Friday, May 21, 2010

Gesang of "Bengawan Solo" fame, dies.

[Gesang Martohartono at the JVC Studio (1994) Age76]

Quite some time ago I wrote in this blog on the topic of keroncong.  The most famous song is "Bengawan Solo" by Gesang.

Sadly, Gesang passed away at a ripe old age of 92, yesterday, Thursday 20 May 2010. 

May he rest in peace.

For those who are interested to know what I wrote, please go to my post by clicking HERE:

As a tribute to Gesang, below is probably one of his final impromptu renditions of the greatest evergreen "Bengawan Solo":

 (December 06, 2007 — Gesang, maestro keroncong Indonesia kini telah memasuki usia 90 tahun, tapi di usia yang telah senja tersebut, Gesang masih bisa menyanyikan lagu Bengawan Solo sebagai oleh-oleh tim Kabari dari Solo)

Just a reminder; if you wish to know more about this topic please go to my earlier post by clicking HERE:


JAI said...

Takziah..kehilangan insan seni yang hebat. Salam dari Malaysia

A true Malaysian said...

He still live on, as far as I am concerned, as the song Bengawan Solo and Bengawan River are forever there.

Humanity will be grateful to Gesang for his contribution during his lifetime.


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