Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 : International Year Of Astronomy

A very happy new year to all of you. A standard greeting for the year 2009. Today is the first day of the rest of your 2009. Or is it?

Actually time and distance are only concepts created by humans to have a sense of the passage of life. In the unimaginable vastness of the cosmos, time and distance are non-events. Is there really a beginning or an end? A controversial question which I shall not pursue to invite emotional arguments. To me in this vastness of space, there is no time, no distance, no beginning, and no ending. It just revolves in cycle...formation, existence, degeneration, and finally destruction; and the cycle of this phenomenal spectacular theatrical display starts all over again.

So to the universe at large today is just another day. Same as the billions and billions of days that went pass, and will be similar for the billions and billions of days yet to come.

The Year 2009 is declared as The International Year Of Astronomy. I hope that humans can spend more time looking upwards with awe and inspiration and realize how minute and insignificant each person is , and how short each person's life is, in this vastness of space. Instead of finding faults with others, why not use our time wisely for good health, peace and contentment?

I shall surely try AGAIN and AGAIN! As written in my profile, I am just a tiny speck of dust trying to settle down!!

Below are some information on The International Year Of Astronomy.
The picture "M31" below is also for us to imagine the unimaginable vastness of the universe!!

Have a happy 2009!!

M31 - The Great Galaxy in Andromeda

The Andromeda Galaxy is a gigantic collection of more than 300 billion stars. Easily visible from a dark site, it is one of the farthest objects that can be seen with the unaided eye, at a distance of about 2.5 million light years. Companion dwarf elliptical galaxies M32 and M110 are also visible.

M31 is a member of our local group of galaxies, which also contains the Milky Way, Magellanic Clouds, and M33. All are part of the gigantic Virgo supercluster of galaxies that dominates our local part of the universe

(Picture from UNESCO Site)

IYA2009 General

The International Year of Astronomy 2009 is a global effort initiated by the International Astronomical Union and UNESCO to help the citizens of the world rediscover their place in the Universe through the day- and night-time sky, and thereby engage a personal sense of wonder and discovery.


Everyone should realise the impact of astronomy and other fundamental sciences on our daily lives, and understand how scientific knowledge can contribute to a more equitable and peaceful society. IYA2009 activities will take place locally, nationally, regionally and internationally. National Nodes have been formed in each country to prepare activities for 2009. These nodes will establish collaborations between professional and amateur astronomers, science centres and science communicators to prepare activities for 2009. Already now, 135 countries are involved and well over 140 are expected to participate eventually.

To help coordinate this huge global programme and to provide an important resource for the participating countries, the IAU has established a central Secretariat and an IYA2009 website ( as the principal IYA2009 resource for public, professionals and media alike.


bow said...

Man does not have to go far to know how small he is, just raise your head and look at the sky, man is just a tiny creature in this vast universe of God, but manage to stir up so much trouble and disaster on earth.

Time is too short for man to waste, why can't he be color blind and forget about petty infraction and achievement on earth, instead look beyond the vast resources on his top and learn to live in harmony with each other and his creator?

Li Li said...

Today is the 1st day of 2009.

Happy New Year & Happiness & Good Health to all of you.

Time is indeed too short if we are having lots of $$$ to spend. Ha ha ha.

This year I hope for peace for everyone around the world.

Justin Choo said...

It's the tiny ego in everyone of us thinking BIG. That's the cause of all our troubles!

Justin Choo said...

Li Li,

"Time is indeed too short if we are having lots of $$$ to spend."

I don't have much money, but life is still too short.

"This year I hope for peace for everyone around the world."
Keep on hoping!! In reality there's no hope for peace; it is the very nature of this world to be such.

Sorry to "wet blanket" your wishes.

Still, I wish you peace and contentment, plus a bonus of happiness!!

monsterball said...

This is a year for Frontliners...freedom fighters ad Malaysia.
Daringly exposing the hypocrites and defending and joke..pass th defend again and again..until..all kinds of ghostly characters are exposed and be done with....paving smooth way for 2 million young easy to put the .."X"...with no confusion....with clear minds...for or against.
The post by Justin is for natural living lifestyle and conditions..which I will just...quote Buddha's words.."There is no begging and no ending"
I always choose a window seat in plane rides and when they are about to land...looking can see humans are exactly like all in enclosed so many millions of different world creatures...forest..sea...trees...leaves..sand.deserts....and even in the seas...there are different level of underworld their lifestyle....minding their own business...guarding their young ones...with their lives.
Yes...divide 24 hours into your will third third working...struggling to make a living...and you actually have one third to be yourself...that is if one..knows how to be a noble human being. Selfish and stubborn people learn NOTHING!!
Money is needed to survive in our world. But allowing money to control make you boastful...when you have much more than show off...these are useless to be friendly.
End of the world?......Yip...sure to come...very soon..a hundred or more years from now.
But humans are extremely smart...cunning..and may save the world.
Jules Verne...first man talking space ships...lived years ahead of time.

monsterball said...

Put out a post about what is a true malaysian and I will give at least 4 different kinds to identify and think about.
If I am writing nonsense...than all my life ...searching for truths is wasted.
Come on...inspire me to write!!

monsterball said...

"NO BEGINNING AND NO ENDING " so said Buddha!!
I remind my self as King Monkut..known as Rama the "King & I" famous musical movie...where His lousy English is understood by the British Ambassador and Anna...the English teacher to his children.
Anna's grandchildren.. is still living in Thailand.
I love the .."etc etc etc"..and "it is a false lie"..bees flying from flower to flower...sending two male elephants to Lincoln to breed and fight wars.
This is a true story.
One by Chow Yen where compare to the late Yul Bryner.
His stage show went on for more than 15 years...until the day he died.
I was there to choose between seeing live "Cats" or him.

novice101 said...


Happy New Year!

2009 may have its moments of surprises, challenges, triumphs, tribulations, highs and lows but through our combined efforts we can leave our marks on it.

We can all make our small contributions to make this year a better year. Let the cumulative effect works its wonder, we just have to come together.

Justin Choo said...


Greetings to you too.

Yes we shall all do our little ways to make them big and powerful.

bow said...

"Thursday, a Malaysian military helicopter saved an Indian tanker carrying a full load of oil when it was attacked by two skiffs.

The Malaysians, who are part of the multinational task force, also saved a Chinese ship less than two weeks ago. "

Malaysian heroism in protecting foreign ships during first day of new year, what a pleasant beginning for all our brave service man and woman.

Justin Choo said...


That is something positive for a start of the new year. Fancy saving lives and properties for two of the biggest nations!!

bow said...

Exactly, Justin. I read that from the international marine shipping bureau memo. station in Malaysia, but i am not sure how credible is it? Seem quite impossible two bigger countries than us need Malaysia's navy assistance and protection in high sea piracy is not usual. Probably our navy happened to be around the vicinity of robbery at that time, any way, it is a good start in 2009 for us.

monsterball said...

Out of the blue....Lady Luck shines on Malaysian brave marines was choice...fight or to be killed......{maybe}..won...and that's good news.
Purposely looking for..pirate and terrorists...plenty in ISREAL..not the Palestinians...but the Jews.
But they are real Mahathir....before you accuse him a crook...he is already firing all cylinders...accusing others..non stop.
So US and Britain...non stop saying Palestinians are go and figure that out.
When your whole family bombed and killed for no reasons...even I will dare to blow myself up...for revenge..against mighty well armed soldiers and backed up by mighty Christian countries.
Yes....that is the mother of all wars for TRUTHS by Christians and Muslims...non stop........for more than 100 years...and way back 300 years...same thing..different style...same reasons.
And who really understand TRUTHS more than anyone?

A true Malaysian said...


You are great. We are all the same as far as universe is concerned.

I concur fully with you that "Instead of finding faults with others, why not use our time wisely for good health, peace and contentment?"

monsterball said... are lousy!
We are BORN THE SAME...but become totally different after eating the apple of knowledge.
We become totally different out of selfishness and greed.
I not agree with you...unless I am a false Malaysian...trying to project a true one.
I think you must be visited by Dr.Dhammananda last talk like a monk.

monsterball said...

Hi Justin...go and tell your message to the maybe be killed.
Go and tell to Zimbabwe folks on the streets....they will say you are mad..get lost!!
Go and tell that to the present Thais fighting each other...they will warn you and tell you take the next plane home....or else.
Go and tell Gerakan a
MCA...they will say..."Where have you been all the time?" They need more "middle road" nice guys like fool Malaysians.
For or Against not talk like you....but I forgive and understand you.,...sometimes..lost in the woods..and need a good friend like pull you back......hahahahahahaha

Justin Choo said...


I am talking to myself in this blog.

And passers-by happened to notice this foolish little man mumbling along. Took pity on him and tried to make some comments!!

monsterball said...

Malaysians tiny ego ..thinking big?
Are you nuts??
Is Mahathir with tiny ego?
Is UMNO having tiny egos?
Are all MCA and Gerakan having tiny egos..thinking big?
Are those poor third class Muslims having a life at all?
The list goes on and on....and who caused them?
Most important...who supports them?
Hi Justin...nice guys la..with ever so call...great true logics and non offensive guys....that actually supports MCA and Gerakan as members.or supporting so call Chinese to enjoy race and religion politics.
After 13th election..we can talk no thinking big stuffs...OK??
In few Malaysian Chinese blogs....I will expose those two timers...teaching everyone to agree to disagree. Sheih's blog...muslins fanatics are talking Hudud laws...and read how we respond...suddenly all quiet.
Go to Lim Kit Siang's blog and read how smart youngsters clear.....almost all...deadly against MCA and Gerakan..with no ego nor talk big..simply wonderful intelligent debates.
Yes yes yes...ego and thinking big ...are real and UMNO and BN.
So..before anyone agrees with you..he must show..his messages are AGAINST MCA and Gerakan.
Writings tell a person's character.
And in blogs talking politics...lives depend on our clear and clear mind...for or against...and one should rejoice...if a Gerakan supporter..suddenly go against that party...but no.."someone" always guide those..back to agree to disagree.
Who encourage chilipadi to continue his nonsense?...says so clear about that man's character.My parents also taught me to respect the eldest..yet I battle my father...if I feel ..he was wrong....and he said I am a great son..with guts.
He never took offence over sincere straight forward discussions.
Right or wrong...we learn from that way..and not make over one's selfish cowardly character...yet love to poke a man with no balls.
I am done!

monsterball said...

OK! responded well.
I wrote too much.

bow said...

In the eye of a great GOD, all men are just mortal and tiny speck in his universe, but men do not have wisdom to see through that and intelligent to understand, so they continue to fight each other on the basic of religion and race in order to acquire more political power, personal wealth,supremacy and control till the end of the age.

bow said...

Justin is becoming popular now, so many comments inundated the blog. You are having a winner beginning in the year 2009. ha ha.

monsterball said...

Those who miss your sad...missing all the good stuffs.

monsterball said...

Romerz will teach Justin to drink good wine and smoke a cigar....or Justin will teach Romerz to stop smoking and drinking too much.
Moderation is say Justin.
Put then like a cat and a dog....but these two are no two timers.
One is a lost is lost in the woods...find each with each each other....they will convince change government with their votes....or at least..keep voting DAP for Penang.
I am after real two timers .....Malaysian Chinese.

Justin Choo said...


Sorry I have to delete your 2 comments because of one sentence in each comment. Since this blog programme has no option to delete selected words/sentences, I have to delete the whole lot.
Nothing personal but just to avoid big problem.


See Monsterball? The number 9 again!!

monsterball said...

You are the blog owner.
You delete as much as you feel right.
If I feel offended...just keep quiet..move out.

monsterball said...

Justin! Please send me a HP message.
I accidentally deleted your HP number!!

monsterball said...

Nice to hear your voice you again.!!

bow said...

Justin, if you want to delete all comments here is alright with me too! i will just move on with my life, no hard feeling.

Justin Choo said...


I never delete comments unnecessary, except on those touching on religion or racial slur, which others may find them offensive.

As for me, no problem. You can criticize Buddhism or curse me. No problem.

When I delete comments, its to avoid problems for both the commenter and blog owner.

bow said...

For Israel , 2009 is going to be a bad year, got bombed by rockets for new year gifts, trying to stop the attack but getting no where, except condemnation, Hamas not only refuse to stop,instead intensify their rocket launched and wanted Israel ground troop into Gaza to full scale war regardless of civilian casualty. i think they are conspire with Hezbollah from Lebanon for a new coordinate attack from the north later.

Why anybody want to curse Justin? it has to be crazy doing that.

monsterball said...

We spoke and I accept his reasons.
He also confirm never met True Malaysian at all.
He said Romerz misunderstood his message.
This was posted at Dr.Hsu's blog..which TM is the main performer.
I wonder why he did not come out to correct Romerz.
Yip..I agree with Bow.
Only crazy nuts will hate Justin.

monsterball said...

Hate to talk about Israel and Palestine...with so much twists....and turns...using dirty politics to the fullest.
I also saw Arafat....stopped a very real why blame all on Israel?
Somehow...Israel want to prove they are the greatest defender of Judaism..father of all Christianity...and Palestine is still inspire by Salladdin the Great.. and defend Islam.
To me...these are the side shows of both religions..using innocent humans. But it has gone for so has become natural for Palestinians to take revenge...and Israel sort of defending their rights.
This situation is created by non other that the most evil..double standards...cunning govt. on Earth..USA.
Bow can talk as much as he want..on this subject.
Bottom line....does he have a suggestion to have peace?
Like I said...seeing Arafat stopped the closest to peace talk.....I have enough of these two countries.
I shed a tear or two...whenever I read of so many innocent people died for nothing.
That's all..4 billion people on Earth can do.
Trying to pull other countries into the war by USA govt. will not work.
China..Iran...Japan..are too smart to fall into USA govt. sickening political war.
Lets see what can Obama do...after 15th Jan. 2009 when he is the President. Give him time.

A true Malaysian said...

UMNO has to change. There is no doubt about this. Everyone of us knows except UMNO.

The antics of UMNO after 308 tsunami shown that UUMNO will not change and they 'can be changed' by our precious 'one vote' in our hand.

Just look at the tactics they are using in this coming KT 'bye-bye' election. The same old stories of Chinese education, Hudud Law, disharmony within PR are being playing up by MSM to fish for Chinese votes. But, are the KT Chinese so silly for UMNO and its gang to fish? I don't think so.

PP by-election, KT bye-bye election and the next GE are all about 'Competency, Accountability and Transparency'. They are not about race issues anymore.

It is too late for UMNO to change, even if they have the will now. UMNO must seriously look into Altantuya, corruption, incompetency of police force, its own election mechanism, decline in education standard, the list goes on, you guys can sambung from here.

Forget about MCA, MIC and Gerakan, they are all dead. They are just like walking corpses. We put much hope on Ong Tee Keat, but that fellow failed us.

Obituary for them is unnecessary. Malaysians just want them to be part of our darkest history and look ahead for brighter future.

KT voters, you are not just voting for yourselves, but for the people of Malaysia.

monsterball said...

The wind of change is real.
Now lets see....jealousy and confusing others...cut off totally.

monsterball said...

I miss Gracie. Where is she?
Justin should know.

carrie said...

something interesting about the andromeda galaxy, in order to see it you can't look directly at it but must defocus your gaze & not strain to see it but instead relax.

Justin Choo said...

Hi Carrie,

Is that so?

You have interesting blogs.

I notice you have a link for "Ox Herding". So do I, in my other blog.

Did you arrive from there?

monsterball said...

There was a "Carrie" movie...that cute..but once she gets mad....all hell go loose with her eyes..killing....anything she wants..long before "X-men" can do that.

monsterball said...

But it is so nice to get an interesting commentator..and obviously a blogger from overseas.
Justin must be so proud.


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