Saturday, November 22, 2008

Go Fly A Kite.

Yoga is now out of bound for Muslims, reports The Malaysian Insider:

"The country’s top Islamic body today ruled against Muslims practising yoga, saying it has elements of other religions that could corrupt Muslims."

I was flying my kite, when a friend told me the latest news above. Kite flying is my past-time hobby. As I know, kite-flying was first introduced in Timbuktu in 1070BC. During those times, according to research done by a well-known politician turned "Kitarogy" expert, there were elaborate rites and rituals surrounding the art of kite-flying.

By the way for those not very educated or intelligent like me, "Kitarogy" is the science and art of designing, making and flying kites. It also entails the hitting of big drums like those performed by the famous Kitaro. It is believed that before flying the kites, groups of young participants would strike the big drums making loud noises to warm up, and at the height of their ecstasy would engage themselves in sex orgies to culminate their elaborate rituals. That was why at that time Kite-flying was the most popular sport in many countries.

Hence the term "Kitarogy" comes from the combinations of Kite, Kitaro and Orgy. To make matters more complicated, the correct pronunciation is a subject of contention. The British pronounce as Kit Taro Jee. The Yankees as usual try to antagonise the British, and pronounce as Kite Tero Jai. The Japanese pronounce as Kit Arso Jee. And in Malysia, depending on your race and dialect, pronunciation is as diverse as "rojak". For examples, the Malays will say Kita Taruh Sini. The Hokkien Chinese like me will prefer to call it Ki Talok See, literally means "Go where die"!

But never mind, over the years Kitarogy has evolved and embraced many beliefs of different religions and cultures. Talking about different cultures, our Kelantan Kites are one of the most beautiful version.

Still don't get the story?

Go Fly a Kite!!

Have A Windy Day!!

Or go read "Money The Dirtiest Piece Of Paper"


Bow said...
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Bow said...

even the high court judge said for one to belong in that particular religion, she forsake personal freedom of choice, so live with it and be glad of your own decision. it is none of the judiciary business to intervene on "fatwa". After all, it only apply to muslim women.

monsterball said...

They know many Christians in USA became Buddhists..practicing meditations and yogaism.
If a religion is all good and strong...why be afraid of outside influences?
USA is not afraid...but our tiny little country is.
This is clear sign....UMNO wants to be like the by day.
And the most unethical...most undemocratic.....unreliable...untrustworthy government.....wants to teach us ethics too.

Anonymous said...

"Wearing trouser can make a woman tomboy, yoga is like practicing Hinduism " all these reasons really make me speechless, sigh!!!!! I am too simple to understand the Taliban.

Kitalogy Muslim said...

If a simple act of Yoga can corrupt Muslim, that tells us something about how shaky one's faith is.

Better go fly kite and have faith in 'Kitalogy'.

Justin Choo said...

Kitalogy Muslim,

Thanks for the new term "kitalogy", which gives me an inspiration to edit an up-dated version of this post.

Please read it again. It's different and more hilarious!!

monsterball said...

Kitalogy is combinations of..kite.. kitaro...orgy??
How the heck you can mix these three up...talking about Yogaism?
Malaysian government sure makes you mad like the extreme.
I am mad too....but calm and compose.
I wonder will they also ban meditations..going hand in hand with yoga.
Well the ban for muslims ..from gambling and drinking...and today..the muslims are best drinkers and great gamblers.
What they are doing is actually to fortifying their race to be better hypocrites.

motherchell said...

Great place you have here Justin. Have been on the Siberian track , missed you!
If they reject Yoga then they must reject Kitaro masterpieces too. You know the imbeciles -- once they are high on his music they will say they have been converted!

Cheers bro!

Justin Choo said...


Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

Please do this more often. Who knows when they will ban everything, including sleeping and going to toilets??

Bow said...

All those Malaysian Muslim men cheer for the ban on yoga upon hearing the fatwa, it is really funny!!!!!! I can not stop laughing my ass off..

monsterball said...

Thy ban drinking liquor and gambling....what happen?
Beloved Tunku loved horse racing and playing poker.
Those UMNO hypocrites are welknown good drinkers ...and gamble like hell. They love playing majong too....with high stakes...and gambling at golf course openly.!!
This is the most idiotic ban I have eve come across far.
By the way.....Justin...I guess...Doc is telling both of us..go fly kites...with his silence in his blog.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia will never fail to entertain me ever since United Monkey National Organization lead government started governed with so many laughable laws like "so-do-me", "guilty until swear by Koran" etc.. now those Taliban occult personalities come out with more laughing stocks, it is fun to live in Malaysia!!!!

Justin Choo said...


Dr Hsu usually enjoying himself by his piano in the evening and Sundays. No blogging.

You would have read his latest comments by now @ 11.36 am Mon 24 Nov. @ "some thoughts pt 2"

monsterball said...

Yes I read. That's why he should take up politics actively.
Telling all of us...go fly kites with those to hentam anymore?

monsterball said...

hello Anon...who ever you are.
Malaysia is not a fun place to live in.
Malaysians are in distress...daily getting arrested for being disobedient to a dictatorial government.
Watch out your fun places.
You may loose your wallet...and taken for a ride by a taxi driver...out to charge you like hell.
Our prostitutes are ugly...but look beautiful with charms they wear.
Fake goods are sold as get suckers.
Yes...our place is truly a fun place to live in....made into hell by UMNO government.
We are self appointed..fearless....exorcists.
But you can simple call us...Freedom Fighters.

monsterball said...

Justin...I don't think he keeps playing piano with his leisure hours...all the time.
He showed to program think like so.
He also said..he has so many charity work to do.
Don't be surprise..he is a red nose reindeer...keeping other "instruments" of different shape and sizes to play....outside......hahahahhahaha
I know many goodies...say play golf....but actually play one hole only. such a nice will be sinful of me..if I do not speak my mind up.......hahahahahahaha
Wife read this...he is under investigation by hiring a..private dick........hahahahahaha
No thanks to "Mr. Monster"..he addressed me his blog.

dr hsu said...

Justin, the next one to be barred from Muslims will be Tai chi, even though it is now pure exercise .

Tai Chi originates from Chang San Feng who is a Taoist monk. He introduced Tai CHi to his disciples as a form of self defence. It is nothing religious, but just because it was founded by a Taoist, it may be the next one after Yoga.

What a shame! I am A buddhist and while I was in University of SIngapore, most of those staying with me are all Christians, preaching to me day in day out on Christianity. I even followed them to church functions and participated in church charity activities. That did not make me a lesser buddhist.

If one's faith is strong, why bother whether Yoga was initialy associated with HInduism, which by itself is also a great religion?

Yoga is good for body and health, just like Tai CHi and other forms of exercise.

Why become so .... I do not know how to phrase it.

Bow said...

Where majority of Malaysians voted BN into power, we are destined to doom! With so many Chinese eunuchs lending supports to united monkey national organization, how can you expect it is not "hell" ? With So many occult personalities are positioned in the government, "fun" is the last thing you will find in Malaysia.

Justin Choo said...

Dr Hsu,

This is what I don't understand.

Is it out of fear or peer pressure or genuine respect in their "teachers" that the followers do not speak up and object? Of course I understand...the first two reasons sound more objective.

The only remedy...a change in the present government. No other way.

I think if they continue to fly kites like this it may be a blessing in disguise that the silent majority will silently vote them out. In the meantime they are killing themselves banning everything. As I said They should ban their followers from handling money. To the ultimated extreme, they should ban breathing in public as we the infidels have polluted the air. They shouldn't be breathing the polluted air. So next time when they pass us by they must hold their breath!!

monsterball said...

This reminds me of the 40's and up to mid..50's...just before Merdeka...where Christianity flourished in Malaysia...and the religious teachers did put fears into instill faithfulness to the religion.
Since then...they have vastly improved....even at one point...Christianity...was at the blink of USA...with empty churches.
The 911 brought all back to church...and it needs 'doomsday' wake people up!!
The many different Christianity wise teachers...have constantly MARKETED their religion..with give followers more and more chances to think freely....and the trick of all creating all sorts of activities...that people love to participate.
Most one forced to think Jesus is son of God...and thus FAITH is the magic hold on to believers.
One of the most important advantage to be a Christian.. is for all from the same church ...must support each funeral matters.....right Malaysia.
Going back to our Islam...useless to say more.
They are 50 years behind time...arrogant..because this is UMNO's ways to keep the balance of those fanatics...happy.
And the smart ones...are happy too...while they will not follow the instructions..and let Allah judge them. pleases both fronts.the fanatics and the open minded Muslims.
Fortunately....the vast majority third front.....the ones that yearn to be as free as others...they will be sick of their religion...with so many restrictions.....and is the work of hypocritical UMNO...playing with their own race again and again.

Bow said...

Umno's BN is able to rule with "fear" successfully since independence, the first factor you stated has been used repeatedly on muslim and non muslims alike regarding religion matter by Islamic affair department, quite similar to technique used by some Islamofascist countries where individual has no rights of choice especially woman, either you put up or getting lock up!!!

monsterball said...

I mean extinction...and not my long message.
I am good my English is. is getting better.....hahahahahaha


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