Monday, March 22, 2010

Only sicko will do such thing.

This is from my favourite forum, USJ/SJ Forum :

Was at the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon carnival on Saturday evening..While walking around, I noticed many open electrical junction box. Mind you this is a LIVE 3 Phase supply that can FRY. I see kids running around and playing on the grass slopes. It's just a matter of time someone gets killed!!!

This is the sicko mentality. The fish head rots; the rest follow.

Only sicko fools can do such things. Is it so difficult to tighten four screws? There is no feeling of shame or decent conscience on the part of the workers and supervisors.

This reflects on the mentality of the top, the very top.


PM said...

Nothing new, an aspect of malaysian culture in maintaining equipment.

bow said...

Well, Justin! There is a reason for it, by not cover the outlet back as it suppose to be, the person responsible for it may have some ulterior motives, it will be a lot easier for him or his accomplices to commit crime at night, they can knock the spot light off quickly and easily in a matter of second if the outlet is open, so a conducive environment can be achieved, they may have targeted some females joggers, or night stroller in the park for rape or robbery, it is not a work of some sicko, my friend..., welcome to Malaysia....the culture of indifferent..


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