Sunday, May 2, 2010

The marvel of "search engines" (and the photo I took)

I had a wonderful surprise when I Google search "justin choo" and on the third page, line 6 I noticed something interesting and nostalgic.  It said:

Doggerel By Johan Photo By Justin Choo .

Doggerel by JOHAN Photo by JUSTIN CHOO . And he's just me, With both of us drinking our fill, It's rather unfair, That he downs my share, And leaves me to ...
Photo by Justin Choo? I clicked the link, and guess what I saw?  Yes the photo I submitted to the New Straits Times, May 7 1995!  A few days to 15 years! 
First consider the word "doggerel".  In this instance it is more to "doggerel poem" which the dictionary states:
doggerel : poems of no lasting literary value ,just fun to write and fun to read .see what you can do ; .nonsense poems : think jabberwocky ; .forgret about angst ridden soul searching poetry and just have some fun with words.
Before you go to the links, I just like to let you know that I took pictures as a hobby many years ago.  During those "negative film" days, taking pictures as a hobby was quite a costly and  time-consuming past-time. The most you could take in one roll of negative film was 36 pictures, and you couldn't get to see them instantly.  Nowadays digital rules supreme, and anyone can come up with "brilliant" pictures with "Photoshop!"   No such things during the good old days.  A brilliant picture was actually taken as it was.  No computer alterations or enhancement.  The most we used was the polarizer filter to enhance the clouds.  It was fun facing all those challenges, especially lighting.  Today?  Not much fun.
Ok, now the links to all these mysteries:
1. When you click this link, please don't click the link given there.  Just return to this page first.  You will go to the picture link in "2" below.
(UPDATE: Sorry, you may not find the link because Google Search is a dynamic programme which keeps on updating the data.) 
2.Before you click this link, just a bit of information on the picture.  It was taken at the Mutiara Beach Resort.  There was a small but beautiful garden with flowing waters and of course the flamingos.  That was the place I took the picture.  The Resort had undergone a major  renovation, if I am not mistaken.  I don't think the garden is still there, let alone the flamingos!  The picture you see is not sharp.  My original was perfectly sharp and well contrasted. 
Now you can go to the link : 
 Doggerel By Johan Photo By Justin Choo

(I wonder if I were to continue paging down the search pages, would I find my other photos in the NST way back in 1988.  During those times, Eric Peris was with NST, and we would be taken to Sunday "shootings" under the "NST/Kodak Photographic Outings" with free lunch.  Unfortunately, during those years the bus had no air-con, and by the end of the day, I was really spent and exhausted.  For those who want to know who Eric Peris is, can go to his facebook)


A true Malaysian said...

I always say, internet is a wonderful invention in this century. It makes us like living next door, and in your story, you found bit and pieces of your past, Justin.

As for me, I got one true friend from internet. Guess who?

Justin Choo said...


I got a number of true friends too through the internet.

The greatest happiness I get is to be able to communicate globally. Along the way, I know I have been able to share my knowledge with others and proven to be of good service to many around the world.

It also makes my life worth living. I am also not lonely anymore!!

bow said...

Internet manage to put many outlaw regime into a defensive position, for example like in China, the communist is scrambling to put up their great firewall namely "Dragon Dong" to block off any information that can potentially dispel this outlaw regime misinformation and propaganda. It is a great tool for many but also a big headache for some; especially the search engine use by Google .


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