Friday, March 28, 2008

Perfection in perception

2005831121315794, originally uploaded by info's.

I have "wasted" half a day trying to download pictures. The learning curve is a very flat one. How I wish a "Blogger Guru" is sitting beside me. To make matter worse, I have to keep an eye on my 3-yr old granddaughter, and the guilt feeling to my better half for spending too much time on this idiot screen!

Now back to business. Got the wrong turning trying to download this photo, and time wasted again. Maybe got too excited over the perfection of nature. I was thinking of using this photo as my profile to fool the people of the world and get them to read my blog. But reality dawned on me that NO OUTSIDER is going to stumble on this blog. And for those handful (only one hand) who had been invited will already know my true image. So no need to cheat.

1 comment:

Chew Secret said...

hahaha! If you use this beautiful picture and put it in public forums, you will see the effect. All the funny guys will chase after you....You may try and is funny too....and this is called 'Black Hat' marketing skill.


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