Thursday, March 27, 2008

Out in cyberspace wonderland!!

Hi people of cyberspace. I wonder anyone is reading this. It's like striking a lottery if you stumble on this blog! So go buy yourself a lottery or two or three.

After dabbling in the internet the past 3 years, I only realized recently that there was this thingy called "Blog" and a dumb skull like me could also PUBLISH a blog of my own. Wallah!! This is an important event in my life. Never had I a chance to do new things with such confidence. There is nothing to lose if I got stuck and failed (I shouldn't use that word). No one to criticize me, getting impatient with me, or demoralize me if I get stuck. This is wonderful.

After a few days gropping around with the URL name (say, I can even quote "URL" , I think it has something to do with "urinology"!) and browsing through the "Help" desk, a most challenging thought came to my mind: Why not just write a progress report of this new adventure of mine and post it with every step of progress? This way I can get started while learning the ropes. Killing two birds with one stone!! Very clever of me.

So, let's see whether this maiden post can be posted successfully.


Micheal said...

Hi Jee Teow
Let me be the first to welcome you to cyberspace.


The Gift of Dhamma said...

It's like striking a lottery if I stumble on this blog!

Welldone Justin, keep it up.....

Chew Secret said...

We are waiting for you...My friend...
See you in Cyberspace


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