Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Bakau posts are gone!

Remember the above picture?  Only one reader will remember; and that is my ardent moral supporter for my blog Mr ATM.  He helped fix up the netting nearly a year ago. 

The poles are Bakau piling poles.  When you pile in the Bakau piles into the ground, they will last forever.  So this ignorant writer thought that by making them stand exposed would be likewise; until recently a friend pointed out that Bakau poles cannot last when exposed to the sun.  So I took this person's comment seriously and made arangement for an alternative structure before the poles snapped.  Before the new replacement came, the posts broke into pieces following a strong wind, just a week ago.  Luckily no one was near there at that time.

Well Mr ATM, you can still see your nettings in the photo below, but this time fixed up by me, just this morning so I can post the photos here!   

Anyone interested to read the old posting, please CLICKHERE:

1 comment:

A true Malaysian said...

Hahaha!!! Justin, it is fine with me. Luckily, I was not there when the poles collapsed.

Still, the picture of the old structure is there. It reminds me of nice memory.


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