Friday, March 27, 2009

Lim Guan Eng Loves Tiger Show

It's actually very late now, or rather early in the morning past 12 mid-nite. Have been very busy with the new home. But cannot tahan lagi about Lim Guan Eng's obsession with "Tiger Show".

Has he gone nuts with too much power in his hands? Or maybe his young son said, "Daddy, I like Tigger!" For those who have children watching Playhouse Disney Channel, Tigger is the tiger in "Tigger and Pooh". I don't expect LGE to have the time to watch Playhouse and for this he may be excused for misunderstanding his son's comment.

To have imported tigers in the Island is preposterous. You have read enough negative comments and reasons against this silly idea. So I shall not repeat them.

Maybe to encourage eco-tourism, LGE should issue an edict to evict all Islanders to move to the mainland, just like me. Then all wild animals can roam free on the island, and tourists will love it!

How about that?


romerz said...

Justin, the idea by LGE is a silly one but I know where he is coming from. Unfortunately his pride won't reveal the truth to his detractors.

Actually he has a good heart if you knew where he is coming from.

There are 2 tigers in Penang caged up and they are dying. I guess its the mental torture of being caged up since young.

They have tried giving them away to zoos but no one wants them. They also can't release them back to the wild as they won't survive having lost all their wild instincts.

LGE for whatever reasons feel touched by the plight of these 2 majestic animals hence his solution to the problem.

His fault if any is his single-mindedness and determination which comes across as arrogant.

In a way I sympathize with his predicament but I wish he would relax a bit and be less 'hard-ball'.

I still think the park is a stupid idea but at least I know now what is it that moved LGE to make such a proposal in the first place.

He is a good man with his love for all things living but he has to brush up his PR a lot more. This is sorely lacking and he is not helping things with his stubbornness.

As they say, God is fair. He does not make a perfect human being but one with some flaws so that we can challenge ourselves to change.

Give him some slack, not for his stupid idea but for the goodness within his heart!

monsterball said...

Kerp is trying to be cute with LEG?
Hi not confuse idiots like me with your double meaning message.
Lucky Romerz came ad straighten out things.
Stop twisting!! Talk straight like an arrow.

monsterball said...

ooopp! I thought it is kerp's blog!!....but never mind..I meant what I whom it concern ..which I have no interest the first place. bye

Justin Choo said...


Where are the two tigers?

Justin Choo said...


I still can't figure out how LGE can "save" the 2 tigers with his Tiger Show idea. Two wrongs cannot make it right.

romerz said...


The 2 tigers are in Bukit Jambul (if my source of information is accurate) and I think he is.

Yes 2 wrongs don't make a right and I also think the tiger park idea is a silly one but do you have any solutions? I don't.

Remember, we are talking about an endangered species here. Moreover I think he is being made use of by the owner of the tigers who brought them to Penang in the 1st place.

I'm not sitting idle though. I'm trying very hard to get LGE to listen to the public opinions, but he has a stubborn streak (which can both be good and bad!).

Like all human beings, he is not perfect! But for some reason or other, we expect him to be!

cilyhot said...

If I am not wrong,the owner of the 2 tigers is having a 'vacation' in Mexico now.not coming home for a while.


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