Sunday, September 20, 2009

The most beautiful garden netting in the world!

This is the most beautiful garden netting in the world. It was fixed up by the most beautiful person in the world. And of course, none other than Mr Atm.

Let the world be known that devine guidance under the unseen hand can lead one to meet with someone you never knew before; but now the best of buddies. This old chap would have a tough time fixing up the netting especially with the fear of height. And devine intervention appeared. Not any unseen super power, but the real superman Atm, who so graciously pulled up his sleeves and sweated for me; for free and all the way from KL!!! What can I ask for more?

Maybe one the day the "good doctor" might pay me a visit and plant a Kesida plant in my compound. Hahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!! You have to have a sense of unlimited humour to stay sane, especially in my present condition. Or have I gone insane???


Thank you with all my laugh Mr Atm!


A true Malaysian said...

Haha, it's my pleasure to be of help to you. It was a wonderful stay at your mansion, and I thank you and your wife for the hospitality accorded to me during my sort visit.

A true Malaysian said...


Knowing you and your family is the best reward I could ever ask for, for surfing blogs and being 'busy-body' commenting and sharing my thoughts in blogosphere.

I see my experience in surfing blogosphere like walking in a fruit orchard where not all time, I have the luck to pick up good fruits. Even some of them look nice from the outside but rotten from the inside. Even then, they are still good for garden compost and can be useful as fertilizer next time.

My short visit to one such orchard was fortunate to pick up all good fruits, though the fruits may be small in size, but what matter most, they were all sweet and juicy.

This most beautiful garden netting in the world, of which I have my hands in it, hopefully will result in growing more good fruits and nice flowers that will make you and I proud of our joint efforts.

dr dolittle (do little) said...

Beaut is in the eyes of the beholder.

As long as you think it is the most beautiful, it is the most beautiful. No one can take away that.

If you have the most beautiful thoughts, you will have all the most beautiful things in your home...


A true Malaysian said...

Time flies, almost one year now.

How is it looks like now? Perhaps it is time again to have another visit to look at it myself.

Anyway, no promise here, hahaha!!!!

Justin Choo said...


Yes, my wife was just commenting about that.

I meant to write to you about your fence posts, but you beat me to it.

Now instead of writing to you, please look up my latest post tomorrow as I need to take photos tomorrow for the write-up.

This will give you another SURPRISE!!


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