Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chinese Opera

Are you sick of the MCA opera?

Then switch to the real Chinese opera.

At least you get to see some real acting.

Actors: Tee Sai (Pig's shit)

Sooi Lang (Cursed person)

Bo Liow (No more)

Wee Wee (Pissing)

Actresses: Bei Pang (Not smelling good)

Gian Gian (Hope to have)

Supporting cast: La Jib (Scoop in)

Or Kar T'nia (Black leg pain)

Or Kar Chui (Black backside)

And many other stooges and monkeys.


stephen said...

Well put, very serious wayang with many protagonists on the stage!! I bet tan cheng lock must be turning in his grave with the current state of affairs in his party.Who's serving the people I wonder?
You don't have to be a "rocket" scientist to guess which party is gaining credibility if this keeps up!
Your blog's great,keep it up!!esp. the school photos site- managed to find my photo,seems like everyone looked alike when in school though!!

Justin Choo said...


Thanks for comment and support.

As for the school photo, I never realized I was such a handsome young man then!

Those interested to know what we are talking about, please go here:

A true Malaysian said...


We all look nice, handsome and look alike except the MCA opera personnel. They are worst than "sai" (you know what is "sai" in Hokkien, right?)


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