Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fascinating armless girl with the unconditional infectious smile

Watch the armless girl with the most beautiful smile.  Her smile is so infectious that it has ingrained into my mind.  Whenever I feel miserable, visualizing her big unconditional infectious smile puts me to shame.  She has taught me a simple lesson in life, smile whole-heartedly, unconditionally, and start living, instead of wallowing in self-pity and petty complaints.  
Below is the translation of the video:
(This really brings tears to one's eyes. Very moving and touchy. This girl depicts the suffering, unjust society, human pain and human endurance at its best. Very difficult to keep a dry eye and will experience a lump in the throat.
Wonder why, China Government does not provide her with artificial limbs esp now that it has grown to a very rich country with all the high tech and very wealthy people. 

Anyone with a heart will feel for her. She is so talented and makes you feel so inadequate compared with her suffering. She lost both of her arms through a tractor accident when she was a little girl and she went to Shanghai alone to survive despite no arms, enduring starvation, cold winter, rain and all the hardship just to be independent so she did not impose a burden on her mother. She did not want her mother to suffer from looking at her and yet she missed her so much. At the end of the video, a happy ending with a surprised reuniting of girl and her family.

She trained herself  embroidery art using only the toes, a very good one too just to survive by selling them on the street.) 

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