Monday, March 30, 2009

One year old for the old blogger.

Just noticed that last Friday, 27 March 2009 was the first anniversary of my "blast off" into blogosphere. I have posted a total of 406 postings.

Let me congratulate myself for a fruitful year. Over the past one year, I have learned a lot. The one person I must thank is my internet Sifu, a person called Chew Sadhu @ many other aliases.

I have also made a good number of friends, namely the good doctor Dr Hsu, Romerz, A true Malaysian, Gracie, Lili, and the 2 Chillies. "Bow" is also a frequent visitor. But very unfortunately, due to a trivial communication misunderstanding the great Monsterball was "sabotaged". Well win some lose some. That's the name of the game.

To all readers, visitors, commentors and tormentors, I say a big THANK YOU for making my day, or rather my year!


romerz said...

Congratulations Justin!

Li Li said...

Happy 1 year anniversary Justin - as a wonderful blogger.

I am glad that I managed to find a friend through the cyber space that shares alot of common thoughts & interests.

I hope that Monsterball do come back and comment too. Because I enjoy his stories & his updates on politics.

novice101 said...

Congratulations for maintaining an active blog.

Dr Hsu said...



This blog is a bright candle with lots of fragance....Keep it lit up and replenish the wax always....The flame will get brighter and brighter and that is what you have been doing.... illuminating a path for all of us.

A true Malaysian said...



I said before, you were indeed a 'Jewel' in the blogoshpere and you are still a 'Jewel'.

I am lucky and proud to get to know you. Keep it up with the good works.

Chew said...



At least, you have found a place to share your thought with others.

I can see you really enjoy with blogging very much.

Keep it up.

cilipadi said...


Happy belated 1 year-old blogger to you. Can you tahan my cilipadi?

Hahaha. Congratulations, anyway.

Justin Choo said...

To all of you,

Romerz, My blog is not tilting as I am set on my opinion. The good point is I won't fall. The bad point is since I won't fall, I can't hit anyone.

Lili, Carry on the good work. There are always plenty of naughty boys and girls out there!!

Novice101, Sorry I missed mentioning your name, which I had intended to do so. You are one of my friends and supporters.

Dr Hsu, You are forever the unassuming nice guy. I wonder whether you ever got angry. You must have cultivated lots of very good kamma in your past lives to harvest the good results....good children, good profession, good health and good look!!!

I am actually very jealous.

Still waiting for you to make THE DECISION so that I will get to congratulate you in your blog.

A true Malaysian, A true friend. What more can I say?

Chew, Thank you again my sifu. You have made my life easy and pleasant in blogosphere.

And for you cilipadi, I think uor are the local variety contrary to what you claim to be.

Have a nice day, everyone.

cilyhot said...

Justin,HAPPY BIRTHDAT to your blog.I am humbled to be mentioned by you.As you may know,I am your ardent fan.From here ,I visited and became a regular of the 'tilting middle tower' and DR Hsu,(he should lead the way out of BN liked the fabled PIPE PIPER}For LI LI ,uncle monster left his comments on kickdafella,if u r interested.

Justin Choo said...


I am happy that you are still visiting my blog. Thanks a million!

novice101 said...

Thanks, Justin.

dr hsu said...

still have few months to go. But of course I may be suspended or expelled before that if they cannot tahan what I have been spreading in meetings....


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