Thursday, September 29, 2016

Come join Tzu Chi


All of us are different on the outside. But latently hidden deep inside us we carry with us this feeling of "wanting to be good and to do good for all humanity". Most will not be able to bring out this feeling into actualization; but some will. I am one of the latter. 

You too can achieve this if you allow that latent "feeling" to become a "Calling". To stir up this "Calling", you need to be inspired and guided by a group of dedicated people with great motivation. Tzu Chi is one of those platforms. You too can join, irrespective of your religion, as long as you believe in pure goodness without boundary.

Tzu Chi Penang now has English-speaking groups and I am in one of them. You are most welcome to join us to be inspired into actions together!

My article on Tzu Chi!

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