Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tzu Chi Quality Food Products

This video has finally cleared my doubts as to how the nuns of the Jing Si Dharma lineage of Master Cheng Yen could practise and uphold the principle of "No work no meal" since their very humble beginning. Master Cheng Yen is the founder of Tzu Chi Organization. Master Cheng Yen and her nuns uphold the vow of "No work no meal" principle, meaning they do not rely on donations for their livelihood. They work to produce products for sale, and they use their sales proceeds to maintain their livelihood. 

This video also convinced me that Tzu Chi's food products are worth purchasing and consuming. For me these are the four reasons. First, they are produced with the most stringent hygienic standards with the best natural quality ingredients. Second, they are produced with love. Third, I contribute to support the welfare of the nuns, a most wholesome charitable act. Fourth, they are value for money.

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