Wednesday, April 30, 2008

virus, virus, everywhere!

The "anti virus" pop-up keeps popping up each time I click my mouse. Very threatening message that I must download its antispyware to avoid total crash of my PC! I fell for it the first time and got into problem. The downloading refused to stop and I was told by my daughter I got Trojan, whatever that is; sounds very threatening. Eversince, my computer speed has been affected. Now it comes again and I click "cancell" but it pops up again and again. I'm sure with one small error I might click the "OK" button and I had it again. Must consult some experts on this. Perhaps my Sifu Chew can help.
By the way, this virus seems to mutate into human virus. I just went to see my doctor about my painful throat which began about the same time of this stupid computer virus. He gave me some pain-killer and antibiotics. I asked him whether he got any prescription for my computer virus. He told me to just shut it off; and no more problem! Never thought of that! No wonder he is so clever to be a doctor!
Have a healthy day!

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