Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some photos from my garden

Some photos from my little garden. The little girl is my 6 yr old grand-daughter, Mia Serena.  Actually this post is mainly for the "USJ forum" gardening friends.  One of them like to see the "pole screen " which I planted my passion fruit plant.  The passion fruit plant is not doing well after its first fruiting.  Maybe I planted the hibiscus plant too near it.  I think I will plant another passion fruit plant on the other side of the pole screen.  I used to have kesidang on that side, but got rid of it when it refused to flower. 

You will also see the petunias.  They should have more flowers on them. Just bought them.  Hopefully should have more flowers later on. 

The Ciku tree is doing fine.  The fruits take a long time to ripen; but extremely sweet; without the sourish taste typical of ciku.

The last photo is fuchsia.  The flowers are beautifully shaped like lanterns.  My daughter bought two pots for me,  but the other pink one died.  I just repotted it this afternoon.  Fuchsia is supposed to be a temperate plant, but I am surprised that it grows here.  Will see whether the garden centre people are telling the truth in due course.

                                                   ( Mia Serena )

                                         (Passion fruit plant creeping along the pole screen)


                                                   (Ciku tree)



A true Malaysian said...

Nice. Don't know when I can be there again. Hi Serina. How are you?

A true Malaysian said...

Aiyo Justin, why you discarded your kesidang? Mine growing well and bloom very often.

But, need a lot of patience for kesidang to bloom. My patience paid of, Justin. Hahaha!!!

Justin Choo said...


I cut off the kesidang apart from not flowering, the fragrance was not that strong either.

venuspop said...

The fuchsia are the same ones I saw at Cameron Highlands. Same color too. If I am not mistaken there are yellow fuchsia as well.

As for the petunias, I have had all those before.

Thanks for the photos.


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