy and give a standing ovation...encore!

Trolley Bus

I think old age has finally caught up. Actually had already caught up ages ago! My nostalgic description in my previous post about tram seems to be a trumped up report to all of you. My sincere apology. Come to think of it, it was not tram but trolley bus that I witnessed. Would I say, the trolleys are an up-grade version of the trams? The difference as you can see is in the wheels. Perhaps it may be more feasible and economical for Penang to bring back the trolleys instead of the trams. This will save the cost of laying tracks which may also pose a danger to the motor-cyclists.
What say you?

Penangites for Trams

Our Blogger friend Anil @ is initiating the "Penangites for Trams" campaign. He wrote: Today, several Penang-based bloggers and websites have simultaneously launched a “Penangites for Trams” campaign. So I am joining in this campaign.

I can still remember seeing trams stopping at the intersection of Beach Street/Bridge Street/Prangin Road, the new names are Lbh Pantai/Jln CY Choy/Jln Dr Lim Chwee Leong.
The tram would have to stop at this junction when the connecting twin rods (don't know the technical name) dislodged from the overhanging cables. This happened quiet frequently when the tram negotiated the tight corners of the junction. The driver would have to alight from the tram, would pick up a long pole from the side of the tram to attach back the twin rods onto the overhanging cables. The whole process was an entertaining sight for a young boy then. You know without computers and tvs and what have you, life was so simple, that even a non-event like that could give pleasure to an innocent boy. Of course with the latest technology you would not experience such "misadventure" anymore.

Yes Penangites For Trams. And the benefits? Please read Anil's blog to-day. (

I sokong. What about you?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Sad Tale Of Two Contrasting Countries

Uploaded on May 12, 2008by gathara

I actually wanted to comment on the cyclone tragedy in Myanmar, but came across this write-up with the accompanying cartoon. I couldn't have done a better job. So this is from the above link:

[Can you believe the idiots running Burma (or Myanmar)? Possibly 100,000 people killed and over 1.5M displaced by cyclone Nargis and all the military rulers can think of is how to hang on to power! This is very reminiscent of the Kenyan situation in the first few months of this year when, confronted with over 1000 deaths and hundreds of thousands displaced, our politicians could only think of ways of exploiting the situation to their advantage. In Burma, the government actually went ahead with its sham referendum on the Constitution (which seeks to entrench the ruling junta in perpetual government and to deny Nobel Laureate Ang Sang Suu Kyi, the only person to have been validly elected to run the country, any chance of doing so) despite pleas from all concerned to postpone it in the light of the calamity. The Burmese dictators, already notorious for the scant attention they pay to the welfare of their people (having presided over the decay of the country from one of the wealthiest to the poorest in the region), are plumbing new depths of inhumanity by refusing to issue visas to humanitarian workers and seizing the few relief supplies that have been flown in. If this is not a crime against humanity, then I don't know what is. I hope the generals will soon be the subjects of an investigation and prosecution by the International Criminal Court.]

The latest stats estimated 100,000 deaths, 30,000 missing and 2,000,000 displaced!! Only 20% of aid could trickle in. And who knows, how much or little of this 20% is going to reach the victims. How sad that people of the same race could mistreat people of their own kind.

It is high time that some stronger countries act now to rid Myanmar of these monsters. (See also my comment here:)
Meanwhile in China:

In stark contrast, the recent earthquake in south-western China, in the province of Sichuan, saw local residents and the army personnel and all able bodied Chinese pitching in. Even the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao personally flew to the site. All emergency aids were despatched without any delay. I salute the Chinese Government.

39 Years Later

To-day is a very special day for Malaysia. If you are under 39 years old, you were not born yet on that fateful day where humane values were thrown down the gutter in this country. I was 19 years old then. I had this "dirty" habit (still have!) of relaxing and dreaming out thoughts (all sorts, use your imagination) while squating in the toilet. Squating??!! Yes! Squating in the toilet. You know, a lot of us were not so fortunate to have flush system then! How disgusting! Imagine spending 20 minutes in the filthy and smelly cubicle! Am I writing a dirty article or am I suppose to talk about the unfortunate day May 13? Yes May 13. For added entertainment I would take along my small transistor radio to the toilet. What radio? Or forget it, you young people; very difficult to communicate with you all. I have to explain every archaic term and situation. Go look up Now I know why young upstarts get extremely impatient with oldies like me when it comes to teaching us the nitty gritty of the computer. Old people are very long-winded, as you should know by now. Yes, I was in the toilet past 8 in the evening after coming back from my Aikido session. (Yes, Aikido. About this later, not now.) The broadcast sounded funny and very mysterious. Intermitent announcements something like stay at home, somewhere something had happened. Luckily I was in Penang, come to think of it.
May all the unfortunate innocent victims rest in peace. May all the perpetrators of this evil, face the inescapable retributions in equal proportions in days to come, if fate has not caught up with them yet.
Let us move on, and not bring up this awful incident to incite fear for political advantage.
Don't you agree?
Have a peaceful day.

Sometimes Summer, Sometimes Winter.

To-day's post is dedicated to Sweet Caroline:
It may now be winter; freezing, miserable, dark, but it will pass.
Summer will come; warm, happy, sunshine, it will surely come.
Please let nature take its course. The good, the bad, and the ugly have to be given freedom to pass through. Do not obstruct whatever comes its way. Let it pass and the dust will settle, the path will be clear again!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother

To-day is Mother's Day, so says the media. I suppose it all started in the west. But no; after consulting the Mother of all Mothers of Information.....The Wikipedia! Not to waste your time here, you can click here.

In China, in recent years some people began to advocate Mother's Day for memory of Meng Mu, the mother of
Mèng Zǐ. It's still not an official festival except in very few cities.

Closer to home, Malaysia. Do you know who are the happiest people to-day? No you are wrong, not the mothers. I cannot be a mother because I am a father; but I don't think the average mother will be the happiest to-day. The first reason is she will avoid scolding or criticizing her children. But the saddest thing is this paradox, the mother feels great disappointment when the children have "forgotten" her, especially to-day. But if she has the wisdom to reflect; it is no difference if her children can remember her on only one day of the year, but "forgotten" her the rest of the year. Oh yes, who are the happiest? Of course, the business people, especially those in the food and cake business.

Who is the person in the picture? My mother. She is 84. I can remember her age this year because she has come full cycle 7 times in the Chinese zodiac! During our times, there was no such thing as Mother's Day or Father's Day. Everyday was "The Same Thing Day" because everyday was just another day.

The greatest tragedy for a mother is when she is old and useless, the children/grandchildren/husband, chuck her away in the Old Folks home to ...just use your imagination. My second sister and I took back my mother from an old folks home when she suffered this horrible fate. Now she is safely with me although "old and useless". She is now not as you see her in the above picture.

Everyday is Mother's Day to me. What about you?

Happy Mother's Day???

(Postscript: My mother passed away on 9 July 2008, corresponding to the Chinese date, 7th day of the 6th moon, at the age of 83)

(My niece found this video from her archives, showing my mother with my sister.)

Ma Ma Hao (Mother The Best)

(I have a posting about my father too; click HERE:)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Family affair

We can learn from this family. No monkey business here. Purely a private family affair. This picture actually should not be spoilt by words. Just look closely, concentrate, and contemplate.
For the mothers, Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Simply Simple.

Sometimes, it's the simplest thing that gives the greatest meaning to life. No complications, no unnecessary decorations, no burden. I remember when I was a small boy, I used to notice little pinkish and purplish flowers by the roadside. Nobody laid claims on them simply because they were just very ordinary little flowers. Would you have remembered such little attraction? I do.
Have a Memorable Day.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dark Clouds Over Myanmar

Myanmar is a devasted country right now. Hope that aids effectively reach the region fast. The Myanmar peoples have suffered enough, and long enough. It's a pity the country has no oil reserves, otherwise Big Brother Yankee Doodle will be able to rid the country of warlords and scums within a week. May the peoples of Myanmar have peace and prosperity in the near future.
Click below to help the Burmese people with a donation and see a video appeal to Avaaz from a leader of the monks:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

E = M2....Einstein Is Marilyn Monroe !

When you look at this picture close you see Albert Einstein. But if you stand at a 5-metre distance, it will become Marilyn Monroe.
Have an Illusionary Day!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fly for less than free?

I don't think anyone needs a brain to know that you can't do business for free. Any smart aleck who can provide convincing analyses and explanations for these two crazy airlines competing for free flights?

Why not they distribute free rice to the public instead? This sounds more beneficial and is definitely a more wholesome charity for all of us.

Check this out:

Have a flying start!

Monday, May 5, 2008

I still cannot believe it!

Josef Fritzl

This nefarious monster of the 21st century cannot have done it ALONE for 24 years undetected not even by one single person.

I simply cannot believe it!

He was known to have gone to Thailand for close to a month for his sex vacation. Tell me, how could the poor "prisoners" survive for such a long period without any outside assistance?

Soaking up the sun on a holiday in Thailand in 1998

How short is short?

I always think I am the shortest person on earth, until I see this!! Can we always compare things and choose the best? Sometimes it is not about choices, but to make the best use of what is available. That's not too bad as we still have the "availables" to make use of.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What you see is what you get!

Once in awhile it's nice to refresh ourselves with the pearl of wisdom which we come across. To-day is such a day. To-day, I chose to see only the good and nothing else!
Have a good day!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A New Beginning!

To-day is a new beginning of a new chapter for this "speck" of a Blogger! I am constructing my "anchor" blog which is the life-blood of my life. The subject is BUDDHISM! But wait a second before you yell "Oh not another one of those!!" and immediately click off this site.
This is going to be a very special blog commenting on mostly questions posted to me through one of the Buddhist web sites over the past years. You will savour all the down-to-earth comments on questions pertaining to life's vicissitudes; the ups and downs; the whys and why nots; the agonies and the felicities; and what have you.
"Life Is Like That" will take roots on 9 May 2008 at 12.01am. But to-day it has been planted and you can have a "Sneaky Peep" @
Have a new beginning!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Most effective advertisement

I assume you have survived after viewing the previous video "Heart problem". Now you can view this with your heart at peace.

Pre-condition to view this video: You must view the previous video first, otherwise don't blame me for any misadventure that might befall you!!

Now presenting:

Heart problem? Don't watch this video!!

I strongly urge you to check with your doctor first before viewing this video. View at your own risk. Don't accuse me of not forewarning you!!

("buffering" will take a few minutes; please be patient)

Have a ghoulish day!

700 comments and increasing by the seconds!

700 comments and increasing by the seconds!! This is the latest tally of comments in Che Det's Blog at 3pm 2 May, the beginning of the second day of its debut! Hope the Old Man spend all his time reading each and every comment and put in his replies as well. This will keep him FULLY occupied for the rest of his life, away from any further mischief!!
Sounds like sour grapes!!
Have a fruity day!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mahathir has become a common blogger!!

I bravely sent a message to Tun' s first article welcoming him to Blogosphere. This is what I wrote, you can find it under comment #107 under his first entry of his blog:
Tun Che Det,
Aiyoh, I thought blogging was just for us lallang by the filthy drains! I don't think you have the time to read and filter the hundreds of comments that come your way. You must have assistants to do this job. I don't think this Blogger Blog programme can handle the volume of traffic that Tun will attract in another few days. I thought Blogger was just for people like me walking the streets with T-shirt and shorts hoping to make a few US$ through Adsense!
Welcome to blogosphere, Tun!
May 1, 2008 3:45 PM


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