Friday, March 26, 2010

Stop seal slaughter in Canada!

The worst ice conditions on record already threaten the survival of harp seals pups on Canada's east coast. Yet the government has actually increased the number of seals that can be killed this year! Tell Canada's Prime Minister not to let sealers decimate the survivors. Time is running out -- the hunt is scheduled to begin this Sunday.

Dear Friend,

I just wrote to Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper to demand that he cancel the 2010 commercial seal hunt. Will you write to him, too?

There's an unprecedented disaster for seals off Canada's east coast: So many baby seals will die because the sea ice upon which mother harp seals give birth virtually hasn't formed in key birthing areas.

Worse, the Canadian government may actually allow commercial sealers to slaughter the few seals that survive.

Please join me in telling Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to cancel this year's commercial seal hunt.

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bow said...

Seal cull in Newfoundland province, Canada is an annual event for those callous Canadian commercial fur traders to have their hand on raw materials necessary to make their products. Each year several hundred if not thousand cubs were slaughtered by these creeps using bat or stick to knock them unconscious and then haul back to processing plants for skinning. Some high ranking Canadian officials regard it as part of Canada economy and a sport to entertain Canadians...sigh!!

bow said...

The only way for us back home here to do is try not to buy Canada make handbag, clothing, and products make with the skin and fur of these seal pups, then may be we can add some pressures to this barbaric act in Newfoundland, Canada in addition to writing Canadian Official. I doubt they will care much about any one who wrote them regarding this annual mass seal cull in their country, it has been going on many years with public knowledge even though it is such a heinous act taken place inside their country.


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