Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back after a hectic week

Hi everyone, I've been very busy moving house. Now a bit settled, but TM Bhd has delayed my transfer of my phone line citing "technical" problem unable to trace my area. What a reason.

So I am now using for the first time the internet in an internet cafe in my new place.

Just to say hello.

And wish everyone good health and happiness.

I am not "at home" without my own PC , so better to sign off now.


Li Li said...

Hi Justin,

I have been checking yr blog & hanging on for some news from you. ha ha ha.

Glad you have finally shifted to yr new place. Hope yr cough & cold have disappeared too.

Anonymous said...

Blogsphere without you no fun. New house, so far so good?

Justin said...

I shall write a little about the frustrating saga of this new house of mine when I can have my telephone line connected and the internet. It's been a 3-year ordeal. Glad it's now over, hopefully. Today got to attend to a blocked sewage drain; luckily someone recommended me a very good plumber.

Next week shall see the Telekom people again.


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