Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Speak English to deliver right information

Speak English, Penang CPO tells his men

GEORGE TOWN- Strengthen your communication skills, especially in English, to deliver the right information to the community.
In making this call to policemen, Penang police chief Deputy Commissioner Datuk Wira Ayub Yaakob said only 25% of the 5,000-strong policemen in the state could speak English fluently.
This was despite a pressing need to speak the language, in lieu of the many foreigners and various races in the state, he said.
"About 60% have average English language skills while the rest just know basic English," Ayub told reporters after launching the Special Training English Communication for Tourist Police here.
He said communication failure among policemen would inadvertently lead to misunderstanding among the public.
"The community expects us (police) to solve their problems. We should have the capability to do that, and it comes from good communication skills," he reasoned.

The above is a "copy&paste" from Malaysia Chronicle :

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Anonymous said...

tuan cpo.
this is an easy thing to do

run courses in house

,invite teachers fr mtc gelugor/ actors

to give some lecture

use primary school textbook -singapore

for easy practice



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