Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stumbled upon an exciting new website!

(The logo of

Recent weeks had been quite occupied with writing articles for my webpage at "" I actually stumbled upon this site while searching for information. It was an instant hit for me. I like the "interface" presentation, making it very easy for publishing.

It is the most suitable "compromise" site for me to use with a better chance to attract "search traffic." You see, a blog is more restricted in contents, usually caters for locals. Then there is the paid website which you own. Unless you are very good at it, especially with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, paid website attracts very little traffic. I too have a paid website "A Joyful Lifestyle." But I am still struggling to attract traffic. Here I am talking about "search traffic." Traffic which comes from the search engines like Yahoo! and especially Google. If you are interested to see my website, click
HERE: I am still building this site with more contents.

"Hubpages" is more viable for beginners/amatures like me. The site is already a very high-ranking site and it gives my articles a better chance to appear on the first page of the search engine. At least, this is what I think. Maybe some of you experts in internet marketing could give me some advice.

Now I would like to invite you to view my Hubpages site

"Hubpages" also appears in Wikipedia

Most unlikely you are aware of the new links that I have set on the right column of this blog, under "View My Other Blog and Web Sites." So you can actually go click on them to go direct.


Sridhar said...


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A true Malaysian said...

Haha, Justin. You don't mind my post here.....

Time is really tough, even for professional. What about labourers and hard core poor then?

Since time is tough for everybody, extra source of income will be good but it is not easy. I have one idea of designing a card game, copy righted or patented it and earn some income out from there. The card game will be named MM game.

As to the details of how to go about this MM game, of course is a trade secret, but just to give you some hints here.

MM is a common acronym to many things, concepts and VIPs names. MM in fact is the initials of the very famous (or infamous?) family in Malaysia. Of course as per story her, Marina Mahathir.

Somehow MM cannot run away, or disassociated from the other MM. Like it or not, MM is still MM, however different is their thinking. Now that this MM complaining about The Star, who to be blamed? Another MM?

Bear in mind, MM can also be Malaysian Malaysia in my card game design. It can be even MM, Minister Mentor of Singapore, can be Money Matter and so on.

Just in case anyone of you want to steal my ‘intellectual property’, I put in record here in this world famous blog of Justin Choo. No joke, this is my intellectual property.

Let’s play MM game.

A true Malaysian said...

Hahaha!!!!, Justin, I never know you like to peep.

Good luck to you.

Justin Choo said...


I am back linking that article here:


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