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IV Vitamin Therapy For Cancer Treatment

IV vitamin therapy for cancer treatment

IV vitamin therapy is an intravenous method that supplies the much needed vitamins and minerals quickly and directly to body cells. This is the fastest known method available. IV vitamin therapy has been found effective in fighting cancer, especially as an adjunctive therapy to the other available cancer treatments.
Our body needs nutrients not only to survive but also to maintain a healthy disposition. Our body cells depend on the food we eat. All the minerals and vitamins are sourced from the intake of food. IV or intravenous vitamin therapy is a method whereby essential vitamins and minerals are injected into the veins providing instant supply of concentrated nutrients directly to the millions of cells.
Under normal conditions, our body extracts vital nutrients from the food we eat through the normal process of digestion and absorption. However at times, the body is not able to extract these essential nutrients in a most efficient way, resulting in insufficient nutrient supply to our body cells. When this condition happens, our health will be affected. The cells will not be able to receive optimum supply of nutrients, and this will result in deterioration of cells. The whole body system will be affected as insufficient nutrients are supplied to the various parts of the body. This situation will open doors to illnesses as our body immune system will be weak. 

It is when a person suffers from this problem that IV therapy is recommended. With IV therapy, it is possible to inject high doses of vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream without causing any severe side effect, which would otherwise be with the conventional oral intake.

Myers' Cocktail

IV therapy is getting more acceptable nowadays. The most well-known IV therapy is the “Myers’ Cocktail”. It is an intravenous vitamin nutrient concoction formulated in the 1970s by John Myers, MD, a physician at the Johns Hopkins University. This IV protocol contains a combination of vitamins and minerals targeted to help treat a range of ailments and increase energy level. This “cocktail” has been prescribed for various illnesses amongst which were chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, muscle spasm, asthma, hives, congestive heart failure, angina (chest pain), infections, and senile dementia. The standard Myers’ Cocktail consists of vitamin B complex, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, magnesium and calcium.
Following the successes of the Myers’ Cocktail, there are now various variations of the nutrient combinations to treat different illnesses. The latest development is the IV protocol called IVVC + B12, which stands for intravenous vitamin C plus vitamin B12. Dr Linus Pauling a two-time Nobel Laureate was a staunch supporter for administering vitamin C as a healing agent. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that strengthens the immune system to fight against bacteria and viruses. IVVC has been proven to be very effective for treating common cold, flu, and sore throat. Patients have been found to feel better in a matter of hours after the IVVC administration. Vitamin B12 is included in this protocol in that it helps in the formation of red blood cells, as well as improving the health of nerve tissue.

IVVC+B12 For Cancer Treatment

The most promising advance in IVVC+B12 is for treating cancer. It is found that IVVC therapy destroys viruses and cancer cells but not harming the normal cells. This IVVC+B12 therapy seems to improve the effectiveness of metronomic chemotherapy while at the same reduce its negative side effects. A report done by The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning, International, Inc., Bio-communications Research Institute, shows that IVVC is effective against cancer. Under the title “Intravenous Ascorbate as a Chemotherapeutic and Biologic Response Modifying Agent” the report confirmed that high dose intravenous ascorbic acid (IAA) as an adjunctive therapy for cancer patients has improved patients’ sense of well being, reduced pain, and in many cases prolonged life beyond prognostications of oncologists. It further stated, which I quote:
“Twelve years ago, we used infusions of 30 grams of intravenous ascorbic acid, twice per week, and found that metastatic lesions in the lung and liver of a man with a primary renal cell carcinoma disappeared in a matter of weeks. At that time we believed IAA was useful for patients with cancer solely through two biological response modifier mechanisms: increased production of extracellular collagen ("walling off") and enhancement of immune function. We subsequently reported a case of resolution of bone metastases in a patient with primary breast cancer (1A) using infusions of 100 grams, once or twice per week.
We found that ascorbic acid is preferentially toxic to tumor cells suggesting that it could be useful as a chemotherapeutic agent. Preferential toxicity occurred in vitro in multiple tumor cell types. We also presented data suggesting that plasma concentrations of ascorbate required for killing tumor cells were achievable in humans.”

General conclusion

Cancer treatments have still a long way to achieve a high success rate. However, with new advancements in research and development into new methods of curing cancer, we hope that in time to come cancer patients will have a better chance of being cured. In the meantime we need to take good care of our health with healthy nutrition, regular exercise and maintaining a happy and relaxed disposition. By the way, IV vitamin therapy can be used periodically even in healthy people for enhancement of overall well-being. My personal opinion is that so long as we are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there should not be a need to go overboard in our health regime. I always believe in moderation. To me the most important factor is to maintain a happy and relaxed lifestyle. Then our body system will function without stress and our immune system will be strong enough to prevent any serious illness to strike.


The information provided in this article is sourced from the internet, from friends and contacts, and from personal experience. As I cautioned in my article, not every remedy will work on everyone. So is conventional medical treatment. It very much depends on the constituents of the person and the conditions peculiar to that person. Whatever the reasons, this article does not claim the information provided is totally accurate and reliable and will cure everyone. The purpose of this article is merely to inform visitors that there are alternative cures for all ailments.
You are therefore advised to consult your registered medical physicians as a matter of due diligence.

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