Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"3-1-2" Qigong : Simple & Easy

This post is about Qigong. It is one of the three fundamental pillars to good health. As I have mentioned before, the three pillars to good health are healthy diet, physical excercise and mental stability. Well, this is just my humble opinion.

This is from Wikipedia:

"Qigong (or ch'i kung) refers to a wide variety of traditional cultivation practices that involve methods of accumulating, circulating, and working with Qi or energy within the body. The qi in qigong means breath or air in Chinese, and, by extension, life force, dynamic energy or even cosmic breath. Gong means work applied to a discipline or the resultant level of skill, so qigong is thus breath work or energy work."

There is actually no definite equivalent term in English for "qi", for the simple reason that it is not in the English vocabulary. The existence and power of this qi can even be demonstrated. During my younger days while practising Aikido, we did a simple demonstration by letting an opponent bend our arms. With proper qi concentration, the arm would stay rigid and not yield to the force to bend.

The popular Tai Chi is one form of Qigong. There are many forms of Qigong ranging from a very stationary type to the very graceful dance form. Take a walk around any recreation park early in the morning and you will be awed by the varieties of Qigong being practised. If you are in Penang, the Botanical Gardens in the morning is the place to go.

I have practised a number of Qigong variations, including Tai Chi; from the very taxing stationary form to the exhilarating dance-type Qigong. All in, I have done 6 types of Qigong.

Now I incorporate parts of the different Qigong movements to suit my personal preference.

Here, I would like to share with you good people a very simple and easy Qigong technique. It is quite well-known amongst the Chinese-educated community. It is very popular because it is so simple and easy to practise. It is called the "Three-One-Two Meridian Technique".

Take your time to watch the short YouTube presentation. It is in Mandarin, but not a problem for you can watch the demonstration in detail. The "Three" is about the 3 pressure points. (Remember to do both sides.) The "One" is the abdominal breathing technique; and the "Two" is the 2-step leg exercise.

This is my routine:
While sitting in the toilet, I do the "Three Acupoints".
Twice after the showers (morning and afternoon), I practise the "Two-step leg exercise".
Before sleeping, I do the "One" abdominal breathing exercise.

Enjoy the YouTube videos.


First Acupoint

Second Acupoint

Third Acupoint

Abdominal Breathing

Two-step leg exercise

I wish to thank my internet Sifu from whom I "borrowed" the above videos. You should take a look at his original blog HERE:

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monsterball said...

Chinese were accused being selfish by not sharing knowledge and inventions.
Bruce American Chinese taught Americans ...Chinese art of self defence....movements........all..created by himself....and his death is suspected to be not natural. exercises readily exposed.
Strange as it may seem...China banned "Qigong"...which I do not pay too much attention..what are the real reasons.
But China is dead set...not to allow any so call new religions come into their countr6y.
All religions must be proven well established and at least 35 years old...something like that.
I think China us very sharp and smart and not at all.....controlling religions.
It is infact...protecting the well established religions....all freely practiced in China.
I always have a great urge to do meditations ....but never took it seriously........just basic knowledge.
As for health...daily walking exercise and any sport .....I am too old for that.
I love badminton and bowling...especially badminton.
Now I play...bed-in-turn.......but that also slowed down..........hahahahhahaha
Go to toilet..I focus on shitting and Justin.

bow said...

Qigong is good for your health especially old folks, it is slow, stress free,and low impact movement lower the chance of getting injure.
Most important it is not haram yet! So will not offend Malaysia ayatollah and imam.

Justin Choo said...


Qigong is now being encouraged by the Chinese Governmnet.. Only those with cultist leaning are banned.

monsterball said...

Good news!
I recalled reading that long ago.....but pay no detail attention.
China is practical....serious and nonsense government.
They can unite 1.2 billion population comprising of 57 types of people into one race...within 25 years...and UMNO is trying hard to keep separating 27 million population....through race and religion politics.
How stupid can one country keep supporting such divisions,
How sickening to note MCA...Gerakan and MIC accept to be second class citizens...and ask all Malaysians to do so.
Will Kyveas of PPP accepts Dollah advise to pull out from BN?
I doubt...unless PPP close shop and join any Pakartan Rakyat party.

Justin Choo said...

PPP is just trying to hint, eyeing Pakatan. Too shy to say so!! He is just hoping PR people would "invite" him. Fat hope!!

bow said...

MCA n Gerakan support united monkey national organization racist nation policy of classifying non -malay citizens as third class citizens explain why they are so complacent in a 2nd class citizen grouping. They are still entitled to left over crumbs from their master even though in smaller percentages in term of our stolen country wealth.

monsterball said...

hi Justin..I glanced through your "Simple $ Easy" video and must are a caring and sharing kind soul.
Yes...I recommend visitors to view and understand. fuming mad!!
You give out secrets of good is he going to get sick patients?....hahahhahahaha
But he is so filthy rich...he even give me free medical advises.
What a humble and nice Doc he is.
Too bad..he is my beloved enemy in politic.
He resign from Gerakan....then..maybe he and I can go over to Penang and celebrate his FREEDOM...with you and Romerz together.
What say you Doc....when are you going to resign from Gerakan?

bow said...

Majority of Chinese Malaysians who choose to sell non -malay citizenship' rights to their master (umno) are filthy rich and well off in Malaysia, no doubt about that. That is the whole purpose of joining Gerakan and MCA, to support their racist master and terrorizing Malaysia's minority.

romerz said...

Dear Justin,

I know you are a strong supporter of all things Chinese so can I solicit your comments on my last posting about Dong Jiao Zong's threat of "massive protest action"?

dr hsu said...

qigong is go for health. The motion is good for flexibility f the joints and muscles. The breathing is good for relaxation and thereby boostig immune system.

I have always advised my patients who have cancer to try qigong as an adjunct exercise . Exercise boosts their health and immune system and at the same time, exxercise produces endorphine, which will lift their mood, which is often i the epressed state.

But qigong is not cure all. It is more for preventive use . When a person is sick, he still has to try medical treatment, unless one subscribes to my master's theory, that if you are supposed to die, you die no matter what treatment you get.

A true Malaysian said...


I should call you Dr. Choo for once. No wonder you look so healthy. I shall practise 3-1-2 Qigong from now.

Thank you for these video clips.

Justin Choo said...

A True Malaysian,

Told you before. You too also can be called Doctor. Just as Dr Hsu said he is a member of Gerakan, but not a politician.

Happy you like this post.

A true Malaysian said...


It seems sjsandteam is making waves out there. Another interesting site? Let see how's thing goes.

monsterball said...

hahahahahahahahaha..Active member of a political party......but not a politician.
Spinning wheels keep rolling..rolling....rolling.
Yip!!..True Malaysia can be a doctor too.

Justin Choo said...


Sorry to leave you out on this doctor membership thingie. As age is not a criterion, you are also eligible. Even cigar smokers are welcome.

monsterball said...

All of you can be quack doctors or real one.
I prefer to be an agent provocateur.

Li Li said...

I think both Qigong and Tai Chi are good exercises and good for health.

I want to share something about massage.

I mention earlier that I brought 3 people to see the bone specialist on 10th Dec 08. One of them have bone/nerve problem. After the doctor check, he suspect that the nerve got injured due to rough massage by the massage parlour about 1.5 months ago.

The doctor in Klang hospital explain that the patient's nerve from the buttock area could have been injured by accident or something that pressed hard onto his nerve. Due to that, the injured nerve was trying to repair itself at this moment. That is why he is experiencing some eletrical shocks from his muscles/bone from his hip to his toes. The nerve will grow 1cm each day. For the nerve to regenerate from the toes to the hip, it will take about 3 months to heal.

This is just a sharing. Do not simply get unskilled person to do full body massage if they are not expert in massage. It could hurt your nerve.


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