Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Love For Chinese Pop Songs

My internet friend Gary once commented that my father must had made a mistake sending me to English school.  Gary is 100% correct.  Although I think and speak in English, everything else is Chinaman in me, especially music.  I mostly listen to evergreen Chinese pop songs, esp those of the 70s and 80s.  My daughter recently presented me for my birthday a special collection of 20 cds of pioneers of mandarin songs of the 30s with an accompanying  book in Chinese and English introducing all the early singers starting from Wang Renmei and the famous and very pretty Zhou Xuan.

Over all these years, I only had hazy ideas about the early singers and songs because I can't read or speak Mandarin.   With this book, the history of the world of popular Chinese music reveals to me like a dream come true. The first Chinese pop songs started from 1927 in Shanghai.  The father of modern Chinese pop songs was Li Jinhui, who founded the "Moonlight Song and Dance Ensemble", which became the cradle of Chinese pops. The pioneer singers were all from this "Moonlight" entertainment group.

From today onwards, if possible, each day, I shall present my favourite evergreen pop songs from youtube and share them  in my Facebook. 

For a starter, let me share with you one of my top favourites 

無言的結局 Wu Yan De Jie Ju

 by Lin Shu Rong & Loh Shi Fung

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