Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fresh fruit juices for a change

Chinese New Year and feasting go together.  By now you may have put on some extra kilogrammes, plus tons of cholesterol!  Apart from that, the energy spent on driving around and visiting friends and relatives may have taken its toll on your health.  You need to rejunevate.  Apart from relaxing and exercising, which are not that easy this time of the year, you can drink some healthy fruit juices.  Best is you do it yourself.  I never trust the hawkers or the kopitiams. Instead of drinking the pure juices with the vitamins, you may end up drinking contaminated water!  

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dewi kayangan said...


Yes, drink more fruit juices, and you'll become as slim as I am..:).

Btw, do you have an account in Facebook? I've tried to find yours but not avail.

I've just updated mine recently and learnt to get use to it. I find Facebook is much more easier than blogging. You can just post short notes and even link this blog of yours there. More ppl would read your blog la, this way.

Justin Choo said...

Hi Dewi,

I honestly don't like facebook. It is not user friendly to me. I got a bit confused with its format.

Just the same I have facebook @

dewi kayangan said...


Yes, I dislike Facebook initially, for I found it difficult and the entire website was so messy. It took me days to get used to them.

When I become more efficient, I found many of my old classmates there! And Yvonne and Pei Li are there too, and they post constantly on the Wall, and I could read all their messages, and they are linked to their blogs.

Hey, I just posted 2 new article in my blog. Feel free to read them - dont worry, no explicit pictures, but only explicit writings. Bouquets or ostrich eggs, any time...:)

Aunt Gracie


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