Sunday, July 3, 2016

Fighting for a cause vs Engaging in a cause

It is indeed very stressful to FIGHT for a cause. Only the very courageous and heroic can withstand the onslaught to carry on this very demanding mission. Let me leave it to the unyielding politicians and brave soldiers.

It is less stressful to ENGAGE in a cause. Engage in a cause of great love without conditions. Working in large groups amongst people of like minds, supporting one another, forward-looking just doing the good work of helping people alleviate sufferings. No petty squabbles and frivolous thoughts. Just Do It!

Fighting for a cause is like going to the front line to fight a battle.

Engage in a cause is like the paramedics administering to the sick and wounded, behind the scene.

We need both groups to ensure a safe and happy environment.

In 5 months' time, I will not participate in the first group. A necessary and an inevitable choice in order to involve myself in serious dedication to serve sentient beings of all kinds. This mission requires oneself to serve all; cutting across race, religion, and the political divide too. 
So wish me well.

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