Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Yankees don't welcome Malaysians

One of my relatives had to go for an "interview" at the American Embassy to get a Visa to go to U S.  You know what she had to go through?

1. Fixed up an appointment with the Embassy.
2. Paid RM500.
3. Had to wait in a common lounge for her turn.
4. Guess what, the interview was conducted in "public" with PA system so that all present would listen to the interrogation.
5. Question like how much was your savings was asked.
6.  This relative was retired, and the interrogator rudely told her that she must be going there to work.
7. Enough of all the other stupid and irrelevent questions they asked.

Enough of that.  I suppose that they are not welcoming Malaysians to visit their country.  The manner they conducted the interrogation (I don't consider it interview) plainly showed that they wanted you to get embarrassed, to get angry and walk out with your RM500 going down the drain.

 Hey, come to think of it it's easy and good business for the Embassy.  RM500 x 100 interrogations per day =RM 50,000 per day!  Plus the fun of ridiculing Malaysians in their own country. 


A true Malaysian said...

Really so bad? This is a shock to me.

Embassy in Penang or KL?

romerz said...

It's true AtM but I understand the reason behind their actions. They really want to get you angry and trip you up, part of their method of finding out if you are a genuine visitor or potential terrorist.

If you are a genuine visitor, most likely you will put up with their badgering. If you are not and get angry, you will trip up with your story no matter how well rehearsed.

Even if you are a genuine visitor but get angry then trip up, so what? They would have stopped a potential terrorist entering their country which is more important to them than anything else.

By the way, even if after being granted a visa, it gets worse when you enter the country.

There is no US embassy in Penang.

bow said...

Justin, you can't blame the embassy if your country produce so many terrorist wannabe that believe in Osama rather than Obama. It is unfortunate U.S can still remember couple of years back the FBI caught two Malay dudes were actually terror operatives in California after given them P.R status; they just have to be cautious this time, since your country leadership is harboring terror operative and sympathize with their twisted cause, even the 9/11 attackers drop by Malaysia for approval before attack. If your country face terrorist attack before, then you will do the same in order to be safe than sorry. Once you understand their situation, then you will have nothing to angry about; unless you are Dr M. There are 3000+ innocent American were murdered on Sept. 11th 2001 by Islamic terrorists. Remember that.!

Meng said...

She is a woman ..the point is not on terrorist but prostitution. Malaysian ae noted for that.

Some how or rather I don't buy the 911 by islamic terrorist. If one is tutored in demolition he will tell you it is control demolition. Based on my demolition experience

Anonymous said...

Yes, 9/11 terror attack is just another high tech. avatar like hater DR M claim. It is Bush demolition team at work. Nice try ! The plane that hit the twin tower is just an illusion to deceive the world and digital manipulation by computer programmer. .. har har har....

bow said...

$500 x100 persons a day, it is impossible, not that many Malaysian want to go to USA, i will say 2-8 is a reasonable number since many here are anti America; they regard liberty and democracy and freedom of religion as 'evil' way of life; instead opt for extremism and dogmatism. $50000 a day revenue can only happen in government control enterprises and well connected private company.


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