Friday, March 11, 2011

My first chiku fruit from my chiku plant!

I waited and waited and waited for it to ripen.  Each time I very gently touched it, "still hard".  Got suspicious and seek advice from USJ Forum and they thought that chiku may not ripen on tree.  So I decided to pluck it.  With precious fruit in my palm, I began to really pressed it and to my horror a part of it has already become too soft.  Silly me.  The fruit has already ripen ages ago and I was too gentle, feeling it.  Must thank the birds for not eating it.  Cut it opened, sliced out the over ripen part, and wifey and I got to enjoy the tastiest  chiku that we have ever tasted.  Now you can only "enjoy" the photos.

The last photo is passion fruit, also from my garden.  It's fairly small.  About the size of a big egg; only half the size of the commercial ones. 


A true Malaysian said...

Wonderful, they look so nice.

venuspop said...

Congrats, bro. That looked like a nice sweet and juicy ciku. So now we know that ciku do ripen on the tree. I wonder if it'll fall off on its own.

Justin Choo said...


Unfortunately no bo hood durian in my small garden!!

Justin Choo said...


I think it will eventually fall off, and that will be too late to salvage!


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